Football Vs. Wife: Which Do You Know Better?


Two forces that have been at opposition since the beginning of time.

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ned is so cute omg
Neo Man
When you see both football and Ned's wife in the title
Neo Man
When Ned said Brady had 2 rings I cri.
Kaley T
I sort of wonder how the conversation went...

"So, uh, honey... I guess I mention you a lot in videos. They're kind of begging you to, uh, show up in some..."
"...did you just get me a job at BuzzFeed?"
Jason Feng
My favourite thing will be my future partner.
Reivaxtomb Smash
Zach is so adorable!
James Coconut
3:50 arm pit stains
Mannix Coca
my sister is named Danielle
can boys learn with ned so i can marry one of them
Kass Orellana
Ladies,get you a man who loves you and knows you like Ned does with his wife
Brady Short
i would just like to ask is ned a jaguars fan?
Ned. If you know Football better than you know your wife, you have no right to constantly talk about her. Ned better know his wife better.
Yoyo He
I hope he does, or else he will be in trouble, and I'll laugh. LMAO
Ally Russell
Pats nation, baby
Brady da best
He has a microphone on his shirt, yet he's holding one... 😂
linette kristensen
i want a ned
Christ 60 mins in a NFL game but it takes 5 hours to finish? Good evidence it's a trash sport.
how does he know so much about he jax jags
*5 rings as of 2017
look at 3:49

sweaty armpits lmao
xsu hye la
NED 😍😍😍
Bernard's channel
I made a ship name...Nariel.
Top Banana
Tom Brady has 5 lmao
Robert Morani-Gillis
How did you say tom Brady only had two rings
Reynielthebeast605 videos
ned likes the jags, me too?! (i live in jacksonville)
Abel Jiji Mathew
bradys won 5 now 🏈
Randy P
20 minutes lol a lie
He was good... but he's sweating though x)
Mikayla Murray
Anne Marjorie Go
Why do I feel like Need intentionally answered the Tom Brady question wrong? haha! :D
Cam :
Get yourself a guy like Ned
"footbal" lol
that's not football, normies
Lindsey Time!
I think I know love better because I don't even know what a touchdown is!
Unipig Magic
And I'll laugh 🤣🤣🤣
Annika Rosales
I've just never watched a video where my heart swelled and I thought of wanting nothing more but a husband just like Ned. This is adorable to say the least
Crazy haha
I will like football more than my husband so this makes sense to me
Gustavo Ferra
Oh... Do you mean Handegg?
Lily Toennies
I need a Ned in my life😂
5 rings 💍
Sam Hens
lool a jags fan... didnt know they existed lol
Maisie Wolf
I loved when Zac said 'Cause Ned will be in trouble, and I will laugh'
lol jags fan
5 now
EliteHeatShow YouTube
Ned and his wife are the "love outliers"
Tom Brady has 5 rings now...
Gigih Halim
I didn't even remember the exact date of my ex's birthday. I congratulated her 2 days later. Maybe that's why she asked for a break up.
Rachel Edwards
This was a very satisfying video 😂
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