Golden Globes 2017 Jimmy Fallon Opening Monologue HD

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Gerben Hoekstra
Damn! Who's this idiot?

Even Geert Wilders is funnier,...
Rolf Nazareth
he might not even be reading this but YOU ARE NOT FUNNY WITHOUT A SCRIPT, BE NATURAL
Trenton Richardson
Jimmy Fallon makes me vomit drink my vomit and vomit again
I miss Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes, no one does it better than him. No boredom with Ricky, only bursts of laughs.These actors take themselves way too seriously and Ricky knows how to step all down with his sarcasm. Bring him back next year there please!
Pickle sickle
Meh, not that bad as people are calling it out to be. But yeah, ricky gervais should be back each year
Gareth Rees
All this does is prove that these "presenters" are so over rated, auto cue runs out, he is lost.....Yawn
It took him 1 minute and 5 seconds to get to the start and end of his joke.
My fucking God Fallon is USELESS. Why the fuck does he still have his own show? Fucking useless.
That was laaaaame ..
adam brothwood
He's like a 14 year old fumbling with a bra. Eh, ergh, yeah um, ah, well, hmm...this is fuckin cringe
Devin M.
Just alternate between Kimmel and Gervais.
mladen kuznar
WTF is this guy doing you have to make fun of celebrities that's the only reason we watch this award shows
Billy Liunaldo
yeah jimmy, we cant believe either that you hosted the golden globe
Lovey prashr
jst hate Fallon cringy as fuck..gervais or kimmil but not this fuck
Ana Victoria
this was so awkward to watch lol
Alexis Vicencio
ahm ah ahm ohm uhm ahm hmm welcome to the golden globes.. ahm ohm ahm uhm
This guy is shit!
The thumbnail for this vid makes it seem like it's for Golden Globes 1997, not 2017. Hollywood surgeons are loaded.
Richard Li
he's so fucking fake.
Hmbop Baduwap
Kimmel is better 😂
this guy is....

Amanda Love
Celebrities were getting offended by Ricky Gervais so they hired a suck up tool like Jimmy Fallon.
O Valledor
Ricky Gervais rules the Golden Globe
man his monologue really sucks I think Tina and amy are the best
Emma Domenech
Going from Ricky Gervais who blissfully dissed the celebs to the fakest person to ever breathe is disappointing lol
I just watched Ricky Gervais's opening monologue then I came here. Man this is shit!
kris goodgroves
I've just watched the clips of the last however many years of ricky hosting this event and couldn't stop laughing. this bloke is shite
No more Ricky gervais
golden globes is nothing without Ricky Gervais
Inas Mahdi
okay jimmy only sucked because most of the time was spent on the cold open
He's like the elitist puppet boy.
To the HFPA: feel free to make Tina Fey and Amy Poehler come back as hosts. Fallon, Gervais speak too fast for us non-English speakers. Tina and Amy are the funniest hosts ever. Regards, Me.
Ipad Air
Ben cem yilmaz'a gidiyorum, bu komik degil.
I know it's been said by anyone & everyone with an IQ above 90, but I have to say it again.... bring Gervais back NOW!!!
Diana A
i'll never ever understand the hate Jimmy gets, it's like a trend, ppl follow it without knowing why !
Ricky has set the bar high, but Jimmy did great too! seriously enough with the negativity !
Fajar Anuar
Wow. fake laugh and now fake monologue. good job jimmy. I want Tina and Amy!!
phil chao
meh, his musical intro was all he needed to do. leave the hosting to someone funny..
George Weasley
I was like this is gonna be so bad, but it actually was much better than I thought it would be.
Gabe Tex
This was okay. I want Tina and Amy again. They were silly, snarky and they did get edgy. Amy landed some great jokes I still remember and reference.
That part where he pretends to trip is so cringy
Why the fuck is Jimmy Fallon still famous?
Wolf Slayer
It's sadly obvious that pretenders just can't stop pretending when they hear there's a camera and microphone nearby. hellywood! bummer!
Sean Kelly
Bring back Ricky, Jimmy Fallon sucked!
Alejandro Calderón
The absolutely best Jimmy of the season!
Anthony Pardo
fallon is so wack 🤢
Minh Duc Nguyen
You suck Jimmy! Let's Ricky do it next time.
Nunya Bzwax
Bring Back Gervais! I like Jimmy, but Ricky is so blunt and just awesomely funny.
why cant these guys get over that trump won.. i mean they didnt complain when who they wanted won previuosly?? Now they complain. So classless
Max Johnson
John Travolta looks wonderful !!
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