Ed Sheeran - Afire Love [Official]

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Official audio for my song 'Afire Love', taken from my album 'x'. Buy the album via iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx

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Myriam Kowosky
My grandfather died few days ago... I had this song for ALL the time in these days.. I miss you...I love you <3 :(
Evil A
Dragut!Ce aa zic?!Foarte faina melodia...
Beckie Evenson
I listen to this song and think of my nana. She has dementia, epilepsy, fought through pneumonia and now has cancer that's spread throughout her body. She doesn't know who we are. She just smiles with a vacant look in her eyes. Like she's looking through us. It's heartbreaking and this song allowed me to express my feelings. Ed Sheeran has such powerful lyrics and a beautiful voice. I love it.
Whattek ??
i love this song!!!!!
Tia Gillen
I πŸ’– this song so much
This song is so sad especially when you listen to Nancy Mulligan, goddamn these feels. :'(
This song is really beautiful. I love it, but I hate it. I love it because it's beautiful, and it represents many different things depending on the events in your life. I hate it because of what it represents in my situation. My sister, who was practically my mother, was at dinner with her boyfriend at his house, and I was sick. She was going to bring me home a Sprite. On their way to our house, her boyfriend lost control of the car and they hit a tree. He was a brother to me. He was always so sweet. He turned the car around so he took most of the damage, otherwise it would've hit on my sister's side. My sister was a selfless person. She never cared about herself. Always others. This song was played at her funeral. She loved Ed Sheeran. She made sculptures of him. In her diary, she called him her "Ginger God" which we thought was hilarious. I miss her so much. And it just grows every day. Thinking out loud was her favorite song, and I can barely stand to still listen to that. Since the day of the accident, my life has completely gone downhill. We got kicked out of our house. We had to move in with my oldest sister, who could barely support her own family. Before that though, my sisters and I were taken from my mom a lot. After the accident, we were taken from our mom, which was the one thing we didn't need at the time. We all needed each other. So after that, I moved in with my mom and sister, her boyfriend, and their kids. I loved it, but I couldn't put up with it anymore. My sister who is closest in age to me and I moved back in with my grandparents, and she had to move to Texas with her dad because she wasn't behaving. So my entire family was split up. My dad hasn't really been in my life. He's been in jail mostly. When he's out, he's either drunk at home or out doing drugs. Honestly I can't stand this anymore. But anyways. I love this song, but I hate it.

To my sister:

Taryn, I love you so much. I miss you. I can't wait till we meet again. I know that's really cheesy and all but it's the truth. Life without you has been so difficult to the point I've gotten severe depression. I used to not be anxious, but now I also have severe anxiety. My grades in school are going down. Mom tells me to follow in your footsteps but that's hard when I can't even stand to listen to your name. I break down when I hear anything just barely even related to you. Anyway, I love you so damn much.
Ill tell you my real story :
am hard stuck in Gold 5 with a 7 games losing streak :'( Im depressed
Reme Deleon Salenga
Komik Espriler
Im gay fuck you guyz
quer fan
I don't even know how is it to be a grandchild. ......
Bethany Prowse
Ed is amazing sorry for your grandads death
Joshdave Mendoza
"ed is one of the best song writers ever"
my grandma was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. she went and got radiation, which helped a bit but the doctors said it was a lost case. she was in the hospital for a month and couldn't remember us. she could barely talk. she's now doing better and is home again but she has only a couple more months. its so hard because I feel so helpless. its just waiting for the end. and because of school I can barely visit. im so bad at expressing my emotions and bundle everything up and its so hard to see her knowing its not going to be long.
I want her to know how much I love her but time is passing by and I can't keep track anymore
Kaan Kazan
AklΔ±ma arife geldΔ± ananΔ± sikiyim arife
My name Didn't fit
My boyfriend cheated on me but I still want him back.. so I ended up writing this song to him:

All the promises you made
All the things that you say
Were they lies?
Every word that came out of your mouth
I've had all my doubts
So you never loved me not even once?
There was this other girl who you loved.

Even though you've done me wrong
And I've said horrible things back as well
I know I called you fake
And trust me that was a mistake
I will forgive you
I will still miss you
I'm sorry for the things that I said
I don't want our relationship to end
I still love you
And I don't want to lose you.

Though it was you who broke us apart
And destroyed our art of love.
I still want you back
It's sad but I don't want her to want you
I can't let you go
I can't think without you texting me
I wouldn't mind if you said anything

I just want us to be happy as a couple again...

