What's inside a Fidget Spinner?

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We CUT OPEN our Fidget Spinner to see how it works!! Get your fidget spinner here: http://amzn.to/2oIJpG6

Watch our latest video from our Family Channel here: https://youtu.be/SpbEecPxdWU

We really do love playing with these Fidget spinners! They are super addictive, once you start you can’t stop. Let us know, do you have one? What kind of tricks do you do? 

We gave away 10 fidget spinners. The winners have been notified via email. Thanks for being part of that!

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Terrence Redmon
Jofri Baharudin
Liked,sub, notify, thats all done so gimme fidget spinner pls
Sweetpine Simmer
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Oh my god. The loading screen on this is a fidget spinner.
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Why would he do that at 3 am
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they are just wasting figet spinner
Wendy Locklear
How do you when a fidget spinner
awesome kid
I would like one
Lego Flash
What's inside a dog biscuit? :/
Lego Flash
What's inside a human finger
jamie H.
Bobbie is cool
Joshua Flannery
fidget spinner yay
Lucy Stout
I really want another light blue one my other blue one broke
Viktor Vano
Newton's First Fidget Spinner Law says: "The fidget spinner wants to remain in its spinning state until friction of ball bearing stops it."
What you feel ("the gravitational pull of it") is gyroscopic efect, which is caused by momentum.
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