Scott Sagar
Oh my GOD. You are hilarious!
Karen Fernandez
The poop spray was brutal
Thank you.
Merary Guard
For a whole week I had tests. For all of my classes and I was stressing about it so much my eye twitched for three months
11:06 is marble dead?
im super pumped on when chicken skin becomes a hot new trend mm yea (in all seriousness tho i hate my chicken skin and man im only 13 and i got chicken skin wtf ) anyways have a nice day
yooo that photo taking one is hella legit. after my dog passed away (rip buddy), i suddenly realized that i didn't have enough videos and pictures of him. when he was still with us i thought i've taken a bunch, but now i feel that there aren't enough of us hanging out with him. it's mostly just him sleeping or walking around, which i still love, but i really wish i had a video of me just straight up petting him. i...really miss petting my dog.
additionally i used to be one of those angsty tweens (ew, i know) and didn't let anyone take pictures of me, and if i was forced into it i'd constantly be frowning. fast forward five years in the future and i regret it. so much. i have little to no pictures of me in my trip to Yellowstone, Hawaii, NY...nevermind pictures with my family or friends that i rarely ever see today. and the pictures i do have have me frowning in all of them. like wow, way to look back on life...
Lydia Lamhauge
Rewatching in 2017 because life is kicking my ass and I need Jenna wisdom
Jenna McKay
Okay. I don’t hate jennas dogs but I’m the background marbles looks dead. I’m sorry. It’s at 11:04 (the 3rd and final lay down of his life. Rip❤️❤️🙏🙏)
Kiera Slivarich
Marbles is fucking dead on the bed😂😂😂
Sav May
Ur eyebrows 😞
rae L.
Ours wasnt a group journal so much as an epic tale that got us all in trouble when one of my friends got it taken up in class bc she was scream/cry laughing while reading it in class. It had some less than flattering portrayals of some of the staff at our school... i would pay some serious money for that thing now lol
Brittany Carlile
thank you for uploading this so i can come back time and time again
Soup Soupson
Lisken O
I don’t have money for shoes
Gemma C
you could pass for 25, but make up ages most women!
Luc13 Inactive
Marble in the background... lookin drunk af
Lexi Hamel
One of these is one that I completely go against. And that’s, “no matter how bad you think you have it, someone has got it worse.”
Like, okay, yeah, this may be true. But that doesn’t make my pain invalid. Here’s an example: If your friend came to you bawling their eyes out, and said, “I just found out that my mother, father, and sister died in a car wreck.”
Would you say, “Well someone has it worse out there.”
Or would you say, “Oh no, I’m so so sorry, that’s terrible!”
I don’t know. That’s just my take on it.
Zoe Lewis
when i get overwhelmed and a little lost in life I watch these videos. Love you Jenna
Thomas Smith
That picture tip is really good advice. You never know who will pass and you'll be grateful to have those pictures.
mcH town
12:03 rip Marbles
This video was amazing! I definitely am grateful for you making this! I have a very negative self esteem and didnt do so well lately but watching your videos actually cheered me up! you seriously rock!
Ari Taylor
Jenna!!! Jenna, where is my 31 in 31 years 😭😭😭😭 these types are my favorite and I'm heart broken.
paris ausling
when you said that thing about not having regrets it made me think about me and my dad, my dad is..... lets just say.... not having the best time and has been too unstable for me to ever live with.... i always thought that the reason he does what he does is because he doesn't care about me but what you said really changed my perspective of not just my dad but the people around me, I'm going to try and understand my dad more and try to make more of an effort to talk to him.
Thank you Jenna.
Maranda Eaton
we have the same birthday! I knew I felt that connection, I always feel that with people then find out we have the same birthday, isn't that weird?!?
Sydney McNeill
weird girl
I love how sometimes cer0?qeet keeps an appearing and disappearing in the background
I like you and all. You're a cool dude. But i can't help but feel that people who enjoy torturing spiders should be bitten by a mosquito with malaria. Or aids.
Paige Stevens
So I just rematched this, and lately I have been having a lot of regrets just reflecting on some things in my past and that advice is really liberating to think about. Thank you jenna
Jerri Whiting
Look at marbles at 11:45
Jason Wan
This video speaks to my dead lifeless soul like a moth attracted to a light. I will be rewatching this when I get down because it has a few laughs and at the same time reminds me to never regret and always look forward.
Lucia Conti
rip marbles
Edie Twarogowski
I like your make up Jenna
Karl Francis
at 11:08 marbles looks dead
Yo. This video speaks to me on a spiritual level.
Jeremy Coburn
Hey, you just had a birthday. Happy birthday!
Depraved Media
She's a stereotypical brain dead woman. No real ambition, just ME ME ME.
Petunia zrnich
Jenna is actually a really good looking person inside and out cause all it takes to be beautiful is be funny,weird and nice
i needed to hear the thing about moving tbh
Abigail 7345
If you can't spend time with your cermet it will not graow!
Cece Rose
This always makes me feel better, thank you
Mari S
Where’s the 2017 version...YOU HAD ONE JOB
ツ ASharpp ツ
11:05 marbles is dead
Kaleigh Barrett
12:32 Umm.. Jenna.. I think you can..! 😂
Stephen o'shea
ha ha
Vin Jak
First lesson -Dont sleep with dogs in house-its disquisting-i wouldnt come to fuck you in your house-not around those dogs!
I've always hated videologs. You are the exception though. A pearl after opening thousands of disappointing shells. Jenna, you keep it real, you are legit as fuck. Stay unpretentious, stay chill and stay smart.
taylor wilmott
marble died
Nilou Achtland
On the topic of REGRET. Idk if I agree. I think you should call it regret if there was something you could do differently. It's not regret if a loved 1 passes & there wasn't a damned thing you could do about it. That kind of regret can kill you. But I do think some things can fall under that label. It is a slippery slope, you can't have everything as a regret. That thinking will give a self important control freak a heart attack. This is a huge grey area cause u were vague, but maybe somethings r life lessons ? No you can't undo it. You don't need to swim in regret over it, but u do need to learn from it. My 2 cents.

I went to college too & I know that you should GIVE CREDIT, footnotes etc.
I generally do (cause I'm not trying to plagiarize someone's work, that happens to artists entirely too much & I loathe it), sometimes it's because a certain segment of society always wants to challenge anything I ever say, so b4 they do (I didn't say it, here's someone you might want to hear that from &/or go argue with them) Conversely, when I don't give credit & act like something is all my bright idea, people like me better, I guess, til I finish talking (about whose song or idea it was that I was building off of) Suddenly, I'm the asshole in that scenario, as if I lied, idfk.

The DIET thing... I tried all carrots, everything comes out orange & it's kinda funny. No adverse affects. I tried only water & a few vitamins. For a long time I survived off of energy drinks & occasional junk food. Best times of my life. I was living @ the gym & the bod was killer ! Idt, if you are putting that much energy & thought into it, I feel like you could b successful, well, I hope.

Lastly, I would like to think people are living consciously & MAKING GOOD DECISIONS with the information they have available to them but, my cynical side (the side that pays attention) say, nah. Anytime I or anyone asks, 'why did u do that' & the answer is silence or, idk. Clearly, there was no thought put into the action or there were sinister intentions that you will not admit.

Anywhos, u rock & ur cool as shit. 'Bounce that dick' will be my anthem forever & I highly suspect u r an exemplary human being.

Nilou Achtland
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