Ed Sheeran - Afire Love [Official]

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Daniela Schmölzer
My grandma died 3 years ago
She had cancer. I'm still not over it. I cut myself becouse I feel bad for spending not enough time with her. Guys pls spend as much time with family as you can. It can go so fast and a person is gone.😔💕
Bryant Garcia
This song is amazing, i dedicate it to my aunt who was more like a mother to me, she passed away from cancer on my 18th birthday. I love you aunt Rosa
Desirée Kneilands
Ik this is an oldish song but i still love it like I did the first time I heard it
Finn H
This song comes close to heart, my Grandmother has late stage 7 Alzheimer's, and the relationship between my grandparents is and was amazing. My grandmother no longer knows who I am, and my mother's mother died of cancer before I was born. I was only 12 when my grandmother forgot who I was, forgot my face. I was too young to ever experience the true nature of a grandmother. I never had that grandmother who I talked to on the phone. Never to have a grandmother you go to the local concert with. Never the grandmother who you go to their house for hours on end to escape. I never will have a grandmother who I can call at university when I'm too scared to call my parents.
Eugeniusz Dupczyński
It's great! I can hear his voice and I can't see how he really looks like... I can appreciate his voice :) Thank you, Ed Sheeran :)
Nisa Çetinler
I don't know why I regret to listen his new songs.
Tatiana Jimenez
I love this song, maybe they tell me that I'm strange, but I like these songs more than Ed more than the current ones, and maybe it's been months since my grandmother died, not alzehimer but still, it's as if this song will represent that, without being exactly as it was
Jordini Miller
my grandma died of lung cancer and this song got me through everything.

rest in peace grandma cozy 😭💙
Marina 1223
There's no way I can listen to this song without crying. Such a beautiful lyrics. Reminds me so much when my only grandfather passed away. Ed is a genius expressing feelings
Ed's next album:

3 + 5(75 - 5) ÷ 66
Amber Birch
I used to listen to this because my Nana has dementia but she was still here and then the next month she passed away
Daniela Gonzalez
Marna B.
This song is so deep
FoldedCandle 945
All the comments here are about people dead like why?
Ryan Bixby
Fuck this song. I just smoked weed and my grandfather's not even dead and my cheeks are actually soaked. I'm not even exaggerating
Sirleide Cordeiro
Hi I Brazil 🇧🇷 2017!!! Sou do Brasil e amo as musicas de Ed Sheeran... 😍
Hien Dinh
RIP to my grandpa who passed away so suddenly last night. My heart is broken
Daniela Gonzalez
I read that you got inspired for these song in a funeral
Melee Fan
Consuela Banana Hammock
Ed's music is so magical......love so much!
im weird
my grandma died I miss her this song reminds of her
Dwayne Hendricks
My grandfather just passed away yesterday. My mother, grandmother, aunt, twin brother and his wife shed tears bc of his death and I remained strong didn't shed any tears yet but when I listened to this song and the lyrics I just broken down In tears wishing I can tell him I love him before he left us. Thank you Ed for such an amazing song. This song will for me a lot to me. 🙏🏽
Nel - Sun Diego sein Sohn
This is my fav song from ed😍
Bailey Johnston
thanks :)
Kassellie DeSales
My great grandmother recently fell ill a couple weeks ago with chest pains. She recently got better until one of her sons died of heart failure. No one in our family had told her in fear of her falling ill again. Our family went to the funeral and she asked where everyone was and no someone had told her that her son died. Her heart was in so much agony she fainted. In the hospital she was in a coma and she died a couple hours ago. I loved her in every way possible and this song made me tear up. She lived 99 wonderful years and had 15 children and many children after their own. A child's loss is a deep pain for a mother and I hope she's reunited with her husband, son, and other 3 children❤️
Be a true heart not a Follower
This song always makes me cry, my aunt has also died at Alzheimer's, but I'm not crying in public, I just eat all the pain in myself but when I'm at home I hear the song and cry😢
Kim Spiering
I love this song
Helen Lover
Ginny Cullen Greenleaf
Is this about his grandpa?
Ahmed Moalim
I know its a tragedy when someone close to us dies but we should stay strong to overcome our pain and anxiety because the person who died would want us to. If you can't cope try to honour his/her memory by staying strong. Keep that in your heart and your mind trust me it will guide you.
Tugay Kara
I miss you mum. ( <3 )
* Queen Anya *
Love you great grandma. Love you coco. This sounds stupid but i think in my head she is up there somewhere with my dog in her arms ❤️
RIP Jenny Calendar ❤
How to do it ?
wish i had the ability to sing like him. Ed, never change, you and your songs are perfect. <3
Abigail Turner
this song makes me emotional but i love it
liziee abreu
supermarker flowers OR afire love??
Youtube_watcher432 *
My Grandad also had dementia and all the things said in the this song happens to him . He died last year ❤️
Carolina Stormoski
Gabriella Apruzzese
This is the song of my heart and I love it.💓
Azarih O'Hare
i like this song so much, it reminds of my first kiss will my girl and makes me feel invincible in cross country races. thanks for the music ed.
da boss
your lyrics me a lot
I'm just bike loki Not Hero
Osm bro
Amy Doolan
My grandad has cancer he means so much since he and my gran looked after me all my life he is a total inspiration to me and this song helps a lot thanks ed
Nadia Grygier
I love this song so much ❤️❤️
Elvira Popova
Racheluna NINJA
Cette chanson est juste magnifique. Je ne peux plus m'empercher de l'écouter en boucle! Elle dégage tellement d'émotion qu'elle arrive à me faire pleurer presque à chaque fois ;)
Edwin Flores
This words just sounds like Magic. ✨❤️
suzana silva
musica legal toca a nossa alma em engles e em portugues😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
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