Football Vs. Wife: Which Do You Know Better?


Two forces that have been at opposition since the beginning of time.

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Splendid Victory
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Amanda K
i want a Ned
Sanjana Chowdhury
ned got hotter in this video
Lorraine C
Tom Brady has 5 now
"Ugh, I hate Tom Brady" yep we all do Ned
André Kuster-Cid
That´s not football, the ball is crooked and not round.
orthodoxos maxitis
Its American football football is soccer
Elizabeth Achiaa
Ohhhh hellll no.
Clayton Hanlon
Ned Tom is the goat
I love Ariel! She's not stuck up or shallow like a lot of the women today. She's quirky, dorky, pretty, and a total sweetheart. If I find a lady half of what Ariel embodies I'll be a lucky man.
Alex Farnum
i named all 32 when i was 3
Kiki !
i thought it would be like whats the max speed an NFL person can run ned answers Whats the max speed ariel can run when she sees a spider ned answers
Nathan 123 as unique one
Zach looks like he's been working out
RKade gaming
I don't know anything about football basically...
2:13 i feel NED messed u on purpose cause he didnt want his wife to get upset that he knew football more than her because you can easily tell by his reaction
Nick Malbon
Ariel is neds favourite thing 😂
Bill W
Ned is a smart mofo to remember those events in years lol
Fangirl 101
Chaitan Reddy
Football vs Wife Who would win? Me: Probably the football if you threw it hard enough
vanessa vanessa
omfggg ned slayed this challenge
Sabrina the AWESOME
They got the single af person to ask these questions
bree Smithisrad
Wait,but shouldnt your favourite thing BE your wife
Bradon Poop Walker
Why if your wife is your favorite thing????
Jessie Jang
He was so done at the end when Ned got literally mostly everything right
Sophia Tran
Ned is awesome
sadek jbara
Wilmer Ausin
Wish they break up...So ñoño
Victoria Alexander
Zach should be a host more often hahah
Bgirl Strive
He has 5 know beotches !!!!!!!!!
natanael murga
there adorable
Holly Grey
I was unconsciously smiling throughout the whole video
Josh Jonathan
"how many minutes r in a football game?" 3 because for the rest the ball is not in play
Shouta Yamada
such a perfect couple😭😭💕💕💕💕
Justin Donaldson
How can he say all the years that the jaguars made the playoffs but not know how many superbowl rings Tom brady has
Rulieta Jane Tolosa
i find Ned and his Wife supeeer adorable 😘😍
wonder if she knows Ned as well as he knows her???
Death_ Rider205
Hey there everybody. I have a gaming channel that posts frequently and I would really appreciate your subscription. also we take game suggestions and preview new games and do game play!
Till now Ned was cute guy! Now I see him as "The Man!" The fact that he notices so much, remembers so much about his wife is super hot
Swagstar 123
Omg when she puts her 2 hands up shes only wearing 1 ring
Peter Marcille
cough 5 cough
L0sT Eagle
No wonder he looks like Jason Garrett
Tda Sosa
here in 5/24/17
Deuz_Ex_Machina _42
Patriots are the best
Ward CFG
Nicholas Johnston
Maybe he is just really good at remembering stuff
Anna Sullivan
they need to do more of these I love this
Sergio Playz24
Soccer and my imaginary gf,soccer wins
Julia Valdez
Mine would probably be called "BTS or Husband, which one do you know better?" 😂
ToCo Productions
End your attack on being a man
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