Swimming with Giants!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is diving into the realm of the Manatee to swim alongside the ocean’s most curious marine giant! 

Although being one of the most famous and adored creatures on earth, the Florida Manatee is still an endangered species and there is only one place left where humans are permitted to swim with this gentle marine mammal...this place is of course none other than Crystal River, FL.  

Boasting a thriving population of Manatee and multiple natural springs with viewing areas, it is Crystal River where Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew will enter the water in hopes of having that “once in a lifetime” encounter.

So get ready to get aquatic and meet…the Manatee! 

Big THANKS to Captain Sean, Brandie and the entire staff at River Ventures for making this episode possible! You guys are the best! 

Please visit River Ventures website to book your own private Manatee adventure today! - http://bit.ly/riverventures 

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I love Manatees there are tons were I live cause Florida and a wild curious baby manatee swam up to me and circled me it was such a honor.
Tiffany inocencio
Who's that guy who sounds like coyote
dylan harrison
7:37 cutest thing ever omg :3
Tato Agosto
Nice footage, as always!
thegeorgy swag
that has to be a hippo
Toma Chan
its scary how his hair didn't get wet
Kid Icarus
The one with the barnacles made my spine tingle
Mein kampf
Coyote, you haven't swam with giants until you swim with a whale shark.
Ansh Patel
I know right
Farhan Malik
why did this episode feel like he was reading a good book to us?
Steven Th cool guy
Fun fact about manatees did you know they are blind and they use there head and use echo location
Ceyda Serra
hi coyote you are my idol i wanna be just like you i hope i will see tou one day its my biggest wish! youre such an inspiration(idk if could spell dat right lol) you rock coyote i love you♡♡ i always get so worried in getting bitten by any kinda creature i hope you'll never get serious damage i idolize you !! you rock coyote ily♡♡
Hopeful Bunny
Woahh. He doesn't have as much hair? No being rude but, you look very different without your coyote hat!
Nicole Schoenherr
This video only got 37000 likes lets hit 250,000
My names is uveuveuveuveouenveweonoambsnaosas and I am going to swim with ancient illuminati guard
Loned Stool
I've seen manatees when I was in Florida. So I went down to the lower dock, and I started to pet her. And their skin is very rough, like sand paper.
k den
The music at the ending is from Valiant Hearts.
Emma Games
I went here not to long ago it was the best experience touching them and letting the trust you.We live like 3 hours away so we went it was so amazing.
Super Exho
I swam with manatees in Blue Springs, Florida. Of course, the water was freezing and I was 9 and thought the Gars in the water were alligator gars that wanted to eat me. Then it started raining.
Ducky Charms
manatees are by far one of the most innocent creatures, thatd obviously why they are my favourite :)
Awesome episode
Miurbu 미아
I want to do this...
Paiboon Rerkpattanapipat
hes like kobe bryant looking back but white version
Mesum Shah
i love manatees
Rachel Ferrari HD
Truly amazing
Vicky Sanchez
How come they have like barnacles growing on them?
Rachel O
Manatees are soo awesome :) I'm from Florida!
One of my favorite videos.. It's been a dream of mine to swim with manatees. Hope to do it someday. Now I know where to go. Thanks!
Leopard Girl
I have seen one before l believe he came up for air
Brett Edwards
I have the same flippers
Eva E
This is one of the only times we have gotten to see coyote hat-less
they are so cute :D
Xander Mckamy
so cute
Nikki C
3333333 views lol
Pyroantics Lord
What's the song near the end
Bang Ta Nguyen
Awwwww it so CUTE
The Nerdy Dolphin
nah bruh you gotta swim with a dugong
Ian McLennan
Teach me how to Dougie
Crystal Boven
I must say Coyote you look really different without your hat 🎩 your such a handsome guy & it was amazing to watch this video
Martie Durana
its like half dog half mermaid
Wolf De Bruin
But that's not the case with these guys
Wolf De Bruin
They look harmless but I learned that looks can be deceiving
Gabbya 342
That looks scary
Allen Ramos
Imagine If the manatees were the humans none of the global warming and war and extinction of species would have happen
Albert Grant
I went there on a third grade field trip
Melissa Mendez
You were not supposed to touch a mannatee if you encounter with one they are not going to get their food and rely on humans and there is strict rules in kings bay😡
Help save these animals not encourage others to do it and soon they will become insinct 💔😑😡
The Diddler
You see, with the way the look, I would have never guessed they disliked cold water, much less couldn't live in it.
what is my profile pic omg
My friend is obsessed with manatees so I showed her this video and she was like "OMG I WANNA DO THAT OMGGGGG SO CUUUTTEEE"
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