Guantánamo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver examines the legal and moral issues surrounding the military prison at Guantánamo Bay.

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Josh Passalacqua
I think a scarier reasoning for why there are some that have been deemed life-long political prisoners is not so much about the fear of whether or not they will ever fight against us in the future, but more than likely due to the fear of them being able to share the information that they know or had personally witnessed. I am not just talking about terror-based activities or maybe the information that they may still have knowledge of in regards to terrorist groups that may still be active, or where they may be located, or having knowledge of how operate and function...

But what if we flipped this around? What if instead its not a matter of whether or not they we're terrorists, but rather they we're unfortunate to have either witnessed or uncovered some real-fucked up incriminating actions or decisions that were performed by America. Instances so horrific that the military and members of our government will do anything to make. Sure not a living soul beyond thisenwslls here what they have seen or heard. Actions that could benaonhorrific that if thwybecee we're to become public, America's reputation and image could possibly be destroyed and if they we're to ever tell anyone about thos or any of its Allies that if they were able. To share with the world would shot or possibly government shits their pants at night knowing that if anyone else where to find out it would be a P. R. nightmare for the United States
Scott Johnson
As for those released and engaging in terrorist activity afterwards, well if I was locked up for years without charge, tortured or not, I'd be pretty pissed off and just might be looking for blood.
Have fun in GITMO! Don't drop the soap.
Giulia Guarienti
Hi John. I'm from the future. Chances are, you're gonna end up in Guantanamo now. Enjoy!
Dorian Golej
Its also possible, Guantanamo isnt completely for detaining someone. Its probably a side job they picked up, other then being a military base in the first place... Someone completely fucked up and lacked care including common sense. The last obtained wearing a casio watch, most likely found there, once they tossed their watches away... Most likely the last ones are regular people.. hopefully.
Dorian Golej
god damn it can we get a better prepare plan, or a better planner. sort of lacking common sense and inhumane tactics here on who actually was brung there. Obviously most were probably brought there accurately. But still too many did not belong there... Far too many didn't belong there without a doubt... its not complicated, release the ones we are more then likely sure they have no connections or real proof on their connection or actions to highly dangerous organizations.

Honestly detaining casio wearers was a mistake... hopefully most were actually terrorists...

Well when a great idea has too many flaws and mistakes in it...

Guantanamo Cheese? Has fewer holes then swiss and innocence was harmed in the production of it.

Damn it, who the fuck is in charge, of these things, I'm sure a much simpler process can be done to determine extremists from the regular casio wearing citizen who found the watch on the ground or was handed to them.

Its probably pretty simple...

I'm not going to say how simple it might be, but I'm sure its fairly simple to weed out the extremists and regular citizens
Dorian Golej
Damn it... They fucked a program up, Obviously once word got around, they would toss their casio watches. Should have used casio watches as a key for monitoring not capturing people...
Dorian Golej
Clearly pre screening issues... I think everyone likes that song, and some point and time... And surely, some were there on very little evidence... Pre screening, clearly releasing is a risk, but in evaluation, with little to no evidence, they shouldn't be tortured the same as head figures, and obvious members, and those who obviously engaged in conflict... This should have been done at the start... Different levels of detainees. Id hope the innocent can forgive us and understand, we are after not only our enemy but theirs as well.
Dorian Golej
I bet theres drugs or estrogen in those maximum security products...
Dorian Golej
Yea just release a viper in your bedroom while your sleeping because that's how I feel about that fucking statement. Anyday Anytime while your sound asleep, ill release very upset pregnant viper on the verge of giving birth in your bedroom, while your defiantly sleeping... except its explosives and not really vipers and you wake up if your lucky with nothing but the sound of high pitched ringing in your ears... don't be a coward... itll just be a pregnant viper, with explosives strapped to it. Maybe itll be someone elses home, or a childs bedroom... except the viper drags them off...

