BARCA 6-1 PSG! THE BEST GAME EVER! Barcelona complete the greatest comeback in the Champions League!

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FC Barcelona vs Paris St Germain, 2nd leg goals and highlights!
MSN go all 1D for a best song ever parody!
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Sergi Roberto goal!
Neymar free-kick!
Suarez penalty dive!
Messi penalty!
Cavani miss!
Di Maria miss!
Kurzawa own goal!
Suarez header!

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Football Fan ;D
They sing better then One Direction.
Chase Goodman
PSG scored 2 away goals. Figure it out
augusto gouveia
Terrible kit The Kelvin Trapp
augusto gouveia
Stupid Trapp
عبدالله العبدالسلام
الحمدالله على نعمة العقل
عبدالله العبدالسلام
استغفرالله بس
عبدالله العبدالسلام
خبلان ي المجانين
Beñat Ostolaza
que mierda es esto wath shit is this es para bebes
He should include xavi.
You must watch almost every single game to make these
Sheran Arif
great song awesome video
Game time
If they were 4 0 down then how was the score line 6 0
Karen Nugent
it takes neymar 33 seconds to take his pen
Ali Kuatbay
Сасите мой елдак
Go Barcelona
Grizli Griezzmann
James Roe
I have listened to this over twenty timer its so good
FIFA Shinx
I Hope They Have Threesome because its One Direction :D
Ludvig Fikseth
Bethany Adebowale
copy cat s
Arben Hoxha
f*** you barca 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 love you real madrid suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Shashen Wijesena
anyone noticed Neymar's boot colour change
Martin Figueroa
They are thieves
Super Josue Recinos
Bar6a Vs PSP Lol
0-10 barchelo lost axxaxaxx
Vuk Popadic
Actually it was the worst game ever.
Durim Ba
The 2k who disliked are Madridiots and Psg fans xD
Ivan Balkanac ツ
Michael Toreni
The 1998 UCL Final comeback is much better than this one
Izi Izi
Matheus paes
Tom K
What song when neymar run up
Cytrusowy Andrzej
kto polak like
Paula Mahapa
so cool
huhi hahic
Onur B
τιποτα απολυτος
i love 6_1 barcelona PSG and messi neymar suarez
Christopher Lareservee
Are you a barca fan? Because when barcelona lose it's a sad song but when barcelona wins it's an happy song
Kyan Champe
why have u still not changed messi's accent
GJR10HD2 gomes jr 2
im Notaxmar
michiel de wit
on 1:45 he d'ont have a micro and om 1:45 he has one
2023 Nikolaos Zournatzoglou
amazing dogeman
my favourite part was neymar said he scored an og what a retard XDDDDD
pavan vamsi
the biggest joke was cracked even before the three came on to the stage
"all characters are fictional"😁
kabir ahmed
ok I will back after 3 hours when u finished ur run.....😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Markenley Charles
men king footballe la yo
Andrew Kenny
I know
Fdc Vbh
Best 44toons video ever
David Chong
That was the most corrupt game in the champions league
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