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April the Giraffe is expecting a calf!

Follow the process as she and her mate, Oliver, welcome a new baby.

Animal Adventure Park
Harpursville, NY  

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Our Giraffe Cam is sponsored by Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition.
Post pregnancy nutrition is important, so Mazuri is gifting 100s of pounds of food to keep April on her A-Game!
Thank You Mazuri!

Inspired to sponsor our Giraffes? We have a safe platform form gifting linked below:

April is 15   - her 4th calf  
April has never lost a calf nor had a stillborn - odd rumor 
Oliver is 5  - his 1st calf

They have some of the biggest pens in the nation (sq ft per animal).  We take pride in our indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep them happy and healthy. 

The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6' tall at birth.
The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

Mom will naturally raise the calf, with weaning could take between 6-10 months, maybe longer.  We will not rush this process – it is just a documented range of captive weaning. 

Once the calf is born, we will have a contest to name it.

The keepers will go in with April, clean her pen, give her treats (but not Oliver).  He is a bull - and a bull is a bull is a bull!

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months

Upon naturally weaning, the calf will move on to another facility to start a breeding program there.  We cannot retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species.  

Those "things" on their heads are called ossicones.

Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things- fighting and the unmentionable....
Oliver may share space with April, but for short periods.  Bulls take no part in rearing young. 

They eat hay and specialized giraffe diet but love romaine lettuce and carrot treats. 

April's water source, enrichment, and solo hay feeder are out of sight of the camera view.

This is Animal Adventure's first giraffe calf.

Hannah Peak
I have a couple of ideas : Bailey, Jordan, Arryn, Jonathan, Gorden, Finale
debi harper
Just had a thought, "It's Easter N April" come on April have a Easter Baby, named Easter
Linsey Luna
I'm beginning to think April giraffe's pregnancy is fake news 😄👌
Dixie Pittenger
have they induced her so she can get this calf out
Will anyone ever see this looking back?
Kathie Roe
Looks like she's going to explode any time now. Good luck April!
Sharryl Cisneros
what's happening with april this morning any info from the vet
Roxi Wulf
Has she even given birth yet ?
terry rapine
I think Animal adventure park is doing a marvelous job with April and her pregnancy. Thank you for this opportunity to watch such an amazing birth of a giraffe
Stephanie Sandelier
I have been a fan of April and Oliver for going on the 4th week. She is so awesome to watch, people that get annoyed and anxious need to watch something else as no breed including humans can rush the birth process it takes time and baby will come when it is ready!!
Mary Harrod
I wish this feed had chat
Anita Harvey
April looks really big on the stream. However, the pictures that were posted of her yesterday she looks humongous. She is beautiful!!
Jaelyns GamingChannel
Shes a good giraffe
Nancy Newcomb
its a boy name it gabe G for giraffe
J Henry
Such beautiful animals! God Bless ya'll!
Crystal Angle
Any updates on how baby and mama are doing? Is she close?
Stephanie Sandelier
It is so calming to watch April and Ollie, hope she feels well.....I get up and down all night hoping not to miss something, thank you Mr. Zoo for sharing this with us. XOXOXOXOXO
Leo Jones
What kind of giraffe is April?
Jeanne Blakeslee
Why is Olivers stall smaller than Aprils? Cant they be even? Ty
Marisol Hernandez
Been watching April for two weeks. I run the live feed all day in my classroom and my students are all excited about all the "giraffe" activities we have done... they have even chosen a name...
Elizabeth Williams
That's what our world needs! Love and peace!❤️
Picture This Productions
In this time of turmoil watching and waiting for this calf to be born and all the confusion going on in the government and rest of the world the name should be HOPE if a girl
No baby yet??? We've been watching for what seems like weeks! Good Lord! April will deliver in April. Will someone send me a message when the water breaks? Lbvs!
Kim Schuch
Love this
Dale tyson
It's a April fools joke. It doesn't even look pregnant 💡
Helen TenHoeve
Me please
Laura Demchak
WatchingApril has made me forget about football n Sunday LOL and I sure was missing it unti I started watching this LOL
Penny Sperling
I absolutely love watching April. The staff is totally amazing with April. I am so excited and am afraid I am going to miss the birth. I even watch you tube when I wake up in the middle of the night to see if April is delivering. Totally amazed. You are all great. One thing that I forgot to mention is we were up at animal adventure in August and we were told that April was going to have a baby. I had my grandchildren up here from Virginia so we are extremely happy/excited because we met April.
When is her actual due date, does anyone know?
shan bernier
who got sound i can watch her but does anyone hear anything
Jana Smith
let her lick ur phone she is giving us a kiss
TNT Blast
I love watching the live feed and seeing updates. I usually check it 3 times a day to see if she gave birth. It's amazing to watch and I bet April wants that baby out of her more than anyone else that has been waiting. Mother nature doesn't care about anyone's timeline. You guys are amazing and so gentle with them. You can see the love you have for all your animals, in the way you talk about them. Thank you for letting the world experience this amazing process with you.
Joyce Bovetsky
Corally for a name (after both handlers ) or Patch for male or Patches, Patience , (something we all have learned) Serenity for a name.
But all in all, just want to say thank you for live feed.
Debbie Spurgeon
I cannot find the LIVE stream, e en on the website. What's up???
Judy Keech
What is in that corner that she goes to all the time
Jordan Morstatt
I have been watching this for days and the first day my mom showed her to me I said that they should name it modesty. I have no idea why but I think it would be cute.
Norma Powell
It has been wonderful watching and seeing how many people from all of the world are following her.
page campbell
Why is this not LIVE anymore????
Emanuelle Martins
Vamos direto pras noticias 👽😂😂
jean norton
I think the male needs to go outside he seams restless.
Pamela Valley
Due to the uproar in parts of our world.... the name, "Peace" would be perfect. Love you, April. I can't stop watching you.
valerie potbury
could you please take just 2 minuets of your time to have a look at this
Sharon Cesario
I want to say thank you to the caregivers, Alyssa and Cory I believe for giving not just care but love, it makes a big difference, still hanging in working on names. Thank you thank you, I WISH so much i could fund you to keep the little one
WhEresYour CHAllenge
We all love u April and u have the best trainer ever I wanna work at zoo when I'm like 16 but I'm 12
Is this the video everyone has been raving over Alyssa and April?
Jackie Leach
Is the light always on? Doesn't she need a period of darkness daily?
Nia Sayles
i live 20 min away from this park thing so im gonna go see the baby as soon as i can
Emma Pike
Why does she never go outside, she seems to have been shut in for weeks!!
Tong L
I'll come back again :D
Samantha Fortune
will you post a facebook alert once her water breaks?
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