Coward, ill be a coward before I take chances releasing pure evil.
Dorian Golej
IF there are real cowards in the world, they are afraid most likely for good reason. Tyrants, local gangs, terrorists, etc... or the fucking hyenas in Africa will and other wild animals make anyone a coward if they ever meet raw ruthless predators that communicate by repeating the same sounds over and over again while killing your neighbor.
Dorian Golej
Id rather be a coward then a fool... I know fear serves a purpose, a coward doesn't have much to say anyway... They just stay as safe as possible, they don't argue, they don't criticize, Which I'm pretty sure makes most American's not cowards.
Dorian Golej
You know the other terrorist cult heads, creating problems while enjoying cappuccino think releasing them would be a fucking fantastic idea...
Dorian Golej
I need a job, I have way too much free time and creativity honoring me
Dorian Golej
Were not always right, I understand Fuck them, Kill them, but they are not to be underestimated by FAR. Unless releasing them from a submarine under the ice shelf in antartica, because it didn't seem like it. They are surprise attackers... Its like when you pee at the urinal and someone that doesn't like you wipes shit on your lips, runs away turns the light off, and this blasts your face off when you exit the bathroom... You cannot expect to release these people and win against them completely... innocent people will die... I get it, but they are highly capable terrorists, as Snipers proved to be in the middle east... They are not stupid at all... releasing them would be like turning the lights out in a room with dozens of legos, needles, and toy cars that will explode when you step on them... And you cannot turn the lights back on... And when the lights go off... you can hear someone you know getting raped, ok someone you actually care about getting raped. And when you go to turn the light back on... Blood is running down the walls and you feel a metal object resembling a gun touch the back of your head, AND ALLAHU AKBAR STARTS GETTING CHANTED. Your dead... Point is, theres nothing you can expect, except pure evil... from releasing these people.

If you thought they were pissed then... wait till they get released... He sounded like they are completely incapable of killing people... We got another problem in America. A sense of invincibility, that we do not posses... and usually regular people die in these jihad movements... Same mentality can be used with handling plutonium naked... You may not be scared, but their will be consequences... Ok, put some clothes on... your more decent now... but this time, you pull the plutonium out in a small childs classroom... and let them pass it around... Basically... Releasing these people would be passing radioactive material threwout every childs classroom around the world...

Pretty bold statement... Pretty ignorant aswell... If not for us, then for decent people anywhere in the world. because wherever these scum go... will result in problems... I wouldn't even release them on my enemies enemy... Innocent people will suffer... And yea, I'm deeply afraid to let them go and take any chances... Let them go into an active Volcano... Still not good enough for me... Unless they fall into a basket first to be slowly cooked like the chickens they are.

I argue many things. But these people violated their own people, and will kill anyone... I don't argue with deep frying chicken, even the kind that's supposedly unhealthy for me. Sometimes things have to be done, tasty, and delicious , especially when it comes to revenge
Dorian Golej
I doubt anyone in Guantanamo bay, isnt there because they shouldn't be... Release them and take a chance, on them plotting and having the next bombing or worse happen... Because they will do it. How will these people claiming not to be cowards feel then... If they got their way... And we released bombsters and the brains of terrorist organizations, who would then ATTACK again, on innocent people anywhere... Release them, don't be a coward, Kill yourself when dozens bleed out from them being released... Because I doubt releasing them, implied killing them shortly after, and taking their Shit storm hell mentality face on... which they don't fight face on... Its surprise DEAD PEOPLE, SURPRISE... They fight like cowards harming innocent citizens who have no part in their problems. They don't attack their enemies, they attack anyone as a sign. Ruthless cowards willing to take their own lives for an agenda, That these people in Guantanamo bay, had less balls to do them selves.

These people in Guantanamo bay , Release them, they wont do anything except train and brainwash more suicide bombers...

They are responsible for organized crime that makes, Most organized crime in America look like friends compared these bastards.

You see organized crime in America bombing train stations? Hell no, they need it smuggle drugs or go eat spaghetti at their moms restaurant they funded with crime bills. It doesn't matter...

