Swimming with Giants!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is diving into the realm of the Manatee to swim alongside the ocean’s most curious marine giant! 

Although being one of the most famous and adored creatures on earth, the Florida Manatee is still an endangered species and there is only one place left where humans are permitted to swim with this gentle marine mammal...this place is of course none other than Crystal River, FL.  

Boasting a thriving population of Manatee and multiple natural springs with viewing areas, it is Crystal River where Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew will enter the water in hopes of having that “once in a lifetime” encounter.

So get ready to get aquatic and meet…the Manatee! 

Big THANKS to Captain Sean, Brandie and the entire staff at River Ventures for making this episode possible! You guys are the best! 

Please visit River Ventures website to book your own private Manatee adventure today! - http://bit.ly/riverventures 

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet! 

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! 

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There so cute! I love them! and I have swam with them before! And I have a stuffed animal of them! :D I love them!
Ninjatoad 6
I feel bad for the one with barnicals
Snowball girl9
In 2nd grade my teacher loved manatees.
Erynn Kelly
Someone else: MANATEES are SO scary Me: awwwwww they are so CUTE
Logan Donadio
It's not that hard to find manatees just go to a Starbucks and you'll find them everywhere
Beast Master 64
They are the size of my dickens
its... so.... KAWAII!!!
robert greyer
I know
Haifa Alina
what're the white spots on them??
andres mora
He is the chosen one, the manatee chosen one.
Mama kabira
this is one of thereasons why coyote wheres a hat
Conway Chung
My dad was swimming in water!!!! lol!!!! OMG!!!
Bumble Bre
He just completed my first thing in my bucket list
warrior 57
ya I no!!!
Cadet Carrot
Can you believe that Trump wouldn't mind watching these beautiful creature die?
Matt Derringer
I live here. my town... that's crazy
big ol sea puppers
Tanna Grilk
Coyote: Manatees
Me: oh okay then
Anton Fox
Sea cows are awesome 👏
LeeSee Neko
those water doggos are cute
This made my day so much better. Thank you
Andrew Brazinski
I'm balls deep into Coyote Peterson videos, and I really want to go to bed, but I can't because I must keep watching.
Leah Jenkins
I WANT!!!!!
ılı.♥ [TylerHex] ♥ .ılı (Small Little Dragon)
anyone know the name of the piano solo at the end of the video (outro)
Alina Shaw
Under The Griptape
Cow fish
Emily Glidewell
i have been waching you for 2 years i am 9 years old and i love waching you ps i live in weast drian av
Based Pony
Wish I could touch them but you get threatened with arrests and fines when u get within 10 feet of one :/
Lapis Larkspur
Who else is calling the sea elephants now?
iTunes card Steelman
So cool
Chance Rudiger
manatees are extinct
Mini Chris
I saw a wild manatee once
Den To
Kylie Gramse
We went there about a month ago! One swam under my kayak but we didn't touch or swim with them I was kinda sad but we're going back
Luis Topete
that looks amazing i hope i get the chance to swim with them on e day
Angelo Noble
Thats why you have been called brave because you are not afraid of animals
Abby Blalock
Wild Torchic
Manatees are my favorite animal I think I love them enough for my patronus to change from a wolf to a manatee, hah.
Colin Gilligan
aat first I tought this video was about swimming elephants. I WAS LIED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Southivog
sea woofers
Gillian Huynh
I don't want to be mean but I agree with someone saying u look weird without ur hat. but u are still who u are. anyways I subscribed. ur awesome please give me a shout out if u can.
Mazen amer
Skip to 2:36 wouldn't it just be so satisfying to just rip theses white things off of the left one😑😖
Muaaz butt
First time I am seeing him without the hat👦👦🎩
Rabbit Potato
They're like giant floating potatoes
Aidan&Amelia HD Gameplays and Blogs
i love sea cows a.k.a manatees
Thomas Maxwell
Love this video
Ni gel
Bojack Horseman anyone?
I can see Coyote doing voice overs for documentaries on animal planet
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