30 Life Lessons I Learned In 30 Years

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Ricki -Lee
OH MY GOSH! I broke my toe, 3hrs in hospital waiting for 5 min x-rays and the doctor saying "we can't do anything, wait for 4-6 weeks" I'M A DANCER!!!!!! day 3 and one jumper around my foot later, still dancing and trekking through
Chorong Cutie
You look so youthful Jenna! Just like me lol πŸ˜„β€οΈοΈ
Cookie Pebbles
Wait your 30!!!!! I thought you were like 22 or 20
Gabrielle Reed
You can't Google pictures of you and your friends...

Unless you're famous

Like Jenna Marbles
Katlyn Howell
Rip Marbles
Erica Del Rio
lol.... "do i look like i wanna talk about it". πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
aprille alangre
It's my 30th birthday today and made it my top priority to come here and watch this again.
Jenna. I love you. That's all.
Emily Warma
Is marbles dead?
That last thing was actually REALLY solid life advice, holy shit... gonna go over things I regret and review them from that new angle
C Tatiana
aww..Thank Jenna. it stoke a cord. i recently moved to London and it is indeed a self-discovery experience. And i feel each day is a new self love and acceptance towards myself and others. I do hope i will make new friends soon because i think i kinda started to develop double personality just to have company :)))
Jessica Byrd
Found this video again. The advice to move was in the back of my mind when I was making the decision to move to California from South Carolina. And it is still one of the best decisions I've made. So thanks for that, I guess.. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
Shayla Myers
Jenna and I have the same birthday!!!
Kathleen Hensley
I adore this woman
Logan Byrnes
Is marbles dead
Phoebe Hammond
Marble looks dead in the back ground
anna m
Aww marble looks so precious at 12:09!πŸ’•πŸ’•
sophie ellis
Honestly I completely forgot that me and Jenna have the same birthday
Peachy Moonlight
This is my favorite Jenna video
Serval Traficante
Hey there Jenna, Thank you for the life lessons and if you ever want to hang out sometime because follow your heart or just talk on the phone ad infinitum here is my number 4126064056 I don't live in PA anybody I live in Cali. I think you are gorgeous but your personality is awesome so, yep 😎 Nice to digitally meet you 😌 And sorry I didn't introduce myself, my name is Serval Traficante.
Audrey Confer
5:44 I never liked my thick eyebrows. Until 2015. I'm in love with my eyebrows. I also love shaping them.
Cadence Turner
Who else sees marbel looking high in the background
Maybe don't torch animals? I can understand using humane methods of getting rid of pests INSIDE your house that can actually HARM you, but yeah. Pretty shitty.
Jenna - I think you're great but "killing a spider outside - really??" That's SO awful!
Emma Ti
11:24 is marble dead
Jenna, i can Google pics of you and yor friends. 1 lifelesson debunked, yissssssssss

Marbles looks dead in the background #ripmarbles
mirandangaler getoutmeswamp
Jenna's really pretty
Some choices are also just... bad choices :)))) It's not always the best people can do at the time, and some forms of regret are healthy! Empathy isn't the same as permissiveness! :D Other than that, i am taking all this advice with me to the grave!
Abbie McCoo
U remind me of Megan MacArthy πŸ˜‚xx
when that man goes to youtube and sees this video hed prolly be like "wait! it's that chick at that supermarket that one time!"
kayla n.
Yeah, I did it. I packed up and moved and it's the greatest thing I've ever ever ever done with my life.
Nathalie J
The last words of advice she said tho... so deep. You don't have to worry and think about things when you know you or they made the best possible choice at that time. Damn.
Idelle Sugar
"Don't flush a porkchop down the toilet just don't" I died
Just wanted to say that, along the lines of what you have done with your birthday, I have, at least in the last ten years, when putting up my Christmas tree for the year (putting it away til next Christmas), I write myself a note, and then when I open up the box the following year, it's neat to read. I write such things like, "well, how did the year go? Are you happy? Are you happier than you were? Are you gainfully employed? Did you get that promotion/ raise you thought that you might? Have you pushed forward with some or all of the goals you had in mind? Are your relationships good, with family/ friends? Did you finally do that so in so that you swore you were going to do this year? You said you were going to get it done last year but it didn't get done, so...?" Etc. I just think it's a neat thing to do.
Alyssa Shoemaker
I'm 12, and I've learned so much already, so I wonder how I'll be when I'm your age, Jenna.
Bailey Daily
Marbles sleeping with his eyes half-operand his tongue out in the background
11:17 RIP Marbles
Jaundiced Jape
If you're over 30, embrace spirituality and learn to release the trappings of this world; it's your only hope. Whether you like it or not, the world is slipping trough your fingers, and if you don't just let it go, you're going to spend the rest of your life in a desperate attempt to cope with that fact. Your physical life is basically over. Everything from here on is just a cobbled together, inferior facsimile of what you had available to you before. But your spirit is eternal and perfect, so focus on that. If you don't believe in spirituality, then your only hope is holding onto your denial until it inevitably crashes your reality to pieces. But hey, you may get a few satisfactory years out of it until then. A merciful God would strike you dead at 30 -- or even 25 -- but that's not how the whole thing works. Good luck, post-30 zombies; I hope you can shamble your way toward a vague ghost of true happiness.
Rhi Kate333
Jenna watching this video made me put in for a job transfer to a new city. I've wanted to do it for so long and I don't want to be one of those people that regrets having always lived in the same place, so I have the opportunity and I'm taking it! Freaking out but thinking of it as I already like where I am and if after a year I really hate it I can come back because this place will still be here, makes me stress so much less. I'm literally just packing and moving my stuff annnnd going with it haha THANK YOU xxx
Karo xoxo
this is sooo important. i even learned a thing or two 😊
Razzledazzlethem- Katrina James
Fabulous video...βœ¨πŸŽ‰βœ¨
Stephi Smith
Ok but the one about the photos and traveling thing is too real
A few of my friends and I tried that group journal thing in freshman year of high school but we ended up pretty much forgetting about it after a few months, lol
The Great TP
as old as my mom
Vegan Life Change
Aw. The point about regrets is such a lovely perspective. Thank you Jenna <3
Vegan Life Change
11:59 LMAO
Jwbns Nsnshs
this was uploaded on my birthday... Random, it's been 7 months.
Ashlin Roberts
I love how marble is just passed out on the bed behind JennaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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