They are the worst of the worst, if they didn't have anything important, they would be somewhere else... Torture them like hitler should have been tortured, I don't care what pennies it costs to teach these madmen what they deserve... If it doesn't goto the bay, itll be spent on cozies or chocolate that doesn't even taste like chocolate...

Money wisely spent...
Dorian Golej
Even if its just to torture them... They shouldn't be allowed to even see daylight, or the stars... Complete isolation for interrogation... Waterboarding, more acceptable then bombing a public train station or raping and murdering women to death for their emotions. Release pure evil... They preyed on their very own people... Good citizens of the middle east... Car jacked...
Dorian Golej
Release someone who has the ability to put plans together, and put peoples lives at risk... More foolish to release brains of an organization who are highly respected... Just hand them a briefcase with instructions and flaws, or whatever... Because they will KILL, facing an opposition that's more dangerous then black mambas and black widows combined... Yea just release them...
If Id release them, id kill them moments afterwards... but releasing a highly dangerous element, I'm no coward but I am afraid of war and good innocent people dying for no apparent reason. Its a chance not worth taking... Kill them but the purpose is to break them, to obtain information... Names, Numbers, Or they were responsible already for very terrible things... with a will and intent to seriously harm many people... Do they even deserve death ? Induce large amounts of fear, eventually... they will be willing to talk, simple out of fear, they will REPLY. Should look at what they do there... its about maintaining fear for the enemy that has more then enough information to simply put... get their cowardly idiotic brothers, investors, etc as well....

Releasing is a foolish option, to pursue further violence... It should be eliminated not continued... As their organization continues, they have information to help isolate the problem that persists threw out NATO nations

Information is more valuable then the dog food they eat. And worthless dog food to be released... Either enough of their mind will survive to relinquish very important information. Or they will be exactly what they should be, hopefully even after release... Complete unable to survive even in a grocery store
twichyeez twich
And then trump is president...
Edijs Lohijs
just watching obama age is beautiful
John Doe
So, then-POTUS Obama, who “taught constitutional law” is not sure how to deal with some inmates, and the best John Oliver can do is miss a good opportunity for a joke like “If you don’t know how to handle that, then who the ** does ?!!! Adolf Hitler ????!!!!”

But of course, Oliver (or whoever writes his material) is a Liberal (yes with an uppercase L), and Obama is the patron saint of Liberals. (That’s a presumption on my part, the patron saint could be Jon Stewart).

And no, I’m not Republican, I’m not white, I’m not even a US citizen. Just someone pointing out an obvious bias. And yes, Fox News (or Faux News ?) is biased as well.
Peter Smythe
Hell, charge those we can charge, release every one we can't on the streets of NYC, give them $500,000 a head and a green card to start a life and a copy of the communist manifesto courtesy the cuban government so they can at least do something productive if they decide to revolt.
It would pay for itself within a month.
Peter Smythe
Cuba should take the damn place.
Peter Smythe
94.4% Failure Rate qualifies as an acceptable margin for error?
Anneli Elisabet
An old (probably) arab man explaining his experience in Gitmo by talking in depth about Azkaban and Dementors from a UK children's book is simultaneously the most beautiful and the most tragic thing I've ever a heard. I don't care if he misspronounced it. I want to give that man a hug.
ezra kahihia
I'm I the only one who noticed the glaring spelling errors in that delegate meeting 2:15
Rob Mckennie
Well, you know what they say, it is better that ten innocent persons suffer than that one guilty escape :)
Nimit Parekh
Donald Trump: did we throw John Oliver and Crooked Hillary Clinton in Azkaban yet?

Random Politician: No,—

Donald Trump:the f*ck are you waiting for then?

Random politician: it’s not legal.

Donald Trump: look at my face. Does this look like the face of a guy that gives a f*ck? I’m the F*CKING President, I can do whatever’s I want.

Random politician: That’s not how it works.

Donald Trump: I DON’T CARE!!!!

