Ed Sheeran - Afire Love [Official]

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Official audio for my song 'Afire Love', taken from my album 'x'. Buy the album via iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx

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I just got out the ER this week was listening to this there
Eleni Georgiou
I loveeee this song! This might sound dumb though. can someone please explain it to me? I feel like he is talking about a funeral but I am a little confused.
Frank Elias Albert
my Denny..please come back..
I'm not crying. You're crying.
can I use this song to make a remix of it please?
sarcasmus L
I fucking cry every time
ola sallam
So fantastic 💜
Deborah Machado
omg, this's my song! every time I listen to this song I remember of the boy that I have a crush, 'cause he told me this song!
Sara Eberli
Ich liebe seine Stimme❤️
Catalina Fincheira
I love you Ed Sheeran and you song exit I favorit
Jane Joanny
i feel like i want to dance to every Ed's Songs
NRGtic Gamer
This reminds me of my grandfather first time I herd it made me cry
Nguyễn Nhung
not sure how some people push the dislike button ?!
Bella and Payton Unicorn
I watched this before school and I was so happy and it was good luck for me to listen to this song
imelda alavo
RIP dad miss u I'm a mess my life is a mess
God help me
rocco adrian
how time flies so fast bruh, from 2014 until now 2017 :(
Saddest comment sections ever: The A Team, Afire Love, Small Bump
jane yow
My gosh Tearrrrss!!!
Pinelopi Liraki
i discovered this song after reading the comments from buffy the vampireslayer's soundtrack remembering jenny... i love it!!!!
I love you
Goddamnit. This wonderful man knows exactly how to give you the exact feeling you had when ur last family member died ;(. Ily 4ever ed. Also, my condolences for ur grandma (the one behind supermarket flowers 🌺) love u ❤️
K Dolan
Who is listening to this in 2017?
Rose Mulet
It's a CRIME that this was never released as a single.
Evelyn McManus
my sister is dead so he makes me happy xx
Catherine Curbelo
what a beautiful song!!!!!!
Alejandra Romero
watching 2017💖
Rosali Montini
Rest in piece nana, I love you <3
AJKrazy Eve
My grandma had a stroke on Thursday and he just had a triple heart bypass. He is in hospital and I'm sad because he might not live and we used to make things together. :(
Lux Kush
It was 2 years ago,my mother was diagnosed with my sister #devastated😂😂
Suna Jorisch
Oh my god I freaking love this song!!!
Jess Ko
always remember my friend passed away from cancer.. this song is just beautiful and sad at the same time
Orlando Serrano
love this song ❤
Linda Leisey
From his heart to our ears! There is no one who can reach INTO your soul like Ed!! A TRUE LEGEND!!!
Bouncing Kitty
How have I only just discovered this song
Love this song! The piano sounds perfect with Ed Sheeran's voice! Its simpel but deep. It touches my Soul. Thanks Ed!
iBaganie IuI
Never stop making this beautiful art, Ed <3
julia ㅤㅤㅤ
it's unbelievable that this song still makes me feel the same way as I felt when I heard it for the first time...
Jacob Henkel
i am Yong and i am sad
Luz Marina Camargo
Michelle Pollmann
Amazing <3
Andy Williams
I like this song bc my mom loves it so much
Neil Alfred Deguzman
I have no traumatic experience, but it still makes me cry. How weird can it get?
Myriam Kowosky
My grandfather died few days ago... I had this song for ALL the time in these days.. I miss you...I love you <3 :(
Evil A
Dragut!Ce aa zic?!Foarte faina melodia...
Beckie Evenson
I listen to this song and think of my nana. She has dementia, epilepsy, fought through pneumonia and now has cancer that's spread throughout her body. She doesn't know who we are. She just smiles with a vacant look in her eyes. Like she's looking through us. It's heartbreaking and this song allowed me to express my feelings. Ed Sheeran has such powerful lyrics and a beautiful voice. I love it.
Zuza Madejska
i love this song!!!!!
Tia Gillen
I 💖 this song so much
This song is so sad especially when you listen to Nancy Mulligan, goddamn these feels. :'(
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