The Leftover Cold Pizza Taste Test

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People try leftover delivery pizza to figure out which one has the best cold pizza.


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Pizza slice seamless pattern
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Mckenzie Mahal
ininj4killer gaming
the best cold pizza is either dominos or little ceasers
ininj4killer gaming
i love cold pizza and hot because i love pizza and im fat
Orlando Castro
Cold pizza best recovery meal after a 3 day drinking spree
i ld rather get cold pizza then after day soggy pizza
Emilysayspoke c:
Your papa j's pizza looks like our pizza huts pizza, and ur pizza huts pizza looks like our papa j's pizza
Vanessa G.
What's Jesus doing in this video
jung hoseok the king of dance
cold pizza is good when ur drunk afπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Vyen Trang
I like leftover cold pizza
white guy say "garlic na an" whaaaaa
Tommaso Carabelli
i don't know how people can even think it's a pizza (i'm italian)
Jumin Han
Why are they always so obsessed with getting the brand right? If it tastes good, so what?!
these people make me feel weird and awkward haha
Takeaway pizza is great cold but stone baked thing restaurant quality pizza is a 50/50 depending on the pizza dough 😘😘😘
I'll be honest I'd eat it regardless πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ pizza is awesome xx
Crystal L
im eating cold dominos pizza rn after drinking 10000 glasses of wine, i have to say it is just fine with a little ranch
Aw man I could have done that test and passed!
Cold pizza is sacrilege, just warm up the pizza. It deserves to be hot. Now when you say cold pizza do you mean fresh out the fridge or cold pizza as in its been sitting for a while and it's roomtemp
Axel Gustafsson
why dont they have pizzaerias in America? they are sooooooo much better than theese fast food pizza chains
Only two ways pizza is good: Hot out of the oven or cold outta the fridge. Tepid pizza is just meh.
that guy is an idiot
del piero
0:35 damn they have identical eyes and they both looked at the same time it was weird
long hair guy looks like the guy who won eurovision
hate dominos. No matter how good either pizza is, the employees are always rude and trashy no matter which location I go to. I'll order pizza from pretty much anywhere other than dominos.
Nicky Morris
I just don't understand how these guys can be so wrong sometimes. Like, I don't eat pizza that often, but I can tell the difference between a pizza from Domino's, and one from Pizza Hut, just by looking at them. If these people love pizza so much, how can they be oblivious to that?
Alyssa Headlee
I find that the better pizza is hot, the worse it is cold
they look more like the flash socks to me tbh
Maria Veronica Tayam Divina
Can you go out with me bearded man. πŸ€“ yo so fineee
X X.LiT.x21
At least they tried πŸ˜‚
"Δ° know what this is". Δ° know what this is already. Says little ceasars
Hannah Matthau
it's not so much the pizza as the animal products that are even worse..
Das Eiki
I'm always impressed with how everyone knows how the pizzas from different pizza places taste/look. I'm from a very small town in Germany, there's no Dominos or Papa John here (to my knowledge) and I think only a few Pizza Huts nationwide in big cities. Small local pizza places are the way to go here and they're all good.
who else thinks that the girl in the blue and white shirt HAS TO be in more videos because she is 😍😍😍😭😭
Sayree Belongia
No for the Pizza Hut u gotta get panstyle it has the garlic buttery crust omg yes
dilfo snaggins
the one guy with the thin mustache looks like a weasel
dilfo snaggins
caseys cold pizzas the best
Enkuush M
this is blatantly sponsored by papas
Costco cold pizza is king
They all liked dominos but then say papajohns I'm so confused
i Destiny2359 i
I love how that one guy was so confident on what pizza it was. like its Papa Johns and he's like, "it's dominoes" and then it's dominoes and he's like "it's know what this is. yes I know exactly what this is. it's Little Ceasars"
Brad Feng
good cold pizza is sweetish sauce and "hard" cheese, where it isn't like super together and it breaks apart
Buzzfeddd is running out of ideas 😹😹😹😹
i wish i had hair like that guy in the denimish shirt
Wish i could say I was a fan of Papa Johns pan pizza...but it's burnt to hell everytime I get it :/
Megan Yuen
Warm Soft Drinks Taste Test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion Bauwit
People say "BuzzFeed is running out of ideas." so much, that now commenters are running out of ideas.
I think this is the NY Buzzfeed crew... I like how the LA crew is more animated/lively
Buzzfeed before: oh hey it has my favorite people in this video

Buzzfeed now: who are you people!??!
Haroldo Domingo
I dont like these people other than the long hair dude with the beard and the guy with the short hair and short beard
Fast food pizza is horrible, try some real pizza
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