When you people elected Trump and handed him the keys to Azkaban, you dun goofed
Nimit Parekh
12:31. I actually have that watch! Guess that I shouldn’t wave my wrist in front of the FBI and yelling some racist comment about Americans.
Their actually called Detainees. Prisoners are subject to the Geneva Convention, detainees are not.
Da Sa
John Oliver weirdly seems to keep his distance from the most egregious of statements and actions made by both sides of the debate. For example, he never mentions "we will torture, even if it doesn't work".
We are Cuba’s parents. Cuba was formerly controlled by the US
quest 34667
why not use navasa island??? it's usa territory and it's an island. did i win the internet today???
Ishaan T
Lol gitmo is gonna get filled up with bad dudes courtesy Drumpf
I was much happier when I saw the first few letter and thought he was gonna speak for 20 minutes about guacamole
I was much happier when I saw the first few letter and thought he was gonna speak for 20 minutes about guacamole
bobby boucher
Ok, so just try the 10 presumed guilty ones, & acquit them or send them to Florence ADX based on the outcome. Release the 20 acquitted already, and hand off the remaining to their country's government and let them decide what to do with them. DONE!
Or, wait until the next conflict so we can fill it back up and get that $7 mil per inmate figure down to a reasonable number.
I feel bad for the 20 slated for release... they need 3 different government bureaucracies to mutually agree on a matter?! That'll take a decade considering each case from each agency most likely starts with Susan from accounting and has to work it's way up the ranks until it hits the director's desk.
lorna nunez
n u give the Dalai Lama one of those watch
lorna nunez
can we send trump n is friends n family there
Jaiiy Ouhz
John doesn't what he's talking about. We are fight a war. You cannot apply criminal justice standards to war enemies. The only reason we should be releasing them is to shoot them dead once and for all in the battlefield, like the Colonel said.
Rudi Buys
And now Trump is president hahahahahaha are you feeling nervous yet John? Btw, great and insightful program guys. Please keep up the great work you do
When he started talking about "I can think of one worst of the worst who's not in there..." I thought he was going to bring up Trump, but I guess the guy on the Today Show is somehow just as bad to J Oliver (?)

Edit: Also, I love how they dubbed over V Putin's voice with a Russian accent... just in case you didn't know he was Russian, now you do.
cromusic ibra
I still find it strange that he said "still a possibility" that's it's going to be this guy.
Possibility? I knew that "this guy" was gonna win the election from the BEGINNING. As soon as he entered, i could feel it. I'm not happy about it, but why is everyone so surprised? The nation is full of selfish, ignorant people and therefore you've got a selfish, ignorant leader. A gutless, lying sack of shit.
priya sarkar
John Oliver.. we need u in lndia...
Unconstitutional?? the constitution doesn't apply to non american war criminals. much less less than human terrorists.
Mikolaj Wojtowicz
I actually meet with a Guantanamo detainee. He's french. He hasn't done shit but he was stupid and unlucky enough to get convinced by his radicalised brother to go on a lovely spiritual trip to september of 2001.
He stayed there for 6 years. He explained to us how he was tortured and yet never accused of anything. One time he says, some CIA trainees took him for interrogation, gave hime a map of Paris despite him never setting foot in that city and asked him to name the Immams he frequented. So he made up some bullshit names and pointed randomly on the map some Mosques that of course he made out of his ass. The CIA agents went happily to write a report about extremist Immams that don't exist, that preach radical islam in Mosques that were never built, in a country they summerise to litteraly one city. They must have felt so proud.
josh maeder
Accomplished many great things? Whoa Oliver is really uninformed. Pre-emptive war, executive overreach, indefenite detention, using the irs to Target opposition, Nazi style takepver of the us healthcare market, govt takeover of the internet. Those are real great things.
Brice Denice
Another hilarious video to watch few months later with Trump as the actual president of the US

Kamala Williams
if u take away years of a man's life over a casio watch of course he is going to become a terrorist? how about u stop violating people's civil rights and there will be no terrorists....well except the white ones who feel they dont have enough privilege
I know I'm completely going around the point of the video but: ITS ASKABAN NOT ASBAKAN YOU UNCULTIVATED SWINE!
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