Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

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“I think it’s about time that women from size 2-22 can all look fashionable and get it all from the same place."

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Full Body Zendaya
Zendaya Selfie

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Macey Foronda

Jenna Williams

That's Life
I think jazzmynes , Chrissy's, and Sheridans looked the best
Winnie Wang
hummmm it's zendaya's line doesn't mean those clothes look good. In my opinion they just look like all the other fast fashion line. Same and boring.
Try Me
is this basically a comercial.
Lisa Time
Jasmines outfit really suited her style.
Makayla Awesome
Zendya is my favroite actor
Marisol Govea
just know your beautiful just the way you are
The girl in all white looked SO GOOD
Super Nova
Heels and Comfort in the same sentence lol love it
loonyLoons M
Jazzymne once again looks like a model
Tiare Paquet
omg kristins hair is amazing
They are really cool
This is proof that Zendaya is amazing!!!!!
Katlyn Jenner
that blue dress Kristen was wearing looked drop dead gorgeous on her 10 out of 10 looked amazing
Debora Nelles
The Woman with the green hair looks a little bit like lady gaga I think
Harriet Bullock
Props to these beauties, but the clothes are not decent looking whatsoever 😕
Cassi McCammon
"I'm wearing men's clothes but I look way better than any man ever could" .... well I already can tell I'd hate her in real life.
Eris Luttrell
The jumpsuit looked so good on her
Arleen Alarcon
Oooooo jazzmyne slay baby girl ❤️ur so photogenic
Diamond Blue
is size XS
Shopping is a pain
valentine thorne
'I'm wearing men's clothes but I look better then any man ever would' why do u have to be better than men if she really wanted a 'feminist vibe' she would want to feel equally as sexy as a man and not trying to be better than them since that's what being a feminist means
Vally Wolf
I know I'm late but they look good
Ana Rita Estêvão
I really don't like Lara sorry
Who is Chrissy's husband?
They all look great
Jenna Gabriel
Sheridan looked stunning 😍
King Kaiden
This is why we need more inclusivity in fashion, plus size women can look just as fabulous as skinny women, but only if they have clothes made for them
Karley Call
Jazzmyne slays i love her bold sense of fashion and her beautiful body type
Brooklyn C
Who's your favorite ?
Elena The Unicorn
Anjali Kumar
All these women look AMAZING i get confident seeing them. All bodies are beautiful!!
Jillian Swadley
no offense, but Sheridan looks like someone just ran over her cat
Elizabeth B
Also the karate comment was unnecessary
Elizabeth B
Also isn't a kimono cultural appropriation
Elizabeth B
I never find clothes in my size and this line doesn't even have my size. But they say it's 2-22 but 2 isn't XS which they also say they have
tex avery
Pretty girls...FUGGLY CLOTHING!!!!
Victoria McNary
Lara looks like Marilyn Manson
Noelle Imalone
Why did Lara have to make it a feminist thing...? Why can't she just wear a pantsuit instead of saying that she's wearing 'men's clothing' that she looks 'way better than any man ever could'.
Instead of pushing men down to make herself seem higher, why can't we all be on the same level, as equals?
Unveiled Veins
Can they make 1 video without making a feminist remark?
venomusdrake 288
Ah why always have racist comments in their videos, just irritating.
"I'm gonna put some heels on and be comfortable all day long" did she hear what she just said?
ariel insco
I didn't like any of their outfits
Jennifer Wells
Making clothes in 2X is not a stretch. Target sells XXL in their regular section, cut small of course. And finding a coat that fits because it's cut really big, but you have to wear it with your bra and leggings from home is not finding a hit outfit.
Chase Barber
Now that they have clothes for plus size and petite, please have more tall girl clothes. It's so hard to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts because it looks so obvious that I'm too tall, plus I'm thin, so I'll try to go up a size and it's too big. That's my dream. Only places that consistently have tall sizes are some online stores and old navy
that green haired girl annoys me so much
Asmin Yildiz
Grace Herbert
The green haired girl annoys me
Lilly Screamer
They are beautiful
Leah the dolphin
Some of those I would never wear in my life but some of them were really cute
I really like Kirsten and idk why....
Mia Andazola
Ugh shopping for pants for me is hard because they never go to my ankles because I have long legs and the sleeves of my long sleeve shirts never go to my wrists 😐 whyyyyy meeeeeeee?????😫😫😫😫that's one reason I don't really like winter that much it's just hard to shop 4 me (and I can't fit into a bigger size then I am now because I'm to skinny 😑😑😑😑)
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