River Treasure: iPhones, Cash, iHome, Raybans And MOAR!

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Cash, iPhones, and river treasure galore. I had an excellent adventure searching for free stuff in the river. The wallet had no ID in it but did have two credit cards. I called the CC company and advised them of my find, but have not heard from the wallet owner as of today. Plus I see lots of wildlife to include catfish, smallmouth bass, carp, walleye and even a freshwater clam! Special thanks to Zookii for the GoPro accessory kit provided for this video.
My gear:
Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
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My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
kanavy khith
That's fidget spinner
Alize Bell
Karen Orozco8
Lots of sunglasses don't ya think?!
sean wiseman
Omg this retard spelled more wrong. 😂😂
It's MORE not MOAR
FaZe Parody
The man spelled MORE wrong lol
Riley W
can i purchase phones from u
Tank you, mister Steve jobs... ):
Nelsy Alteta
cam i get i iphone plz i dont have a pjone im only 6 years old
Nino Stermasi
the iphone in socks is my can you give my back
Sr. Magrito
aqui no Brasil vc só acha lixo e gente morta
It's Opacity
This guy is a really good man! If it were me, I'd keep the money though
Mrduites GT
I home bruh boi
Jeison wanchito
the soda!
dirtbikesnake Hamilton
he said it was not an iphone but it is
Sir jp
does not true
David Gates
oh shit !! at the end !!
it's ALIVE !!!!
Guadalupe Fuentes
i subscribe
Monty Bob
Hi mate that white iphone with case is mine and the reason its it the sea is because my girlfriend threw it in there when she was mad you can keep it i dont want it back i got the new samsung s7 so its ok keep it all you like do anything you want with it
Anyway bye
Trenty Quadster
why return the money you going to return the phone too
Nikolas Saldana
Bro this guyi is the coolest YouTube ever for scubadiving
VBA channel
Stuart Applestein
It's an iPhone
Ceki Cen Dayı
adam gözlükçü açacak herhalde
buggi vuggi
Here it is fishing
Dániel Siák
is iPhone's
Kurt Caiban
its called ilog
elliptical boi
hope u guys are ready to get wet

He spelled more like moar
Justin Tozer
Yea a speaker
Tonya Valdez-Killings
funny how you just no where these are
Kayla Le
Did you at least try to get the phones back to the owners?
Antti Norvapalo
he found iphone in 5:36 thank me later
monsters tv
gérald Ferdinand
whats name the lac ?
Pls take the trash you find up with you and throw it in a bin. You would do your hobby and clean the rivers at the same time.
Michal Bucek
hmm interesting only iphone have you found other phones ???
Deng Uguak
you spelled more wrong
To many people loose there phones
3 Sisters
once I say those Ray bands I dieddddd ♥️👅😍😍😍😍
Amanda Mclaughlin
Stop yelling
lunacat Fitzner
if the phones were off or had dead battery's when they went in the water. they can be dryed out, and still function.
Roxanne Bata
My mom lost some sun glasses at dale hollow lake go scuba diving there
Anellah Murphy
Hayden COD3 and minecraft miles
jael joseph
nice job
Nicollas Alves
wou whats
Caitlin Brooke
how many sunglasses
Amira Akil
i just subscribed!!
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