Rose Watson
idiot coldirt
mark rigsby
Cobert, is a bitch.
Dominic Ayre
Why is inaccurately spelled correctly the first time it's shown?
Danny Carbona
She's a god damned moron.
"Trophy wife of Satan"? What a HORRENDOUS insult!....To Satan!
Njabulo Masuku
Is fox news getting paid for this??
Pile of carbon
Oh holy crap! Kellyanne Conway is in WAY over her head. She acts like she has already snapped and might start talking gibberish and throwing cats at people any second. That level of pent up hysteria is the step right before she becomes a danger to herself and everyone around her.
Steven C. 100% TRASH!
I'm so sick of this piece of shit
Jeff Jones
Colbert is an unfunny ASS
Alex Martinez
Fun with words huh? Your words are from the mouth of an idiot. Respect our President his grace Donald Trump you spineless___. Stephen gets some balls and put real Americans in your audience you pussy. You would be nothing as you are already.
Zach S
So is this guy funny? I can't tell
G-Dog! 58.
I see Colbert, still has a mouthful of King Obama's Nadd's! 🖕🏻you Colbert.
She could actually be a writer on this show.
lizard Vision
this show used to be entertaining, now it's just the I don't like trump show
Rick (Ricky G) Govreau
Satans little helper ...Stephen Colbert! get rid of him now!
Victoria Vought
She is humiliating Fox audience. She thinks everyone is stupid!
William Ryde
Spell check ?
Stereo Studios
Jews are funny.
The hate channel, keeping it classy losers. This talking head is a one trick pony. Without the hateful people in here he would be unemployed and using Obamacare. You people deserved Hilary Clinton.
Lynne A.
Turn all the trumps be inmates please
Nicole Lyn
lol is this my favorite episode of his??? possibly
Ben Gunn
What stupid head!
Stargate Orion
omg!!! kelly stop sucking Trumps dicks
Deepankar Tripathi
People of the United States are so unlucky, but guess that's what happens when you were spoilt for years,and after all you elected them, wishing you happy Trump family experience. I understand you I am an Indian, this happened for a long time here.
This guys an overpaid Asshole
Kelly Anne could suck a mean DICK !!!!THAT BITCH
Why did the liberal cross the road?

To join the riot on the other side of course
XZYLO Savage
You know it's really bad when you have to ask yourself "What the actual fuck is going on over there" at least once a week.
Good Dog Talks
fuck Steven Colbert get out of my newsfeed
Doug Leschak
The Kellyanne Conman segment just shows what Trump and his Gang think of the intelligence of the American people, or at least their followers. The sad part is, they have probably got it right.
Pascal Derius
I swear Jean Baptist's laughs make this show😂 this dude's laugh is contagious!!
What-If Machine
"Like Netflix, but you die" is probably the most appealing tagline for Trumpcare I've heard so far.
The Zen Fool
She's treating the American people like either idiots or children.... That's insulting, but only Trump Supporters will not see it as an insult because they are either idiots or adults with the mental age of children.
Jose Rodriguez
the trump crooks the dirty hand president should be out of office now for sure 2020 by votes no one of trump friend is voted in only good American
Reanu Keeves
Trump 2020! you idiots believe there was collusion with russia. when CNN even told you that it's just for ratings. it's 2017 don't you think they would have found any extra emails by now???

I tell you, they give hillary a pass with her 30,000 deleted emails when there is ACTUAL PROOF. smh.
The first fun with words from one great man:



switch presidents on the penny and quarter. just saying....

Marshawn Lynch: thank you for coming, have a nice day.

Colbert is a lame turd. Who laughs at this childish rubbish? When did "comedy" become vile back-biting?
Have you noticed that America has a real president now? No longer a big joke!
Real men at work. God bless America and D Trump.
Kelly cam lie her way through anything. It is an art form.
Linda k
Your all are really rude.
Colbert needs to send trump a thank you letter for singlehandely bumping this bum life's ratings to new highs the god emperor so generous
Riva McLernon
Oh Kellyanne , you have sold your soul🙁
Arrow blades
I thought this was an SNL skit until i started reading the comments...
How did we get from a God (Carson) to a living legend (Letterman) to this classless joke?
My fellow liberals are wrong about this. This is main stream fake news brainwashing.
C. Stargo
Clinton patsy, not funny, try to be objective. Johnny Carson picked on everyone in power but you are such an obvious propagandist for the elite globalist it is sickening. You supported one of the most corrupt individuals in history. What does that say about you? You are the CNN of late night.
Bob Recher
who cares what this no talent late night talking bobble head spews. trump is our last hope to save America. trump is our elected president and deserves our utmost respect and support.
Kelly McShane
Liberals. Allergic to life.Hey liberals go be like polyamorous or something.
Through all the crazy ridiculous news that came up this year, it made Colbert look hotter in his monologues. No complaints :3
Samson Biggs
Funny stuff!
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