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See what the world searched for in 2016. | #YearInSearch

Music: Grace VanderWaal - Light The Sky |

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C R E D I T S:
Brexit - Ruptly 
Trump & Hillary Supporters - Associated Press (AP)
US Election map: ABC
BLM Protesters - AP 
Dallas PD Vigil - Ruptly 
Dallas PD memorial - ITN News Source 
Orlando PD - Steven Fernandez
Aleppo Wall - Russia Insider 
Omran Daqneesh - AP
Refugees welcome - Shay Murphy
Justin Trudeau at pride - Canadian Press
Hillary Clinton @ DNC - CNN 
Doaa Elghobashy @ Olympics - AP 
Simone Biles performance - USA Gymnastics 
Prince with guitar - Richard E. Aaaron 
Special thanks to
Ali with mic - AP
Bowie with Lighting Bolt - Duffy Archive & Bowie Archive 
Aziz Ansari w/ Lighting - Photo by Crackerfarm/Under The Table
Additional Lighting Makeup shot - Dade Freeman 
Bear and Deer - JukinMedia
Secret Life of Pets available on Google Play 
Zianna Speaks to City Council - CNN 
Refugees at Sea - Vice News 
Border embrace - ITN/Reuters 
Dallas Protest - Dallas Morning News

Yourlil Chick
Such a powerful video
Zachy T
I know it's late to comment on this but I think this was an amazing video

Keefe Teo
anyone here after the bombing in Manchester? just had to watch this to remind myself that there is still hope amidst the violence and cruelty of this world
The Kengeki Goombah
The kid in the beginning with the burns is so sad ( the Syria kid). I want to cry but I can't make myself
Fuad Awad
much better than YouTube rewind
Thai Nguyen
When Ellen said when you take away the label you'll realize that we are more alike than different. 😊😊😊
"Love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside" GOD DARNIT LIN YOU MADE ME CRY

denise gabrielle
when i heard lin i was in tears that speech makes me cry every time
Hannah Jackson
omg google i love you
Kelly Zack
all the deaths in 2016...just made me cry 😞😭
x JustMii x 106

Alexander Hamilton?
Jøelle Bitar
This is the greatest video on YouTube this is why I love Google so much 😭❤️
How did I not find this when it was posted? ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS. 😂 ❤️👌 I got chills..
Drink Bleach Every Day
I love Lin
Mike Margraff
YouTube is for RAPEY computer nerd social justice warriors hell-bent to be cool.#RAPEY DOUCHEBAGS.
Lana Clifford
This made me cry, but also happy
Glad to see Standing Rock made this video at 1:39
Pablo Estrada
Love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside but fills the world with music, love and pride❤️
Freaking Lin got me crying 💔😭
Cry so hard..
Monica C.
ayyy my girl grace vanderwaal <3
Jon Jr
Mario Gamer
"The only thing you need to fear is, fear itself." - Franklin Roosevelt
This video is amazing, it touched my heart and clearly showed what love is.
Rufflens YT
This video is beautiful. Yet again, Lin has made me cry. In spite of all of the bad things in the world, remember that goodness and love will always exist 💛
Julianna Skill
tim cook
1:09 ppap lol
Senaida Villanueva
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Mewtwo Dat boi
" we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" R.I.P Willy Wonka
The 5K people who disliked this just need some LOVE #loveforever BTW if you click that scroll down :)
Amelia Mulder
Literally the best combination of Grace Vanderwall and Lin-Manuel Miranda! So much better than youtube rewind this year!
What's the video with the dog rescue?
les cox
This at least starts in the depths of despair and then the mood changes and we start to see hope and a musical background from someone who embodies that hope. Two minutes worth watching.
Addie Graham
Who is the girl at 1:41???? I need to know
Samia Thais
antes de assistir sabia que ia ter beyoncé
Rey Chartrand
I have watched this video a billion times and I still cry every time
Melissa Miliam
I'm crying
Matthew Karee
What is the clip at 1:41 from?
Daniel ad
If 2017 year in review does not include a tesla model 3 clip or something similar im done with these videos.
Pixel Gun 3d Gamer
This is the last time of the year it is the past now but thank god this was a happy emotional. And sad year those rip who deid
Isaac V
Goosebumps anyone?
Tad Strange
Juls 110
I cry every time because it reminds me of what is truly important. Love. Hope. That's one of the most important things to remember
glowing town
this video made me cry so much,expecially bc of the song and the lin manuel miranda part.
lin it's such a big inspiration to me and i love him so much :')
i hope 2017 will be better,even thought many chaotic things already happened.
awww look at humans just finished year 2016, over here in the cartwheel galaxy we are approaching 6084! come say hi sometime :)
I cry every time I see this. The 2017 one (if we make it through 2017) should be intense.
Anon ymous
what a surprise they didn't include Portugal winning the Euro 2016
Sarah walker
this made me cry everything I see it. This is the best one yall ever did.
Cat 101
What I love is that it shows all the horrible things that happened in 2016, but at the end, there is a ray of hope.
Chinaza Mozie
What song is this?
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