~look I'm sorry for calling you fake, and when sam and China showed me those things... my heart broke, I loved you... no I still do. And I don't want anyone else to. Not in some crazy way ofc... I'm still keeping my promise. I don't know about you.
I'm willing to forgive what's happened and I will go through the risk of getting hurt all over again...~

Can we start over?
Wyvern Gem
Man, this singer plays the heartstrings instead of the guitar.
Ted Sweeran
"Darlin' hold me in your arms
The way you did last night
And we'll die inside
For a little while here oh
I could look into your eyes
Until the sun comes up
And we're wrapped in light and life and love
Put your open lips on mine
And slowly let them shut
For they're designed to be together oh
With your body next to mine
Our hearts will beat as one
And we set alight
We're afire love"

pura poesia
levi Parkes lewis
courtney lawson
This is such an amazing song
I was at my brother's wedding and I saw a picture of him as a baby being held by my grandpa, who I was named after. This song just let me pour out the tears that I had been containing forever. I was never able to accept it, my dog and cat's death... thank you.
George Downing
Best artist
Heidi MM
Just goes without saying,, still his best album!!! Fantastic genius at work..AlohaπŸ™‹
Zainab's Arts and crafts
My uncle passed last year ago
georgia Chubb's
I love all ed sheeran songs his the best
Best song in the album
Abhi TS
Do not read comments.I REPEAT DO NOT..its so fucking depressing
Sneha Bhandari
Who else is here after "Divide" marathon?
My art teacher plays this album during class and it was actually my first time hearing this song and I was having a terrible morning. Hearing this song made me feel love. Like it made me feel so much better and it also made me really want a boyfriend. y'all I'm 16 and haven't even kissed anyone yet smh but this song makes me feel like I've been in a committed relationship for years
Kenneth Putland
My parents divorced two years ago, and I haven't lived with my dad In a year. A slightly different story from most of the comments, but I'm crying despite it
Ioanna Gardouni
remember april last year tenerifi
Ioanna Gardouni
remember april last year
Ioanna Gardouni
remember april last year tenerifi
James Hope
Buffy/Angel[Spike] anyone?
It's Buffy's 20th anniversary today and I only just realised he's sampling Remembering Jenny. How have I missed that all these years?

Regardless, this is one of my favourite Ed songs.
Lee Wei Hao
yay singapore
can't decide which ed sheeran song is my favourite. he's my favourite.
Bruna GuimarΓ£es
This song makes me miss my grandfather even more, and I didn't think that was possible.
Nicole Beattie
This song reminds me of my gran because she has Alzheimer's and it's not easy
My grandma died the morning when I had a concert of Ed Sheeran in Amsterdam 2 years ago, I still went there because I was hoping Ed would sing this song, because she had Alzheimer also and the song gave me a lot of support during her last two weeks. But he didn't sang it, although I love ed, I was devastated.
the song was awesome
Mista Hoopa
Last year, March 2016, I first listened to this song. At first it made me feel sad, but not much. It made me sad because of the lyrics and tune. But after after two months, something bad suddenly happened. At first my nine year old dog, who I was best friends ever since we got her, got sick. My dad told me that it would get better like everytime she has a sick. I beleived in that but I still had to stay up for two straight days just to guide her and help her. But after the third day, she vomited blood and then in the afternoon she went to each person in our house and cuddled our feet. Then... In the night... As I was crying for her life while she laid on my lap... She stopped breathing. All of a sudden my world died. I cried and prayed everyday and didnt even go out of our house for many days. Now that I listen to this again almost a year after I first listened, I now cry and remember the best moments we had.
Asimetrico ツ
So beautiful
I lost my grandma not long before this song came out. She had dementia and had a lot of trouble remembering things before she passed. This song still makes me think of her so much and I can rarely listen to it without crying, but it's very therapeutic. Much love for Ed for making such a beautiful and powerful song <3
Mad Ro Ro Dixon
Ed's music is so beautiful and soothing
Casey Hutchison
I love Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swiftie
Still couldn't understand why i just cry all the time i hear this song
Mr. Weasel
"So I'll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you'd be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back
He'll say Hallelujah, you're home" -- Supermarket Flowers, Ed Sheeran.
xlively β€’.β€’
Anyone who has a hard time right now: Don't worry, you're not alone. My dog just died and it's fucking killing me but the pain will end. Everything is going to be okay.
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