Dalien Howlter
Starting a new thing: comment where you're from and how you say merry/happy Christmas in your language (if it's English it doesn't matter)
I'll start
Nollaig Shona from Ireland!
Jonathan Mulligan
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What gash
Jack Picton
I'm sorry but even if that kid is awake, he ain't stopping that upper echelon beauty, that's goal of the season right there
Arrrrrh....Moz has to be the cutest monster ever!!!....I want one for Christmas...great advert ❤🖒🎄🎅
John Lewis, this is not magical this year. Disappointing, this is the worst Christmas video you have made. The Monster is not even original, Music. not bad but nothing exceptional. Sorry your not going through to the next round, BOO HOO CHRISTMAS
Alyx Somerville
This advert really makes you realise how quickly things can change when things go the way you want them to.
Keith Easton
What a poor effort. Don't understand the message and loosely relates to Christmas... What were you thinking John Lewis??
Troll Gaming YT!
Basically moz is me not sleeping on Christmas
Elle Nickolls
He loses his 2 front teeth at the end
Everything Cool
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm odd not very good scary for kids
I'm Batman
Let me get this straight, the monster is meant to represent the boys' insomnia and the message is that John Lewis can provide you with gifts to cure your pains and worries e.g your insomnia. therefore with the gift of that nightlight the monster leaves the boy permanently until the quirky throwback at the end.
What up it tei I
Joe Crawford
I prefer braddoesbanter's version
Kenny Johnson
Conor Noonan
One word for this... TERRIBLE
Sara Salva
Love this advert,, made me cry,,
Scarlett Raynor
Emma the unicorn
1 on trending
Who keeps watching this??
Doc. Trainers
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Adama Bah
#mozthemonster ?
That monster is weirdly creepy
Brian Hannon
The put a bollox on a furby
I can’t tell whether we’re supposed to like moz
Casey Leigh
Awww when the monster put him in the bed😍
Beautiful song, we always look forward to these ads!! We have our own Christmas song too if anyone would like to take a look maybe it will make it on to an ad one day 🤞https://youtu.be/vNXDWrZhG-U
then up pops the white mum. lol
Velocity Radar
Not christmassy at all
Madeline Rosa
Disappointing to be honest
Mike Portsmouth
It's Mr. Underbed https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/184270821X/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=
lexi buchanan
Life is Worth Living
A Merry Christmas 2017 !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMouCieZDZM
Fly Emirates
I haven't seen it on TV yet! :(
Maddy Morgan
who came from zoes vlog? haha
Worst name I've ever heard
Luke Kenna
So what exactly are they trying to sell?
P.D Virtual
Christmas 2017

Hello and bless all. last month I lost my job.despite my best efforts I have not yet secured another.my laptop died a week later then my car and phone gave out.i am hoping that someone can help me out in some little way so I don't end up homeless by Xmas. this is no scam .just a genuine ask for help.every little helps .my PayPal is triggerchef@gmail.com
thank you and bless.
dagnabbit - now my eyes are leaking
Jaded Jonny
This cost £7 million? What a disappointment for a John Lewis ad.. Guess they ran out of ideas..
Divine Europa
(((John Lewis)))
This is not diverse enough! Both kids are right-handed!!! :(
How diverse.
Ive had a thought. What if the monster represents his rebellion to playing football. His dad wants him to play footy but he is a Geek and loves space and what not. So the monster wears the football dismisively and that represents that fantasy is more important than football to him. Joe puts it down on his christmas list just for his fathers sake.Maybe staying up is an unconcious ploy to sabotage his footy. Already in goal so can't really play football. Dad will stop the football due to the humiliation he suffering due to his son's sleep deprived state. Monster disappears in Dads presence because his rebellion is a secret. His mother know him and gets him a space themed night light. There is no fear of the dark and the monster is not banished. That makes sense to me and I like the advert more as I can relate the Geek but on first viewing I hated it.
Nathan Wiginton
It's so cool coming from John Lewis. I am so getting the plush and book.
Honey-Mia McIntosh
This is so cute ❤️❤️❤️
Steven Morria
This boy is in my school no joke his name is Ethan
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