River Treasure: iPhones, Cash, iHome, Raybans And MOAR!

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Cash, iPhones, and river treasure galore. I had an excellent adventure searching for free stuff in the river. The wallet had no ID in it but did have two credit cards. I called the CC company and advised them of my find, but have not heard from the wallet owner as of today. Plus I see lots of wildlife to include catfish, smallmouth bass, carp, walleye and even a freshwater clam! Special thanks to Zookii for the GoPro accessory kit provided for this video.
My gear:
Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
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My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Sydney Shores
hey send me all those broken phones im sure your not in it for the money neither am i. we could restore the phones and donate them or sell them and donate the proceeds
Denis Ruiz
soy la única que abla español aki😝😂😂
U spelled more wrong dude
Cronnie The Bonnie
Uuuu nice vid !
It's a speaker
Alicia Macias
OMG u got money?
Kate Van Dessel
It's more not moar!?
Knight Wolf
That's a iphone
Excited Information
ваня чигрин
Ronak Mehta
U copy dallymd u son of a bitch
Andrés García
The last glasses you found are my sisters
Dark Shadows II
I love that you hustled up all that river trash while looking for things of value.
gt 13
АСЛАН Жанболулы
Черный айфон это мой
Felix Anaman
Can I have a phone 📱
Christian Testa
That was an I phone
Alyssa Haberlack
You spelled more wrong
Laila Bekturganova
Plus I guess that thing is a camera lense?
Laila Bekturganova
U can sell these stuff to get more money
Gabryel GamePreys
4:49 figet spinner
Axel Lara
is more
yeah we know that money will never get to the guy
Sam Corbett
you can't spell
wolfie playz
When whatching these who wonders what they do with the stuff
Patrik Cuj
nice fake video
Talented Malet
This guy doesn't know how to spell it's more and iPhone
Nicole Mclean
Is it bad that i would of took the money
Countryboy R.S
That a lot of stuff I would see if the phone works
Jaden Chapman
That was an iPhone. You just read the name of the case.
BadGrandpa 12
this guy just seems like a nice old man who had some awesome ideas of what to do with his life. Loved the vid, keep it up man!
Gabriel Hernando Montoya Jiraldo
Marion Mc Gregor
Just reading through the comments ... what a load a shite some people comment. Don't know how you can put up with it Mr Ouimette.
Christopher Fallis
Looks like the area where he found that 1st iPhone is a nice patch of gold.
Cereales Gygys
que hablas
Symone Beautiful
I would never take my iPhone in a river or a beach I'll just leave it in the car or something. Lol can't risk losing my phone 📲💕
storyteller Lyndon
wow nice and interesting video i clicked LIKE ,SUBSCRIBED but waiting for new uploading
Blvck Swxny
Long kou
né le:16/11/1989
adresse:109 avenue michelet
ville:Saint ouen
code postale:93400
Gary gamer
The iPhone that you found was mine but the red waterproof case
Heather Wayment
I SUBSCRIBED, will you send a Gopro hero anything or Iphones OR lures
Julius Segismundo
i bet that phons he found in the case iz srill fine
Elizabeth Koon
If you find glasses with Minnie Mouse ears those are my sisters she lost them in a river when she was swimming and she lost them
Sb7_XX_ Go
Sub me pleas
nelson cendana
Im going now to the river to catch some iPhone .
the second phone is too an iPhone
candela angelotti
ese phone es mio
Yasir Aslam
Honesty is The Best Policy So I hope you return the Stuff To Concern Guy
Stefen Stefen
This is super fake,
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