Breylin Cabrera
Logan should date Amanda
Beakfast Beakfast
Ayla should have not taken Kong cause it was for 2500
Steven zheng
Damn it, I am out of area.
Yana Mandeleva
I vote 10 a day
יעקב אפללו
jake paul suck
Mohamed abouzeid
you are the best
ThatSavageKid aka Evan
"I was in the NBA BRO 6'6" 😂😂😩😩
LMAO Dwarf was playin seige
Girly Girly Awesome
Where is kong 😭😭😭😭
Luna Differding-Portales
Team Ten need to start locking their doors. . .
Kwasha Burts
Why does Jake leave his door unlocked
Raya Hill
I would beat Ayla up if she took my dog like that
Jman _1o3
I wish Evan and oompalopa fought
if i could vote i'd vote rice gum for music star
Atilio Escobar
What kind of bird is that? So cute.=]
Robert Brugger
MD9 - Football/anime based content
Aww man I rlly wanted to vote for logan😢😢😢😢😢😐
Anuss Conquest
The "horn" fucking killed me bro
Mikki Deras
I'd totes buy your merch if it was in my size. I tried to buy the pink Maverick tank but it only goes to size L. And My fat ass has to wear a 2x because my boobs don't fit in an L 😭
Anuss Conquest
Savage gamer S
You should do maverick fidget spinner
Illya Solomko
Nobody f**ks with the logang
Illya Solomko
Nobody f#cks with the logang
Evan is playing rainbow six siege :O
Luke Arslanian
he said 4 pars of guns but its only 2 pars
Emmalee Lemoine
i can not vote i tried
LOL.s world
Gursimran Gill
Wyatt Bolser
I done it
Realistic Gamer
logan should get all the awards not jake paul
Tanner Fox
Jake is so weird
Gymnastics_4 _Life
I'm sad I can't buy any merch cause it's to much money in Canada. 😭😭
Katrina Danpat
Me I liked the teenchoice so can I get a merch logang on it
Akshat Suri
Soo much overacting 😩😩😩
Alex Roth
you should bring the machine gun launcher to his house
shane morgan
I voted for you bro all 10 times for today.. logang4life
Anni MBA
sorry im in indonesia so i cant vote
Teo Penati
Sell the skin at the pop up shop!!👍
Anders Bakken
I can'T vote :( Sorry bro from europe
Theo Cameron
Logan I think you should win the youtube choice and all of them you nominated for because your the best YouTuber in the world 🌎 Logang rules.jake is a stupid youtuber. Logan can you put the hoody from help me help you on loganpa
theres no way im voting for jake ffs
Acrylic Gaming
This Prank was set up the front door was open when normally kids are outside their house and could get in so they would lock it ,when entered Jake also had a tshirt launcher in his hand... Just Saying Exposed
Fatma Mourad
He copied jake with the merch gun
vladimir poetin
Can't vote cuz I life in Europe
James Fatnowna
I can't vote because I live in Australia
Artistically Creative
I can't vote because I live in Canada 😢😢
Addison Wilson
I did
Liam Gallagher
Jakes music is shit tho
Liam Gallagher
Yo evans playing siege
Angelina Sanchez
logang yea men cool
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