Claire Foy Wins Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama at the 2017 Globes

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Claire Foy accepts the award for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Jimmy Fallon hosts the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Celebrating the very best in television and film, the popular, star-studded event held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, honoring both television and motion picture achievements.

Claire Foy Wins Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama at the 2017 Globes

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Emily Banks
she's so cute! and amazing in the show xx
Queen Elizabeth II at the centre of the world? Is she fucking serious? What a load of bollocks, sucking up to that hag. >barfs<
Adi Adrian
Please wrap up? She talked for 30 seconds, that's fucking rude you fucks.
Molly brennan
I just finished the last episode yesterday and went back to the first episode right away
Miranda Miller
So glad she won! Absolutely love her 😄.
Sabrina Wood
"thank you so much for this, it's really nice" - perhaps the most English response ever
Sam B
she looked gorgeous! so glad she won
Grammatical Erorr
My favorite scene is when young Queen Elizabeth was so mad and started throwing things to her husband and he ran out like it was a murder lol
I love how genuinely happy and touched she is by winning this award.
this world could do with many such humble successful persons :)
superpowered tv
Dominique Temple
Was hoping Caitriona Balfe from Outlander would win, but Claire winning is just as good. They both definitely deserved it.
magnificent actress and so adorable in real life!!!
Katina Valkova
She deserves it 👑
She is so cute! I love her!
زوزه الجنابي
This award was for Evan Rachel Wood
Martin Amarilla
I'm so happy The Crown and its amazing cast are receiving all the recognition they deserve, the show was truly brilliant. Can't wait for season two!
I've got one more episode to go and gotta say the show is just incredible.
The RED Samurai
No one claps for Matt Smith lol
"This is really nice" - Haha such a British response, love it :-D
Jose Francisco Arellano Marquez
I was expecting that Evan Rachel Wood got the award for his performance in "Westworld". When I saw her in that series, in that moment I admired his strong role as Dolores. But Claire Foy took me by surprise when she won.
Rishika Singh
world could do with few more women at the centre of it !! preach girl preach ✌✌✌
Harleen Quinzel
so proud of her, love the show, she was brilliant. want to know Queen Liz's reaction to it all though haha
Lena Norman
So deserved she can act!
Well deserved. I absolutely her, and the show, and Matt Smith and the fact that she just described winning a Golden Globe to be "really nice".
Tsu-B-asa Ozhora
Anyone wondering why the hell she would kiss on the mouth both old men in stage after the show gets an award? that was weird..
SO well deserved! I was rooting and shouting home. My pops were like O_o
Robin Hebert
I loved the Crown so much that I already watched it twice!
Sol mag
You are the queen of my heart <3
rey skywaka
Eric Stead
👍🏻❤so well deserved! 👏🏻
You're always confused when you see all these people, licking their asses in circles non-stop, at these retarded shows, like they invented electromagnetic fields or something.

And yes, we know that when you say "I am working as an actress since I was 13" - what it really means is that you're an uneducated person, with little or no school at all.
well well deserved she's amazing in the show
nicky amazing
Nehar choudhury
She truly deserved it, what an amazing actress she is, as well as her co-stars. Loved watching The Crown, it was obvious big things are in store for the show 😀
Nathan Orcutt
Claire plays Her Majesty with such grace and elegance , I love her!
Ximena Vazquez
She deserve it... I love The Crown a her performance was worth of the award.
am happy she won but i was rooting for winona ryder or keri russell to win but if it couldn't go to 1 of them am glad it went to claire and am i the only 1 who noticed how many brits won last night hugh laurie,tom hiddleston, aaron taylor johnson and claire foy of course. Was it the golden globes last night or the bafta awards lol but am happy with all the wins, i don't think anyone was snubbed a lot of under dogs won actually casey affleck, tracee ellis ross and of course the underdog of the night isabelle huppert talk about a suprise win wow
Ella Kit
I was so happy that her and the show won best drama series, although I'm an immense game of thrones fan I wanted the crown or Westworld or stranger things to take it because they deserved it truly, those shows completely blew me away
aw, what a sweetheart! love the show. :)
I am so happy that she won. Well deserved!
Tamuna Tati
I'm so proud and happy for her... amazing performance and amazing show YAS!!!
Stephanie Siu
She's just so fab!
I am so thrilled for her, she absolutely deserved this award. The Crown is a stunning series and she and Matt Smith are fabulous.
Debbie Cooper
OMG that movie was just great .. she did a great job. so happy she win
I stopped watching the show after episoe 4, but after this speech ... I should maybe rethink that
Freya Baldwin-Stuart
She deserved this award!
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