Google - Year In Search 2016

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See what the world searched for in 2016. | #YearInSearch

Music: Grace VanderWaal - Light The Sky |

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C R E D I T S:
Brexit - Ruptly 
Trump & Hillary Supporters - Associated Press (AP)
US Election map: ABC
BLM Protesters - AP 
Dallas PD Vigil - Ruptly 
Dallas PD memorial - ITN News Source 
Orlando PD - Steven Fernandez
Aleppo Wall - Russia Insider 
Omran Daqneesh - AP
Refugees welcome - Shay Murphy
Justin Trudeau at pride - Canadian Press
Hillary Clinton @ DNC - CNN 
Doaa Elghobashy @ Olympics - AP 
Simone Biles performance - USA Gymnastics 
Prince with guitar - Richard E. Aaaron 
Special thanks to
Ali with mic - AP
Bowie with Lighting Bolt - Duffy Archive & Bowie Archive 
Aziz Ansari w/ Lighting - Photo by Crackerfarm/Under The Table
Additional Lighting Makeup shot - Dade Freeman 
Bear and Deer - JukinMedia
Secret Life of Pets available on Google Play 
Zianna Speaks to City Council - CNN 
Refugees at Sea - Vice News 
Border embrace - ITN/Reuters 
Dallas Protest - Dallas Morning News

Alexander Bruns
I can't watch this with out tearing up every damn time. GOOGLE!!!! TOO MANY EMOTIONS 😭
Kira Chance
this is the most beautiful video I've ever wached
iiNapstablook the DJ
Add Carrie Fisher! ); R.I.P Princess Leia's Actor
Kate Joy
brb i started crying as soon as i heard stephen colbert
Samuel Perez
Brian Lenhard
Whenever I need a good cry I can count on this video to help
XxEliteFoulerxX XBOX Gaming
While I watch that shirt said "Hug No Walls" I remember... DANGIT DONALD TRUMP THAT STUPID WALL OF YOURS YOU RUINED IT!!
Hannah 8866
This is so powerful. I'm thankful to be alive on this beautiful earth
Melody The Strange :D :P
I teared up when the mom and son hugged for the hugs no walls
Badass Gamer
Better than rewind
Chase Ginn
This is funny if you speed it up to X2
Italian Republic
Remember when this was the main ad of Google, now it's pure earrape.
this is probably the only ad I finished watching
Sollux Captor
I was already crying but then it showed Prince and then i started crying alot more
Is love is love is love is love is love is love
Google can you please care about science and technology more than politics ??? This video sucked. I don't believe in love anyway.
anna strikovski
the only video i've ever watched that has truly touched me.
Cameron Davis
Leicester city fc miracle where
Puppy Luv Waffles
I fangirled so hard when I saw Stranger Things at 1:37
I thought that this was all just going to be Pokemon Go, PPAP, and dabbing, but the fact that Stranger Things was in here gives me hope for humanity
i love this so much
Lolo XD
best part of 2016 was grace.
Grace's voice is exactly what this video needed. She kind of represents something that seems to be lost in this day and age......innocence. With all the negativity you see on the news and the internet, she puts you in that place where you remember things like playing in your back yard as a kid. And I'm a guy in my 30s who wouldn't say that this is necessarily their type of music, but she has a way of naturally capturing emotions with her words and voice. She's definitely the breath of fresh air that this crazy world needs right now.
Gamer Maddie
Omg I was fine the whole video but when it got to the end when that little girl was crying oh I sobed
Lou Montelongo
Lin's part makes me cry everytime
Prerona Das
Harvinder Kaursingh
Ann Jennett
Faith in humanity restored.
Annie S
I watch this all the time and each time it brings me to tears
This is better than the 2014, and 2015 one! Kind of hurtful..but here we go 2017
Mckenzie Jin
what is 1:17 it's so cute
Google is so awesome!
Christopher Angulo
Lucky Ovie
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