Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

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“I think it’s about time that women from size 2-22 can all look fashionable and get it all from the same place."

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Full Body Zendaya
Zendaya Selfie

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Macey Foronda

Jenna Williams

Tirzah Vetter
She's a size 12?! That's the same as me, but she looks so much smaller.
Anul Ramirez
is that ladylike?
ALL of My pants are like 7 Cm too long in the legs because im short but overweight lol help
Da Potato Queen
I'm so happy that they're not saying Zendiya
I honestly think that plus size woman will be great models I just don't know why people don't do it yet
very extra
All these clothes are so nice! It's also great since teens and tweens can wear these too!
Cottoncandycrave Masters
Kristen lost so much weight that's amazing!
Carliekoala Gymnastics
My mum is size 26
mkc 81
did Sheridan lose weight? cause she looks bomb
Aurora Fisher
Why can't they make clothing for plus women that actually flatter their figure.
ag dollsbythenumber .
Lara is honestly too negative. She complains about everything.
Inessa Legkun
Sheridan is seriously so cute
Rileys World
You guys are so beautiful 😍
Bella Stenstrom
OMG 😲!!!!!! DID KRISTIN LOOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!??????!!!?? She looks SO good!!!!
Annabelle The Alpaca
I love zendaya so much. She is my role model and idol and she is just so amazing!❤️
Missy Minx
Capping out at 2X is hardly size inclusive.
At Home With Nika
I like Zendaya so much I never listen to her or anything, she just has good person vibes😊
Ok but why was that called a kimono that looks nothing like a kimono
that girl slayed in that white outfit
lesly Aquino
The only outfit i liked was the jumpsuit but the clothes isnt that appealing
lps purrfect paws
they all rocked those outfits!
Phanic! At the My Chemical Twenty One Crybabies
I get something that fits from one store, I get the exact same size at another store it doesn't fit
Firdos Ajiaz
the jumpsuit that Kristin tried looks like a PJ
Martin Sandoval
Tell me why Kristen was giving me Kitniss vibes on the day of the reaping in the beginning with her blue dress and braid.
[Hailey] Cirincione
Kristen killed it, they all did actually
Serianna Espinoza
if someone tells you that your fat tell them talk to the hand and walk away
The .CrystalBoat
Lara look constantly miserable. just her mouth looks like a constant grimace
All around AVA
Is Kristen loosing weight BC it really looks like it
Supernatural Is Life
Msp Pro
tbh I was a bit thicker being skinny makes the dad jokes worse
They all look so good, I'm so shook! Beauty isn't just about your figure/body they all have beautiful faces girl! They slaying
Erin Ellis
OH-EM-GEE Kristin I LOVE THAT DRESS! You look amazing!
Khamil Timmons
I've been watching these for like 2 whole days now
Julia Clarisse
Let's all agree - Zendaya is a legend
I have always had trouble shopping because I have a masculine body type and I often have to shop in the male section because my shoulders don't fit in my size of women's clothing.
Audrey Roberts
jaz is so cool, she looks great and she is so pretty
melissa oconnor
Hannah Nairn
Who tf would wear a velvet jumpsuit
princess cupcake Alvarado
This is just buzzfeed copyrighted
Sam McCoy
Size 2 isn't "really really small" it's SOOOOOO easy to find size 2 clothing.. size 00 would be more difficult.
Aditi Sapkota
the size 2 girl that was disappointed with pant length looks a lot like Piper Curda
Beki Rose Berliner
OKAY I finally bought and wore something from this line, after having seen this video a while ago.
And? The criticisms made by the person closest to my size held up. The clothes still fit, but they weren't made for me. I tried out the dress with divets in it, and it looked baller and a drag queen gave me mannequins for my creative look, but the pattern wasn't fitted to my petite body, and my boobs were squished so much that the collar ended up too tight if I latched it the whole way. I don't regret the purchase, because I love the garment, but I do wish that it wasn't built for a person who was tall and skinny, and was something I could happily wear and look my best in. The photos I took didn't make me feel the way I thought I would. Being skinny doesn't mean things will automatically fit, and this experience really was informative for me in that. Thanks for inspiring me to think critically and get stylish, Ladylike!
I love how Comfortable The girls Sound When they were talking about there sizes💜💜
Omg they all look so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Sassy Pineapple
Kristen is SLAYING in the blue dress she came in
Mackenzie Dallas
i know no one cares but this was uploaded on my birthday
Jolika Janssen
I'm a European
Jolika Janssen
Zendaya is so Amazing
Tiffany Hawkwood
I'm 13 years old. I'm 5.4. I weight 120 lbs. I love this video, because it made me feel confident. Thank you, Zendaya. <3
Anne Marie Turner
basically everyone is trying to include fat people but us short people are still getting so left out
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