Kellie Clifforf
Very very very good
Purimpus Kemthong
I think Nancy is Ed's grandmother and William is his grandfarher
Ann Cloke
I love you sheeran
Camy George
For some reason this song reminds me of.......
Chop, Chop, Chop the squid
Chop, Chop, Chop the squid
Chop, Chop, Chop the squid
Disappoint my father
broken girl
I love Ed Sheeran soooo much❤️❤️😍😍
Kayleigh Curry
im irish toooooooooooooooooo
Abi Does Gaming
I like this song
Nancy Osama
But that wasn't actually the full song
Nancy Osama
I love the song because it feels like so good because it's actually about my name also my name is Nancy so
Leanne Cameron
I'm from Scotland x
LC 20
i went to your concert in Dublin
YO It's Jake
I am Irish but not fully so yes but ye have to take it what I'm saying
Mia Sheeran
This is very good song and I love Ed Sheeran ! ❤
Manahil Nizamani
i listen this almost 100 times a day best song in the entire world!!!!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢
J Klyne
I think its cool that he's singing about how his parents met.
Hollie Dunford
This song is about his nan
Janx Zest
reading these lyrics somehow make me feel like i'm watching a great classic movie, ed really an artist with pure talent.
Flaming Carrots
Faithy Boo
This is my fave song ❤️
This keeps reminding me of the fanfic I read about the frye twins being incest (weird right?)
Saime Higson
Reminds me of the 3rd class party in Titanic! lol!
Ellie and Imogen Xo
Irish 🍀 where u at
Fox Note
Miyi 123
This is my fave song
Beccy Edwards
Cloe Dempsey
Good music
Katie Johnston
482 dislikes REALLY
Connor Pearce
Love this song ever since I've heard it
antonela vera molina
Kayla Leonard
This is my favourite song and every time it comes on I Irish dance and sing lol
Keeley Ryan
i love this song i wish I went to his concert because I love Ed Sheeran
Allizon Kimberly Tolentino
when you're only here because of hamilton
I love this new song by Kendrick Lamar, I didn't know he was Spanish!
love this irish sound
weird song
Dajanae Phillips
I wanna go to Ireland now 😔😔
Dyar Abdulla
Love it
Dimitra Theodoropoulou
This song is like the notebook with Ryan Gosling
Samuel John Stone
I am from Ireland
Rileah Byrd
"She and I went on the run, don't care 'bout religion"
Alexander Forero Figueroa
The #1 “Weird” Trick To maake You STIFF AS STEEL (Use It Tonight) =>
The 3 Sassy sloths
My dad put this song on and I was shouting MY NAME IS NANCY
Milagros B.C
I love Ed! He is so sweet writing songs!
Zigg Zomee
Ok m8 quality 100/10
dutch clasher
pretty sure it's the house your brother bought ya, not house your brother brought ya. kinda difficult to bring a house to someone.
bounby dreams alot
im irish
Erin massey
I'm Irish to 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
Count Jacobi
Not trying to be racist or anything but doesn't irish music sound like Chinese as well
Mariam Ji
im literally african but this song has me boppin like i got irish blood
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