BARCA 6-1 PSG! THE BEST COMEBACK EVER! Barcelona complete the best comeback in the Champions League!

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FC Barcelona vs Paris St Germain, 2nd leg goals and highlights!
MSN go all 1D for a best song ever parody!
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Sergi Roberto goal!
Neymar free-kick!
Suarez penalty dive!
Messi penalty!
Cavani miss!
Di Maria miss!
Kurzawa own goal!
Suarez header!

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Football Fan ;D
They sing better then One Direction.
Antonio Archibald
4-0 down but how 6-1
Jony Etoo
Best 442oons
Abraham Lotara
I love 442oons videos they are the best vid EVER
Vusale Quliyeva
Neymar hey shoot
Milena Wolf
Cragg 13
On the scoreboard it said on PSG,s Tally Irrelevant
Soccer Master 2627
Who is the funniest out of the MSN
Алихан Кыдыргазы
1:39 Notaxmar wear white boots 1:45 Notaxmar wear green boots Whaaaaat??!
Thesavagebros - ROBLOX and more
Put play back speed to 0.25 it’s funny
Henry Zhang
ikbengek 2003
who's still watching this
Giovanni Lavado
Good Evening, Barcelona!l

It's everybody's Dream Boy Threesome!

That sounds so wrong...
It's 6-1 Direction
On our Comeback

6-1 What a night, it was the best game ever! 6-1! Injury time the biggest comeback ever! We were 4-0 but did we give up, never! 6-1! What a night, it was the best comeback ever.

Maybe it's the way I walked. Owwwww! Straight into the box to head it! Yesssssss! Kursedawa, O.G. -What a retard! Ow! Neymar had his shin bone headed... We said "Can You Give The Ball To Meeeeeee?"
He said "Never In Your Wildest Dreeeeeams"!

6-1! What a night it was the best game ever! 6-1! Injury time... The Biggest Comeback Ever! We were 4-0 Down did we give up Never! 6-1 What a night it was the best game ever!

Edi Scored...
We need three more goals.
We're screwed.
Who's your daddy?
Thank god he missed!
Him too! LOL!
Everybody dropped their mouth!
Dropped their mouths.
Ref! He Hit Me!
I'm a genius!
We said can you give the ball to meeee?
He said "Never In Your Wildest Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams!
Ok... I'll be back in 3 Hours when you finished your run up.
......................................................................... 6-1! What a night it was the best game ever! 6-1 Injury time, it was the biggest comeback ever! We were 4-0 Down but did we give up, Never! 6-1! What a night it was the best game ever!

I think I went Ooh Ooh Ooh!
I think I went Yeah Yeah Yeah!
I think I went Ooowwwwwww!
And I won us a penalty!
We don't know
Don't know
Don't know why we were so P-Poo
I know you know everyone knows you didn't have a clue
We Don't Know
Don't know
Don't Know why we were so P-Poo
I know you know everyone knows you didn't have a clue
Here's our chance.......... What a chance
It was the Spawniest Game Everrrrrrr!

What a night, it was the best game ever!
6-1 Injury time, the biggest Comeback Ever!
We were 4-0 Down, but did we give up? Never! 6-1 What a night it was the best game ever!

I think I went Ooh Ooh Ooh!
I think I went Yeah Yeah Yeah!
I think I went Ooowwwwwww
And I won us a penalty!

................Best Game Ever.........6-1...... It was the best comeback everrrrrrrr...........................
nika velijanashvili
neymar penalty haha
Marco Quiroga
PSG lose and 6-1 to Barca win
ريال ألعب من البرشة
Wilhelm Andersen
Who still watches this when it’s no more MSN
แบงค์ มหาสวัสดิ์
who is the trash can?
Mythucal Comedy
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2. Leave a like
3.i will subscribe to you with 26 different accounts
debbie mcmanus
and the Q and A's
debbie mcmanus
oh and the vids
debbie mcmanus
one of my top favourite songs
ikr Football Fan ;D they sing WAY BETTER That 1D
i like only listen to these songs on yt
Phsyco Gaming
How were they 4 nil down if psg ended up with one goal.
Duroselle Mathieu
Neymar is in Paris coul
khel Putro
Very correct
Manveer Singh
power of the home kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Hernandez
Messi is the best
Sanju Gupta
Ref he hits me
Gta 5
Yay 2 gols for notaxmar
The jackpot Boy
Sui.shite I don't have
Nicholas Sanchez-Reyes
I laughed the whole video!
Nicholas Sanchez-Reyes
But in the first one, I thought msn split up!
Peter AFC
1:36 Keep watching XD
Connor Hayes
Did anyone see neymars boots change white to green
Keyvonne Davis
hed wood I agree
The fact is! HHH
Threesome lol
Nađa Komlenić
Best game ever :) Barca&Real is a best team in a WORLD :D
Danyaal Arif
Who came from watching all the old msn videos cos of Neymar leaving
My Life
Ronaldo made 4k accounts...
Rehan S.B
Seeing my YouTube history after few days be like🤔do i watch 442oons videos only😌
Mony Romo
i. love. messi
Football Fan123
6-1 What a night ? Really
Wasay Abdul Aziz
If Neymar was at Psg in this Psg would have won it..probs.....

And they would lose the best singer....NEYMARRRR BETTER THEN MESSI
Alex123 Profir
Fortza Juventus
CS Gaming
Spider Maaan
So funny
haikal diazka
Barcelona best attak togother
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