Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions

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Check out Ryan and Shane’s research notes for this episode here at

Mary Jo Powell
why do aliens abduct americans
Bastion Siege Automaton E-54
carl wheeze er
nara de guzman
i see where x files got a lot of their inspiration, these cases are similar to the show
Tiyasa Ghosh
Madison Thurm
Featuring Owen Wilson
Paulo Granados
White people and guns
Mia Clark
so many people say "where's the proof that aliens exist?!" while there's actually more definitive proof that aliens exist, then there is on black holes, and black holes exist.
Ember Williams
"anything he doesn't recognize as a ufo"
ufo means unidentified flying object
if he doesn't know what it is, it's unidentified
it's flying
it's an object
it's a ufo
bih what
I asked my religion teacher (no one I'm being dead honest) "Why don't aliens visit us?" he stared at me and said " I don't know"
Alyssa Carlisle
when he said 7:12 i looked at the clock and it was 7:12
Aniyunwiya Ageya
Shane needs to read, "Abducted" by Budd Hopkins. It is one fucked up story. The "cops" that witnessed it, and became obsessed with her, one of them even kidnapped her!
Emma Alexandra
THE pace raft changed from gold to gray throughout the story?
Nida Annes
Bhawana Rai
Ryan reminds me of Morty ... “Su...reee..”
Life of Fox
Leslie Martinez
Please do the death of edgar allen poe
Abbie J
“This doesn’t look like a UFO” UFO=Unidentified Flying Object. So..... if it’s flying, and u don’t know what it is, it’s a UFO
Damn, Australia is popular for aliens, is it like a tourist spot or something?
Randommm Potato
when you live in Moorabbin ._.
Loved it! Very interesting. Also seeing the comments about Edgar Allen Poe. That would be amazing!!!! Please please
Taylor Hess
I like these type of episodes better than the ones where you go to the place.
"led to believe that anything he didn't recognize was a UFO"

Okay, I know I'm being pedantic, and I'm sorry, but technically anything you don't recognize that is flying is, by definition, an Unidentified Flying Object.
Jame Lopez
So Area 51 is line i am not saying these people are bad at finding things but can it be true if aliens are real because I'm not saying they are real but creepy stories like people make up maybe true so am going with this video
Fight spinner
C Evan
How come I never get abducted?
KK Starfish
Ryan’s head is very shiny
jordan p
great video to watch right before i have to walk my dogs
Kankri Vantas
Carleigh's Life
you forgot the abduction of ricky goldsworth
Michaela Niva
Michaela Niva
you guys should interview Travis!
Gerson Monroy
I'm overly analytical about everything but I mean Shane takes it to a whole other level....
why the good looking people in the travis case look like Adam Warlock?
Ciel Phantomhive
If there are aliens, I believe they are microscopic bacteria.
Charlotte Herbrand
I‘m wondering why these cases always happen in the USA and paranormal stuff as well. There are less cases in other countries which are similar, I doubt that there even are. Could you please do a case from another country? Thanks.
Josh M
I found this about Frederick Valentich:
Rinshu Manu
do jake paul👍
Gabriela Guevara Oviedo
The way he says OUT
Dank Memer
"She was told to be quiet in a weird language" then how did she know it was be quiet...
Kerstin Marohl
You guys should really head on down to Preston Castle, it's pretty spoooooky, but for real like the whole area knows that place is haunted, and I know a few people myself who have been haunted by those ghosts
Also: They all went along with it because easy money.
Same old stories. I don't even remotely buy it.
Elif Tombaş
ok here you a story that I EXPERIENCED. my grandparents village is in çaybaşı,ordu,turkey (you can google map it so you can see). its a mountain area and villages are small that you can see milkyway without any equipment at nights. its that dark. so i really like staying awake at night and watch stars, watch planes light( theyre so distant so they look like shooting stars with white/red lights) anyway, i was awake around 2 a.m. watching stars clear night without moon light, i saw 4 light,2 red 2 blue, was moving left to right of my view. and it stopped, it started to go right to lift. it was so distant i didnt see how its shaped but im guessing it was circling around. i found it weird and i watched it around more than 10 mins goes left stops goes right stops and after that it stopped at middle and lights turned off. and after that i didnt see it at my sight. around 5 min later i saw its fading to right side of my view and dissappired totally. if it was a helicopter i would definitely hear its voice. and there were no cloud at that night. i dont believe aliens exsist but i dont know what did i saw that night.
Well Shane, I mean....a UFO is any unidentifiable flying object. So if you can't tell what it is its still a UFO.
krisanthemum H.
Polygraphs are pretty unreliable
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