The Best Acting of All Time - Compilation Part IV [HD]

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A fourth compilation of some of the best acting scenes and/or performances of all time. I know there are many missing. It is just a glimpse. Also, it is a subjective list, I don't claim it to be objectively correct, if there's such a thing.

List of appearing actors/actresses in chronological order:

Robin Williams - One Hour Photo
Denzel Washington - Flight
Felicity Huffman - Transamerica
Sean Penn - Dead Man Walking
Kōji Yakusho - Babel
Bill Murray - Groundhog Day
Bill Bolender - The Shawshank Redemption
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Boogie Nights
Christian Bale - The Machinist
Bérénice Bejo & Pauline Burlet - Le passé
Dustin Hoffman - Tootsie
Liv Ullmann - Persona
Hunter McCracken - The Tree of Life
Tom Cruise - Collateral
Michael Fassbender - Shame
Robert De Niro - Heat
Tom Hardy - Locke
Lee Byung-hun - I Saw the Devil
F. Murray Abraham - Amadeus
Martin Landau - Ed Wood
Kirsten Dunst & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Melancholia
Nick Nolte - The Thin Red Line
Billy Bob Thornton - Sling Blade
Kevin Spacey - American Beauty

Music: Jamin Winans - The City Surf
Giles Lamb - Boat

Thanks a lot guys for 10k subscribers! I will try to upload videos more frequently.
George Miller
What about Yang Ik-Joon and Kim Kkot-bi from Breathless? Really raw and realistic.
Bull Vayne
the machinist (christians bale) is one of the best movie i saw ... really
The Roo
Had turn it off right at the end when Spacey
The Roo
"Now I want you to attack Starls"
nedeljko maglov
I saw the devil... the moment i clicked on this compilation i was hoping that movie will be here... that movie is just... Fucked...up... First time i saw that movie i was shocked and scared how real it was
apache Et fier
Where is James mc avoy
Cheff Chelius
The name of soundtrack at 0:44 ? Thanks^*
I need to go back and watch Collateral and Locke again.
can someone please tell me what's that movie of Robin Williams
Biofree movies
danzel tho
white rose
Depp in Johnny brasco should be here
Alpha Papa
Great Video But I Love Your Part 1 With Time Playing In The Background It Just Makes Every Scene More Effective
Andrew Ralte
That last scene though
Riyaz patan
3:45 no words!!
Abdo M
I came here for the best "action" of all time. Instead i left crying.
cj sohib
Beginning music ?
Armin Johansson
The Tom Cruise part was great
Dhruva Veldi
This video had to start with Robin Williams!
wolf spirit
a great actor like all his films, please check out my tube and give it a thumbs up and like
Tom Hardy in Russian bath
Aoc 2017
What's the French movie ?
Jose A Madrigal Segura
Spacey ❤
Hugh Jackman in Prisoners
Peter Nicklin
robin williams at his best.,so emotional ,brilliant
Ravi Negi
7:55 look at his eyes Tom wins
I miss and need this. 2017 has been a shit year for the movies
Yashwant Suryvanshi
super all scene help my carrier👍
Honey Boy Tiambeng
yes!!! Kevin Spacey was there.
Andrew Bell
If you want to do videos about great acting then just do a 10 minute Daniel Day Lewis video.
Yucel Karadag
Cok iyi bee
must watch mad game of chess phycso cut thriller
Suis-je Vôtre
Robin Williams <3
remy paraskovia
Dunts is so underrated.
5:15 This Mothafocker is real Actor He deserve earn billions $ Bale..
Syed Waqas Saghir
What's the movie name to this last scene clip??!
mutant messiah
Have you seen Into the Wild? Its a great movie and Emile Hirsche acting was superb. You might wanna try to look into it
Francis Margallo
Ivan Locke!!
Tyler Cooper
Christen bales performance in the machinist
Was unbelievable the body changes are unforgetable
gustavo gonzalez campos
Kevin spacey at the end is just poetic
Guy Stein
Damn the first one was by far the best
Aheli Grace
"Can sum 1 help wit d name of the actor 3:28-4:08"
Erwan Rivoalen
Fassbender will win an oscar, Joaquin Phoenix will, Vigo Will, Tom hardy will, Noomi Rapace will... The thin red line is such a concentrate of talents, poesy and masterclass filming...
faizal ali
Its not perfect. Not even a scene from Interstellar
Eoin Brennan
Thin Red line acting is incredible
Where dafaq is Johny sins?
7:20 r.i.p Chris Cornell
Antoine Obeid
dead man walkingggggg
Shane Conaty
Tom Hardy in Locke is not from this planet
Bence Kovacs
Brad Pitt in a best acting Compilation?! Clearly you have no idea
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