Mary Winter
Well this was sad
janet Scott
Instead of spending 7 million on a truly awful ad, why didn't John Lewis donate the money to all the underprivileged children in this country who will have a very sad Christmas.
Smokey Joe
You know it's Christmas when John Lewis rip off Mr Underbed by Chris Riddell and shoe-horn it badly into an advert.
Starry Shu
Only Santa claus for chrismas
Starry Shu
J Mason
Pretty underwhelming to be honest. Can't beat a dog on a trampoline.
My Little YouTube
kjm.unicorn.8 28
This makes me cry it's so sad and cute
Sultan Ak
I wait every year for these and never disappoints me
I know people are going to reply John Lewis!!!
Where id Moz purchase the night light from?
triana parimba
What a rubbish advert this year!
Degeneracy, Degeneracy Everywhere
Hail Odin
Zeus Playz
Me: (sees monster) ok something cute enough to beat the 2013 ad...phew!
Me: (finishes watching ad) GOD DAMNIT
Captain Sprinkles
This was under to restore my faith in humanity. I don’t see how
I think this is such a sweet advert.
Wait wait wait wait wait... Hold the bloody phone.... That wasn't the official Christmas advert right?.... RIGHT?!?!?!
Ken and Barbie
"No matter what Christmas Advert I look at, people hate on it." Hmmm, I wonder why that might be.
kittenslove 121
i would love moz the monster and it was sad that he left because of the nightlight but at the end i got happy because he came back and i dont think there was any reason for moz to have had to leave or be hated he's trying to help the boy not be scared (i think) he looks so FUN
Squid Gamersss
The monster, the kid, the song, all of it really was very un-christmassy. John Lewis have really lost the magic with this one.
Interesting Facts
So you pretty much just taught kids to be friends with demons. Great...
Melody Stillwell
Guys not mean comments moz is cute
Melody Stillwell
Aww cute
Tom Rainbird - Phillips
It hurts getting hit in the face by scalextric.

Don't ask how I know.
Hayden Iserhoff
guys i hope u injoy it ;)
Neil Bailey
OK they did it again :+) GENIUS this company
Another Amazing touching christmas advert John Lewis ;)
Pierce Lowe
So disappointed in this, not nearly as good as any of the others 💔
I am so confused
Kristina Saints
This messed me up. First of all, how dare you
Warren Baldwin
Why should the monster leave cause there's a future drug dealer sleeping in his bed ffs!!
M&S advert is the best!
Alan Giedrojc
meeh...not that it is bad but I have expected more from John&Lewis
Nicola Ross
Marcelo L. S Von Ryding
XxxdOom_ _dRagOnxxX
This is kinda creepy
Sid Ted
Hi I'm Bleach
So cute aw
Wait so Moz got the light so that the little kid could get some sleep and he would vanish. Then when he turned the lamp off he would come back, right? You can hear a monster noise right at the end when the lamp goes off so I hope it has a happy ending!
Jack Reed
So, based on these Christmas adverts by every single mainstream shop - the native British must breed away their genes to third world mass immigration? Ah yes, diversity, such a strength. As proven by all the scientific literature that says... the exact opposite. Why yes, that diversity.
paul Smith
63,689 useful idiots so far.
Orwswell Y
Their snowman ad with the power of love song was the best. This feels like some anti Christmas diversity BS that was lobbied for by some annoying killjoy assholes. Even the song used has nothing to do with Christmas. The worst by far. #makechristmaschristmasagain
Laym Avelar
I enjoyed these Christmas adverts especially the man on the moon being one of my favorites but c'mon guys it isn't even creative or have a message at all really is one of the poorest adverts John lewis has done
Meme dank mobile
The bear and the hair, man on the moon are way better than this.
James Day
I was like so anti-christmas before i watched this ad, then it hit me.......John Lewis have shown me it's not all about mass consumerism and spending money we don't have, thank you John Lewis.You really are the true meaning of Christmas #OurSaviours #soinspirational
Not only the worst "Christmas" advert ever, but the worst John Lewis advert ever. A complete let down for John Lewis. It doesn't even make sense.
Jonathan Cowen
The monster was insomnia! Oh! That night light better have come with ASMR!
No matter what Christmas Advert I look at, people hate on it. Is there something I am missing? I don't get what's wrong with them
Steven Yay2
The ads are just there to make it look sad
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