How Much Damage Could The President Do In One Week?

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From healthcare to climate change to torture, President Trump has already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon Stephen's going to launch the Colbert Report.

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Being a 30 Rock fan....
"He was in the Navy"...
Is a blatant red flag.
Ross Ellis
please sir dude, make it tasty. i prefer lube to no-lube, but, tasty seems nice; too.
Redstone Casey
Vote Sauron 2020! After Trump, why not LESS evil?
Eya the 666th
I'm a sensitive conservative republican who feels like a victim so I come to the comment section of a liberal comedy show to feel even more like a victim give me a cookie piw piw
Qrow Branwen
"We shall fight the dudes on the beaches,
we shall fight the bros on the landing grounds,
we shall fight he homies in the feilds and in the streets.
Shaka brah, Shaka brah"

winston churchill
"I'm your host...Garyx Wormuloid." is what I always expect him to say. I'm such a youtube victim.
Present Day: Terrible Idea. Also, it got fucking weird. Weirder?

1:46 Colbert verbally flips off whoever it was that said that to him.

I kind of really like Bro Churchill

8:03 OH SHIT DUDE. Colbert is a HUGE Tolkien--oh yep. There he goes.

9:10 Colbert was all, "Motherfuckah please" #TalkinTheTolkien

Can we call Trump supporters Trumpets? Or would be offensive to musicians?
i would love to see stephen's opinion if trump gets reelected, comic material for yearssssssss
Imperfect Animal
There is a lot of explosions in that add Trump made. Who is he? Michele Bay?
Diane Winchester
I never knew this guy Colbert existed, but now that I is he managing to keep a job in Jewish media telling the truth. Isnt he afraid of them?
Tim Skarin
Stephen Colbert, please do not propetuate the stereotype of US Navy sailors. A very overwhelming majority of Sailors are heterosexual.
8:10 - "Now we're talking Tolkien." Brilliant. :'D
Nathaniel Carr
Cholesterol response red sink infrastructure employee certain finance
Considering all that has happen over the last 100+ days, I don't think anybody at that time could even imagine things would be this bad today!!! lol
God, I love this man. He can talk Tolkien to me all night long.
John Silver
Stephen Colbert and his family must PAY for what he has done.
Philip Jones
Hey Stephen Colbert everybody knows that you have two Cockholsters, your Asshole and your Mouth for Obama's dick and when your Sleep Apnia Mask is Hillery's Pussy lol.
bad joke not funny really dumb
no matter who he might have said this about....
Joel Shah
slice performer observation guide thumb portray medication lately dawn
Bill Winchip
This guy is BOSS
Diane Chavez
Eat it Colbert! You had to eat it!
Angelica magenta
Question, why are trump supporters even watching this video? It's going to make fun of trump and you support trump, so why watch the video is you are going to disagree with everything he says? Please explain this to me, I'm very confused.
P.S. Please do not start a riot on this comment, I do not want to have notification after notification on my phone
1:40 Well, in fairness, that's what everyone said about Trump's campaign.
Tya Jean
"Mike Pence is not gonna like that part." Haha - bazing!
Tommy G
You ever notice how he gets the most applause when he tells someone from the Trump Administration to put a sock in it?
4:31 - The absolute. PERFECT. Opportunity for a "Bad Dudes" NES/Arcade game reference wasted...
Stephen - "But Mr. Trump! Who will rescue you when you get kidnapped by ninjas (show a graphic of Bad Dudes) if the baddest of dudes are no longer allowed in the country???" (Show graphic of Bad Dudes in their pose with handcuffs on)
Johanna M
Stephen really laid it down with the Hobbiton bit!
Bunny Lebowski
This man looks like the Prime Minister of the Netherlands!
Prana Girl
Bannon as the most handsome guy in the liquor store! Thank goodness for humor to get past the ridiculous post Trump handed him
Comic Unboxer
Starting to doubt you have any comedic talent at all because all you can make fun of is trump
Andrea Rupe
RIP Colbert Report ;_;
Path Blaze
It's such a shame. I used to like this guy. Until I found out he was best friends with Podesta the Molester of children and pedophile. Now, I wonder if Colbert is a pedophile himself, or just knows about the pedophiles like Podesta and says nothing.
saying jimmies rather than sprinkles is really weird. only a new England guy would come up with a way to get sprinkles without saying sprinkles.
Mike Kelly
This guy is not funny at all.
Richard Johnson
Ugh when will it end? When are people gonna learn? I wish all american citizens would stop being so extreme!!! You swing to far left you get these people dressed like vaginas in front of there children.and Madonna offering oral sex to Hillary voters ,gross! .you swing to far right you get you get the equal hatred. Both sides coming up with these wacky conspiracy therios.. People come together and make the best of it. It is what it is. When did Americans lose there backbone and become such crybabies. The thing I don't get is collage students who have yet to live life pay taxes, live in the real world!!!they Are the biggest crybabies out there!!! How anyone can listen to a bias TV show,in either direction to get their info is just amazing!!!!
Eqin Alexis Black
"When did the U.S. ever ask permission to enter Iraq?" APPLY COLD WATER TO BURN.
I love Steve Colbert, but since Trump got elected his live audience makes this really painful to watch. There is no happy laughter or applause. Those cheers sound hateful, agressive. Like the laughter you might hear at a kkk convention when racist jokes are traded. makes me sad.
6:32 "You're always proudest of the things you won't put your name on."

Alun Churcher
why r the police allowed to use pepper spray yet its a chemical weapon and thus banned for use in wars. something amiss there or what. if they were all black civilians/people how many would of been shot. america is a fucked up country and clown boy, wont make it any better but will make it worse.
TRUMP IS DOING HIS JOB! 1. GET ELECTED 2.GET IMPEACHED. 3. PENCE BECOMES PRESIDENT. THEY ARE CONNING US! This was all a scam to make PENCE PRESIDENT, THIS WAS THE PLAN ALL ALONE! The clue that should have hit everyone in the face was the fact that the "FIRST LADY NEVER BOTHERED TO LIVE HER HOUSE,... BECAUSE SHE KNOW TRUMP WOULDN'T BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE LONG! The America people are being fooled. Throw Pence out as well! We are all being set up!
Colbert you're the very reason Trump ran in the first place!
Stellar Zen
Donald Trump is a great person, it makes me sad to think all these people judge him before meeting him, maybe Colbert just wants has ratings to go up, but I wish people would start thinking for themselves.
Why don't you just shut up and see the good that he has done!!
aura tetri
This show is a mean spirited comedy talk show to ridicule and make fun of the President of the United States. So sad how Colbert is earning loads of money and securing his high ratings at the expense of disrespecting the leader of the country and the rest of Trump team. The leftist and the elite certainly pay Colbert very well. Disgusting how they can get away with these.
Frank Mayo
Frank Mayo
Frank Mayo
WELCOME TO TRUMPDOM BETA MALE NATION!! All Colbert (pronounced COAL BERT ...not Coal BEAR) fansare BETA MALE NATION ...the twat actually changed the pronunciation of his name, what a ass hat...Hey Col BERT why don't you run the Trump will never be President clip of yours??
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