River Treasure: iPhones, Cash, iHome, Raybans And MOAR!

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Cash, iPhones, and river treasure galore. I had an excellent adventure searching for free stuff in the river. The wallet had no ID in it but did have two credit cards. I called the CC company and advised them of my find, but have not heard from the wallet owner as of today. Plus I see lots of wildlife to include catfish, smallmouth bass, carp, walleye and even a freshwater clam! Special thanks to Zookii for the GoPro accessory kit provided for this video.
My gear:
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My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Jaden Hubbard
This video proves how many Asian carp are in us rivers
Troy Marshall
It is a iPhone
Cidney Sark
The 2nd iPhone you found is a iPhone 6 it just was the case
Ryan Carter
Omg that first set of sunglasses is mine
Sub2ThisAwesomeChannel AKA Tammy
That not how you spell your
Diamond Poopo caca
You spelled more wrong
tristan brew
he planted all of those things in their spots or he would not no where to go exactly
Melvin Jefferson
I don't get as lucky but I could kickflip. love ya vids brotha. Help ya boy get to 100subs 💯
Amari Why
plot twist he's undercover looking for dead bodies
Jotinha_Player Gamer z
alguém br
Austin Gonzales
Consider gloves
Basketball skills 123
Who realized he spelt more, moar
Campbell P.
It was a iPhone dawg
Anthony Velasquez
Can I have one of the iPhones
Taylor West
send me one of them phones
Razvan Valentin Tazz
Cine e Roman sa dea like
Moussa Ziko
wtf ohh man at least share with me some sunglasses the summer is coming if you know what I mean🙄
Emily OBoyle
OMFG I think that was my iPhone!! I was on a bot a little while ago and I had a phone THE EXACT SAME COVER AND EVERYTHING!! But it dropped into the river!!
Iolani Lebbon
5:10 ) fish:I LIKE CHEEZ CAKE
Iolani Lebbon
4:53) Fish:I was expecting you
Iolani Lebbon
Pause at 1:59
Sanga Habibi
i o
4:28 dude just missed a watch wtf dude really?
Erens Vlog Channel
He found my sun glasses on 3:47
Dima Petr
60 доларов. круто понырял
Derpy squid Playz
5:11 a big fish
Kameron The Youtube Clutch Master
He's jus has sunglasses
he finds so much sunglasses
Mason Carter
he said I home
Joesph Gordon
There was a dollar
BooKiE MaTiNeZuZu
his look like catain price
Eddy Mchenry
what about snakes
Keisha Davis
This is unbelievable I was so impressed of what he found but bummer they were broken 📱lol 😂🤣😅
Leon Bro
2:51 how he breath underwater??
Jesus Viñas
mi mobil
Victor Rasmussen
Ramon Arroyo
Hilda Maurice
hey umm when u found the 2nd/3rd kind of blue glasses there was a necklace
Bret Harley
Were you snorkelling near a drunken sunglasses convention?
Bret Harley
Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, if you stick "flooded" iphones in a bag of rice for a few days before attempting to turn them on they will start back up.
Bret Harley
I want the sunglasses from 4:45
Jose Casadiego Quintero_ 756
encontro mi phone
Rocket league trading and clubs
If I get 500 replies I will break my ipad
Gren os.
You mean and more
Gulp Coke
thats how to get free iphone if its still working
JoeGaming LikeAPRO
That red iPhone was mine I must of dropped it in that river wonder where it was! 🙊😵
2k Playz
I like how he spells MOAR instead of More.. I like this guy
Silly Vids Afro
I bet that wallet is a tourist
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