Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

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Li N
I mean... just let Tina and Amy do your monologue
Bring back Ricky.!
So...basically we have a Bunch of rich anti Trump people excepting awards and millions of dollars from movies, going home to their mansions after the big party.... complaining about how hard illegal immigrants have it....because their forced to come here legally...hmmmmm
cj graber
4:34 - Literally death in a tuxedo
Jimmy Fallon equals Teleprompter Comedian
cool springval
bring back ricky.jimmy is just kissing big stars asses
Pretty Ugly
Guess the filthy rich famous cry babies of Hollywood couldn't handle Ricky Gervais being so mean, bu hu!

But did they have to hire the fakest person alive instead?!
Jesus Christ
Horrible. The subtle shots at trump were incredibly forced.
You'd have thought he wouldn't have to totally rely 100% on the teleprompter, given he prepared for the monologue for months before hand. There's really no excuse.
Jack Blades
I'll bet Ricky Gervais was channel surfing, stopped at this for a second, did a Gervais smirk and a Gervais giggle, and then kept changing channels.
Cringy should i watch it?
rookie tiwaree
He BOMBED it 😂
John Egan
That rock impression was fucking horrible
John Egan
He's such a hack.
What is this garbage
The cringe is real with this one
Ryan Marchant
Just a hollyweird liberal circle jerk.
How pathetic.
Nilanjan Das
Sorry , but I forgot to laugh
Vripiat Buzoi
After Ricky Gervais any replacement pales in comparison. Big mistake not having him host again.
New Bob
"Golden globes where we honor the popular vote"😨😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Holmgaard
Okay, hopefully NBC has now learned their lesson, and will get Ricky Gervais every year! Jimmy Fallon, Tina & Amy..... non of them have what it takes! Ricky should also host the Oscars ;)
Jimmy's comedic timing is completely awful, and an award show shows that even more than his talk show.
That was so bad
how tf is jimmy fallon still working.. his movies were terrible. his snl days were only memorable for him not being able to control his laughter, his tonight show.. its more of a game show with bad interviews and fake laughs.
Que me cuentas Pablo PgP
I stay there
Mysara Braikat
Ricky Gervais
Bring back Ricky. End of.
Dave Parker
Pretty sure the "gonna thank OJ" bit was done by Jimmy Kimmell at the Emmys earlier last year.
David Frangiosa
"And the winner is... the liberal fascist hypocrite that slept their way to the top, and who will do anything for exposure while quietly self-medicating to forget their sleazy demons."
Maybe once upon a time, before my time anyway, entertainment based awards ceremonies functioned with some perspective or echoed with even a trivial amount of significance throughout educated and decent mainstream society, because for a very long while now, they have only ever existed as overexposed and embarrassingly juvenile gatherings forced onto global audiences. For too many years we have all been subjected to the seediest types of personalities, whose "talent" simply qualifies as having a face that happens to capture expression well in certain camera angles, or a body that can be starved into submission for a forgetful role...(or some low rent-type that lip-syncs sexualised dribble in leotards).
These people, along with those who ride their coattails, have successfully created their own fantasy world, which has extended to a pathological need to congregate at VIP events in an attempt to secure unhealthy amounts of recognition, while also shamelessly and perpetually fuelling a misnomer: that they actually have an extraordinary talent which is somehow exceptionally significant or relevant to humanity as a whole. Attention powderpuff diva, fascist liberal, delusional maniacs... you have little to no relevance outside from the attention and publicity you BUY. Doctors are relevant, as are nurses, scientists, rabbis, pastors, priests, teachers, actual composers, historians, painters, sculptures, authors, writers, lifeguards, firefighters, etc, etc, etc.
David #Frangiosa
#goldenglobes #emmies #oscars #academyawards #movieawards #filmawards #musicawards
shot gun
jimmy fallen
Sandy Harrison
Jimmy Fallon is just brilliant
fallon is garbage
Joshua Lemos
I respect Jimmey's recovery improve. Better to say something than just stand there waiting for his script to arrive :) I applaud his effort. You guys are being way too harsh.
Veteran Soul
i cringed so hard
Fallon is so not funny. To be funny you should tell good jokes ! I think he sucked corporate cock to get in the business !
omg from Ricky Gervais to this cringe bullshit LOL
soma solu
stupid awards for pretentious sobs...there are millions of soldiers dyeing everyday...doctors saving lives..and many more contributing to the world...and these idiots give each other awards for acting and earning millions....bloody can't even talk without a teleprompter...
Luz Oliveira
worst. really.
Fred Vanhees
Just look at all those totally superfluous deplorables. Disgusting bunch.
Were the fuck is Ricky gervais this idiot is horrible even without the prompter he could improvise like a beast
Gracieli Amb
Actually now I like it
Undead Wiseguy
Conan for the next golden globes !!!!
Rebecca Rocks
go to hell all you guys who diss jimmy fallon . he is amazing!
joey zenarosa
This guy is so annoying and unfunny af!
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