Omg you still mad a lele pons like get over it
Panda lover
Fun fact: king batch is Canadian
Vloggin Cutie
Eww Jake 😒

Someone give my bleach
will barlow
You absolutely smashed it
D'Lyza Diaz
Nice job! The video was perfect! On point!
Lucinda Cantu
I can believe the coupls let there partner do that
Baylee Queen
If Erika and Jake were married, why didn't either of them change their last name to Costell or Paul?
Madlen st
Whats name song on 8:33
Lilly Freeman
Obviously Amanda would be the close one to jake kissing him and stuff she clearly likes jake
talia james
Amanda you have a good playlist I was listening to it
Susana Gomez
When they heard the clip I knew I had to go see the video of the music video of course
Jiya Patel
Were Logan
Savge Ploy
Im sorry but u r so fucking hot
i loved when i heard shaaawwwn
Alexia Yesenia
It was amazing!
Marc Laurents
I tried to click the link in description for your main channel and it said it doesn't exist.
Micah H.
when is it coming out
Gore Grinder
Arisa Velic
When's the song getting out
Maya Thompson
When the fuck is this song gonna be outtttt😂
Chloe lorimer
I really wanna see this !!!!!
Asia Lewis
Is there music vid is a skit
What's the song called??
Emel balaban
When Shawn Mendes played I died MENDES ARMY FOR LIFE
Isabella Marie
When is the music video coming out???
_Annie_ J
When are we gonna see it all
Ulquiorra Cifer
Where is it I want it now?!
Mia Ohren
When does it come out?
whens the song gonna be released
Ellen Knight
When is this out
Whens the Music Video Up?
Alyssa Silapachai
ItsMe Laila
Adan Gomez
4:55 what the name of the song
Timmy Thao
Congrats on 1Million subscribers
Emmie Panda
Why are u so bossy
Kiana Ortiz
When does it come out?
ashley hernandez
When does it come out??
Isaiah Yarofaisap
toe 100% on lelepons side no matter what she did to you I am on her side and plus she makes better videos than you
Autumn Jones
When does it come out
my mom does the same job!
Anna Ott
I love Amanda but I don't suppose Jerika
Katrina Nguyen
Crystal's Life
Amanda where do you get that big giant bears
TheSavageUnicorn Subscribe
Brutus 6
Did any one notice king bach said erika cerny
Celina Gigena
8:28 Shawn Mendes😍❤
Erza Scarlet
Who else has no idea what shit is going down but clicked for Jerika
DanteXstar Sparda
I can't believe this girl with all this talents! Amanda Your amazing! She is the director of her video's and other ppl videos! I love U!!!❤
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