Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

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Enrique Godinez
Terrible nobody does it like Ricky Gervais.
Why bring politics to this event?
Sandra C
When you mix politics and the hypocrisy of Hollywood doesn't come up good.... Hello ! many people from the audience voted Trump. They are just afraid to get threatened on twitter! or fired from their jobs.
2:23 gush, she's becoming more and more beautiful
0:01 Chris Pine on the right. (Oh and Nicole & Keith Urban!!!!! XD)
Meryl Streep just doesn't care about Jimmy 2:42
Hope the Big One hits soon & wipes Hollywood with all the grinning piglings into the Pacific.
Hanvin Gavnah
truly a useless event with useless people attending
I swear to god people are being straight assholes to Jimmy. He might not be as good as Ricky but he's a talk show host, and he always reads off scripts so obviously he turns to shit when he has to freestyle.
Darragh Reilly
only good thing about fallon being host was that he brought along questlove as the dj
Alyssa Germon
Kristen Wiig and Steve Carrel need to host next year, and the year after that, and the year after that
Club Leo San Miguel De Piura
Jonathan Gwynne
Jimmy Fallon forgot the first rule of show business: never follow a better act. Ricky Gervais owned that show. Time for the NBC execs to put on their big-boy pants and bring him back.
I saw the death 4:34
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme
not as good as ricky
Come on people, remember to do your part and use thepiratebay[com] for your movie consumption!
Retro Mammoth
Wow, Chris Rock's year old joke really got a few chuckles. Too bad it wasn't his joke or that would've been great.
Athee Sukumar
This is brutal. Hard to watch stuff
JesusFromMars Alien
Wow he bombed!!! Hard!!
Wow, after Ricky Gervais and Poehler/Fey duo I can just say: JIMMY FALLON WAS LAME!
samarth ojha
Am I the only one who actually liked him?
The Golden Globes honors the popular vote, huh? I don't remember getting a vote....
markus daniel
Not nearly as funny as ricky gervais. Bring him back.
he said "already", "best" and "golden globes" 40 times in 5 minutes. top notch comedian.
andile majozi
this guy sucks
Avenge Dixie
Fallen is an asshole and sorry excuse of a human.
Dr Doom
Jimmy Fallon, about as funny as a wet sock.
John Silver
Would have been a great place for about 10 PRESSURE COOKERS
Andrew Quta
When he tries to tell edgy jokes (if you can call them that) like the one about Matt Damon pretending to like BvS, he sounds so afraid to offend anyone, that it ruins the whole joke. That's why I love Ricky Gervais. He really DOESN'T CARE if he makes anybody uncomfortable or not, and that makes him hilarious.
kaito kid
ohh god...
This poor guy is nervous and not funny. bad writing
Youtube Channel
greg watts
fallon is a cunt
Bug Lyfe
many ppl hating on jimmy here... yet they asked him to host..not you :o :o feel the burn
Abraham Montoya
WOW! you ppl on the comment section have no sense of humor.
This guy? Really? Is this the best they could come up with?
Safira Mariezka Khansa
Left-wing Hollywood elitists... 'Hi I'm Jimmy Fallon... pat on the back... pat on the back... joke about Trump... pat on the back... joke about Trump... pat on the back... pat on the back... joke about Trump... pat on the back...' Hollywood liberals are the worst.
Dave Conn
I think I will just quit watching movies!
Ms Rana
This was boring as fuck.
Glenda David
OMG John Travolta OMG HES HOT AS A HEATED BRAND, JOHN YOU ROCK!! Flying becomes You Baby!! You are quit older than I but Dam You are just handsome
lily grant
I think some of you guys are being too heartless. Maybe he should use the teleprompter less on his own show and actually be a bit more real but come on theyre always looking a teleprompter. You can't expect someone who thought that the teleprompter would function to give the most outstanding monologue ever. If you account for this, he really didn't give a bad opening monologue and made some good jokes. He was probably racing with anxiety trying to come up with stuff on the spot. I feel badly for him.
gm pm
Lupe Guerrero
2:23 best moment!
Dixie Sedgwick
jimmy and john make a great pair like dumb and dumber
Michael Donoue
Travolta looks great. What happened?
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