Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

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Apple Thug
Why him? 😩
we need Amy Schumer next year! :)
I liked Fey & Poehler and of course I liked Gervais.

This is very bad, how cana mericans like this guy?
Fuck this phoney! WE WANT RICKY or we don't watch!
Vince Hughes
Ricky Gervais is the daddy of the Golden Globes, your garbage Jimmy...
Just Joe :P
Error 404: RickyGervais.exe is missing! :-(
this was so shit
se7en the great
so they replaced Ricky the honest and funny one with the Hollywood kiss ass Jimmy.
Sheela Madaiah
get back Ricky gervais please #rickygervaisgoldenglobes2018
After Ricky my IQ fell rapidly seeing this!
He sucks!
As a non native English speaker, this was painful to watch. Jimmy speaks too fast and almost screams, he looks drugged or something.
Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey/Amy Poehler >>>>>>>>>>>>
Jonathon Carlson
To do jimmy fallons job all you have to be able to do is read, pathetic.
Gabriela Garlo
Anyone here who actually likes Jimmy Fallon and isn't going to complain that's it's not someone else IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE HIM LEAVE
They prob didn't bring Ricky back cuz they didn't want Ricky roasting Mel Gibson and his nomination
veli pekka Jutila
get Ricky back!
Gender Swip
Watching this after Ricky's last year monologue. This is the worst shit ever, bring Ricky back Jimmy is just not funny sucking celeb dick. FUCKING BRING RICKY GERVAIS BACK !!
so bad I can't the whole thing
Lovisa Johansson
oh god, i know he is supposed the be likable and all, but he isnt funny one bit.
Sean Harris
Jimmy Fallon is a grade A faggot.
I really like Jimmy Fallon but this monologue... No, no, no.
Fallon is so overrated, omfg. Fuck off!
Robert Swinda
Too bad he ruined his finger falling blacked out drunk.
It's like they got a guy from the nearest Burger King to host the Golden Globes..
This guy is as dumb as a rock. An unintelligent monkey (sorry for the monkeys :( ).
Seeton Maface
I couldn't even watch one minute
Tom Joad
Boring. Where's Ricky ?
Ricky Gervais, what lines will he not cross no one is safe
anthony pall
He should have said " FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
This was borderline unbearable level cringe.
Zaid Chalabi
that was not funny at all
doesnt even come close to kimmel
Kalu Braun
These comments hurt so fucking much! Jimmy Fallon is just an awesome and gentle guy. whats wrong with you guys?
this is so bad
Darren R
bring back the Ricky Gervais
Kyle P Wagner
He always reminds me of an annoying kid of your friends who indulge him, and you have no choice but to watch his "act". How has this guy got this far? He is so minimally comedic.
Mas Talani
Ricky Gervais come back next year please . !..... Jimmy Fallon .... has been phatetic...phatetic...phatetic........poor america wit no commedians.....
Dubious Claims
I liked Amy poeler and Tina Fey a hundred times better!
Lewis D
Not my Ricky
Salim Studge
That's what happens when GG hosts aren't comedians
Used to love Jimmy Fallon, but he's got the same old jokes and I've noticed he suffers under pressure
Gerben Hoekstra
Damn! Who's this idiot?

Even Geert Wilders is funnier,...
Rolf Nazareth
he might not even be reading this but YOU ARE NOT FUNNY WITHOUT A SCRIPT, BE NATURAL
Trenton Richardson
Jimmy Fallon makes me vomit drink my vomit and vomit again
I miss Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes, no one does it better than him. No boredom with Ricky, only bursts of laughs.These actors take themselves way too seriously and Ricky knows how to step all down with his sarcasm. Bring him back next year there please!
Pickle sickle
Meh, not that bad as people are calling it out to be. But yeah, ricky gervais should be back each year
Gareth Rees
All this does is prove that these "presenters" are so over rated, auto cue runs out, he is lost.....Yawn
It took him 1 minute and 5 seconds to get to the start and end of his joke.
My fucking God Fallon is USELESS. Why the fuck does he still have his own show? Fucking useless.
That was laaaaame ..
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