Guantánamo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver examines the legal and moral issues surrounding the military prison at Guantánamo Bay.

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Daniel Monsanto
hi John, how much do you feel like you predicted the election...
I don't know. When I was in prison, Whitesnake was terrifying. A Gay Priest kept trying to murder me with White Snake.
Josh VanArman
don't you mean Bowie and not Queen? or am I wrong?
under pressure?
Jack Oreto
Ha America had cgi stars before Japan
Vast Dragon
Hey John..... Did anyone tell you look like if Harry Potter grew up like a president
Snapdragon 3
The only reason Guantanamo remain open is because if a prisoner is in U.S. soil, by law the prisoner has the right to go through the U.S. judicial system to face their accusers. Guantanamo isn't U.S. soil, via paying rent to Cuba, that is how the Politicians and Military circumvent the U.S. laws Court procedures.
Grey Tiger
We should put Dick Cheney in guantanamo for good and see how he likes it.
Anton Jensen
Holy shit! I have that kind of watch! TAKE ME!
Fuck my parents give me this casio clock when i was 12 for goods sake i live in germany i would be in this prison
Chillcon Raperts
i have that watch
connor proudfoot
Just watched this, and I love how slim a chance it was back then.
Bulgarian soccer
all the countries that wanted to close GITMO were Muslim
Sophia Martinez
i am watching this june 2017 and Im just like . . . shit
Polly Maganda
Is it even possible for Cuba to cash one of those more recent checks? Do the older ones have expiration dates like regular checks?
Mrs Unknown
I would have no problem with "Here I go again" either but I much prefer Judas Priest and Metallica. However, I doubt long-term exposure to too loud music would be beneficial to my ears. Jokes aside, it is atrocious that they're handling and kind of person as a number, not as an individual. This applies to war too.
Isn't it the watch you've given to Dalai Lama...? XD
M HarshanthRam
holy cow , I own that watch
David Beynon
First of his videos that didn't make me laugh. Too much of a sad topic. America you speak to us about freedom, justice. democracy. Why do you fail your own ideals? And why are you often blind for ur flaws?
Misha Schmidt
When did putin disappear pple?? He's not stalin john
Gabriel White
criticize sexually introduce extraordinary there something van.
Cantonnier Bethcepour Lavhy
Had that Casio watch when I was 9. Great in the pool. It's waterproof you know. Back when that was a new thing. Fuckin' Jeremy didn't have one. Prick.
josh shearer
wilinson hit the nail on the head
Dayton Pack
i actually own and wear that exact watch... uh oh
AbduL F
haha john Oliver is telling the truth 18:40 America got alot of cowards n Donald Trump is the biggest coward.
Halo Toto
Americans are more than ok with this.
Sniffling coward of a nation.
Drake Koefoed
It isn't constitutional, it isn't right, and it isn't accomplishing anything. 7 million a year might be a reasonable cost for holding Magneto on the Xmen, but it's inane to spend it on people we can't try.

The right thing to do is obvious. Charge the ones we have a case against, and release the rest. We could let them out the gate into Cuba to say thanks for the Marielitos. ;)
Bylov68 12
shovon roy
Pakistan and Iran talk about human right biggest joke
Tamby theGiant
I've lived in a poor neighborhood my entire life I've never seen that many games in my entire neighborhood all kids combined. how the fuck is Guantanamo so nice and people are complaining about a little torture? Fuck you people lmfao
Lucas daVeiga
At least Putin makes the people he doesn't like get to die quickly
under pressure was written by David Bowie, not Queen
Jacob Tothe
And the guy replacing Obama is indeed THAT GUY. We are boned.
Frank Fields
of course only Muslim countries wanted gitmo to be shutdown.
you pretend to be british.your not a us citizen get out of my. country I send you.fbi
you cunt AS pussy
I can sent you military to.arrest in this instant stop cursing get out of my channel.unless i.go there to put you under a rest deported
are you a terrorist looks like your against the laws in the book I send someone to arrest you Mr whatever your name is that's my building your sitting on get the fuck out before I send the federal to put you under jail
where in the world you come from itleterite
why don't be a police
Taylor Cutajar
It's a good thing for John Oliver that no one in the Trump Administration will ever watch this video
Petty Boo
Who the fuck cares what Putin says he keeps the u.s.a name in his mouth because this country is the best country in the world. It's easy for people to want to take the moral high ground and think they know what's best. Is it better to keep them in there instead of risking even MORE American lives?? Or just let them go because people want to be nice and politically correct. Fuck that. Freedom really isint free. Most of u cucks and punk bitches whine about bullshit that goes in in this country yet never criticize the true enemy, radical Islam. I can't stand when people want all the benefits of being an American and living here, but don't want to accept the work that goes into it.. smh
Crazy Horse
I love the show, but I think John needs to allow for people to laugh or react more than he does.
The Downshift
Remember the days when Trump was a possibility?
I own and regularly wear that casio watch, if i go to america will the tsa detain me?
Watching this shit mid 2017...

Well. Fuck...
NoBoy Lunatic
its Az-KA-ban not Az-BA-kan
Megha M
And then you watch the Torture episode and that's when you really hate the leadership in this country.
And to think Tom Cotton comes from my state... Ew
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