Owen Archer
Undying Storm
Evan was playing rainbow six siege playing as doc lol
Yosary Bhikam
I want a backpack
Gabino Lopez
vote for both make it fare yay
randy costello
Loganster ✌️✌️💩💩😋😋
Jose Flores
Nice nersey ozil
Alexander Holt
I don't like logan
Wolfguy bravo
i call it the jogang
Logang Paulers
There should be logangland
tiny Beazer 05
I vote u
Emmanuel Diaz
Iogen i dare. you to go killer clown. guteng
Alexander Birx
Is Evan from Germany ?
gliterbomb you dont fuck or shit with the logang bicht
ww boy emir
Ic evre day bro do you gevep up at nighet
iiiloyatyskii X
Wasn't Evan playing rainbow six
Lee Daquin
I agree Logan eBay are high 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Pickle Panther
I have an idea how about Logan wins all 4
Supa Dillon
Logang paulers for life
Emerald Gaming
K1ng Sh8m
Logan I followed u in everything and I subbed and liked all ur vids I love you
love u if u guys agree than like this comment
Connie Richardson
LOGANG FOW LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffrey JD Weatherall
I wanna be your friend
Jay_GamesYT360 LOLOLOL
That what she said.
Dill Picklesplayz
Logan please make a red white and blue maverick hoodie like if agree
Eduardo Rivera
Zafar Robertson
I subscribe
David Ruiz
I love the Logang
Adem Bongameingvgr
I can't choos
Damian the blue tiger
I'm in the logang
David Lance Santos
I AM A LOGANG!!!!!!!!!!
jeza marie Padua
LOGANG more like Low gang
Andrew McMahon
Bruh, CO2 is literally what you exhale... carbon dioxide (1 carbon atom, 2 oxygen atoms) R U EVEN GUD BROOO
I voted for you Logan and I'm against my sister right now so we wrestle together now
Iliana Garcia
Logan by a Lamborghini like your brother jake paul got
Keaton Bzdel
Put it on let go
Azaa Enkhtugs
Brianna Hitimana
you suck jack
Sera Ann Hawley
Logan and Ayla and Evan and Lydia
Cara Donnelly
Oh I can't vote I'm in engoand
Lorenzo Beltran
Prank your brother with bonoon all over his House
Maxwell Petralia
Even is playing destiny. 😂
Alvin Cantero
Buy it
Edwin Diaz
I'm a loganpalry
Mari Bullard
You know the prank
Mari Bullard
You mf the dead prank he did I was out side whet I thot he was dead I was like I will figger out who dead it and kill them
Delaney Brown
come to Wisconsin and ce to 511hairt st
Heydsha Soto
Hash tag Logan call bone for the YouTube Awards
Qusiam Baig
you ugule
Qusiam Baig
you ugule
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