Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision [Official Music Video]

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Kodak Black's new single Tunnel Vision, produced by Metro Boomin'. Available everywhere now.

Buy/Stream Tunnel Vision: https://atlanti.cr/tunnelvision

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paris webb
Marvin gfkcg
Antonio Reed
his is the best song
The gaming monster
All of those who dislike are trump supporters
Vivian Jacobs
the. kkk is. only. in. the. south. and. I. hate. them. so. much. I. would. shoot. them. they. punk. asses
Vivian Jacobs
I. hate. the. fucking. kkk
9/10 league players have this
Senster Wood-Richards
this is one of my favourite songs....BUT..... the video is triggering...
Soviet Gaming
Eyy that's pretty racist
dat boi
That money make me cum it make me fornicate
Austin Hill
best song
We gone sit up here and Jam out like we forgot nicki Minaj got bodied by remy na
Luke Skywalker
damn it jammed at the wrong time
Mat EVO7
Pls shoot Kodak Black instead. Shoot his teeth to be precise
very good !
Um nigga Qualquer
E quando vc pensa q essa mΓΊsica ja te deu porrada suficiente,vc ouve mais uma vez e leva mais ainda,simplesmente incrΓ­vel,significado mto forte (tanto da mΓΊsica como o clipe) total respeito pelo Kodak,PeaceπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Kenneth Crickmore
0:50 the song starts
Jalen Wade
this is about kkk
Kxng Rivera
Shelly Mosley
people's got to keep a tunnel vision these days
Ryan Desmond
I like the video bcuz it's real times now
Jad Ibrahim
Never listen They
Noah Lyssand
All this shit i need some toilet paperπŸ˜‚
Da Ha
Tyrell Wilkerson
yea kodak
Adasia Lango
totally do what that says
Wesley Dye
i think at the end when the little girl said stop she means stop racism
Darwin Star
white people aren't the enemy of the blacks... you are your own enemies... that's why you body each other 100 times a day... stop making white people look like we are out to kill "niggers", you're out to kill yourselves... just like the natives... the natives killed each other viciously, raped the opposite tribes women and kill the children and scalped the warriors... they killed for land, water and resources under the theme of "spiritualism" no different than the settlers who came to North America under their God for land, resources and water! WHITE MAN ARE NOT THE ENEMY..... the white man was not the first enemy of the natives. black people SOLD prisoners of war to slave traders. THE WHITE MAN IS NOT THE ENEMY. YOU JUNGLE BUNNIES ARE YOUR OWN ENEMIES. WE DON'T HATE YOUR SKIN COLOR, WE HATE YOUR BARBARIC CULTURES! Your literally to dumb to understand this though.
kookieV forever
omg i just realized the meaning of the song... TBH i dont like this kind of music.. but this SHIT is LIT!!
Wasa Bi
Yo this clip is so deep man
the meaning of the song is so fucking deep...
Riley McDonalds Hitler
I saw his hat you nigger it said "make America hate again" Donald trump is fucking awesome better than Hillary
Cary Lewis
so let black Kodak out of prisonnnnnn
chiara van samson
al that shit i need Some toilet paperπŸ”₯
Skythunder Sky
This Beat sounds like one od the SimCity 2013 Soundtracks.
Bulmaro Rojas
tunnel vision is the best song in the world and I like the song nice video guys you guys are the best
Hope Jenkins
Mike Nox
this nigga so dumb he thinks poison is the same as venom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mike Nox
this nigga so dumb he thinks poison is the same as venom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mary Evans
He's wearing the Haitian flag 😍 Haiti representing πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή
Nick is at work vlogs
Burned the cross he's going to hell
PWe Gan GC In A Mm Dz GB A
the beats solid is it alright if u do an instrumental
PWe Gan GC In A Mm Dz GB A
This video is fake. AK's dont jam.
Slug Doom
You dipshits realize the lyrics have almost nothing to do with the video right?
I know a lot of you don't like the new age rappers but honestly these fools got a very unique style. I don't bump a lot of the new age rappers, but I wouldn't mind listening to them at a lounge.

The best rappers in mainstream imo
Is kdot and logic.
DawLan 2K
Wtf Kodak u racist mf and why the fuck u burning the cross this pissing me off and of course u try to look all big in bad in the video to gets views
Juan Flores
man Kodak wack on the cool . all this new mathafukas be fucking everything up for the real hip hop . Fuck Kodak...
Tristan Krager
So...I'm pretty sure producers and industry reps are sitting in a room going "how shitty can we make music, and still trick these dumb mother fuckers into liking it" Then 2016 came in and said "hold my beer." He brought with him Migos, 21 Savage, lil yachty, and a Simpson's character reject called Kodak Black. I fear for what will pass as music when my kid gets older. This isn't lit. It's a dumpster fire. Hopsin was right. This shit is GARBAGE. I seriously don't know how a producer didn't ban him from ever setting foot into a studio after the diarrhea he spat at the microphone that created this gigantic heap of bear shit. For the love of god, stop making stupid people famous!
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