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When ppl talk when I'm watching a movie I tell them to shut up or get out
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Is chloe 's sibling of alisha marie?
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Like if the sound after the milk runned out was sooo satisfying
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Lobe your editing!!!😍😍😍😍
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It won't show up in the app store!!!!
Pink donut btw I lov u alisha!❤️
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a alisha wiy are u duwing and wiy it as a hole
It's not avablie in country so
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Alisha please give me a shout out
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I keep trying to find the video where u said that u got this shirt from, but I cant find it. Please help a girl out and let me know where u bought the off the shoulder shirt? ITS SO CUTE
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Hi alisha im a fan i am done downloading your app
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