Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

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“I think it’s about time that women from size 2-22 can all look fashionable and get it all from the same place."

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Macey Foronda

Jenna Williams

Nahiyan M
Ooh how cute we're wearing clothes today...

Micah Watters
OMFG they all Slay!!!!!!
Maybelin Herrera
"I'm wearing men's clothes but look better than any man ever could" Sweetie... That's not feminism. Feminism is equality not bringing men down...
• Jae Yeongi •
Yea, I find clothes pretty easily. I'm basic sized.
zendaya is honestly such a queen. she uses her platform to fight for others rights and educate youth on their voice. i look up to her so much.
Cord Johnson
3:25 ooh yass Chrissy that outfit is the bomb dot com
Eden B
I'm size 6 '8 I'm sizes( uk) which is 0 -2 us. Why can't all sizes in different countries be the same 😩
Ya'll just looked amazingggg! LOVED IT! 😱😱😍😍💕💕
Eliza Gerika
They are all cute and the second one was really pretty ❤
Sophie Adelia
Sheridans hair is ALWAYS ON POINT
Mack Is Back
They all look great
Ella Norman
Christy is a average looking woman most women have that body type so what is she talking about " i only have 4 outfits" my mom has that body type and her closet is full.
Meg White
Ok but what I really need to know is where the girl wearing the oversize jacket got that lacy bralet?! As a woman with pretty ample breasts I find it impossible to find a lightweight super feminine bralet like that that actually gives any support whatsoever. So pls help a girl out!!!
Zeynep Erbas
Kristin lost sooooo much weight
Natasza Adamus
I can look better than any man ever could. This is why people hate feminism.
Dancer 1965
Ok but Feminist don't hate men??? I'm confused. FEMINISM IS ABOUT EQUALITY!
Artcrazy 101
Dang girl work it they look like models
Charlotte Elise
Kristen looks amazing in this video!!
Sam Streveler
So they can't go one episode without putting down men. I'm all for the clothing fitting all people but really
Nothing will ever beat the Shake It Up collection from Target
Nicole Farnworth
I need sheridan's makeup tutorial asap
Clique Navy

my name is Sheridan.
Fried egg queen
Yassss work it girl
Laurentzia vlogs and such
Sheridan is Smaller than Kristin??? What the actual F*ck?
"feminist vibe"
Its Michael Jordan, stop it stop it get some help
i see everyone saying bad thing about these clothes but all the girls look so good!! they are totally killing it!!
Mercy Okusanya
They all look so good
Stevie Rutherford
Dude, why is Laura such a soggy piece of toast? Just hearing her talk brings my mood down like 3 notches
Tasneem Backhouse
They all looked amazing af
Jana Hotwagner
There shouldn't be "model appropriate" weights they should have more plus size women as models
They all look beautiful
Games Lover
the dark glossy red lipstick is AMAZING ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby Cake
Thé White Two piece😍😍
Lily Gile
Everyone complaining about Jeans / Height.... American Eagle works really well for me! They have tons of different fits and they come in a Short and Long fit in addition to the regular size. I wear the Super Stretchy Jeggings in a 00 and have them in so many colors. Plus size sisters, tell me if this store works for you also! I would love to know!
Sleepy LimaBean
Zendaya slays so much, she is a great human being in general
my heartu
Why is it such a shocker (that everybody needs to talk about) that a brand (Zendayas this time) has something as normal as bigger and smaller sizes for women (ive seen enough online shops and normal shops do it )
Caitlyn Paege
Kristen looks amaizing in the thumbnail😱😱
Alex Smith
i don't really like lara just because what she tried on, she said gave a "feminist vibe", which i'm okay with, but then she made her feminism about men which i do not agree with.
Louise Albert
Kristen look amazing in that jumpsuit😍😍 (sorry if I spelled her name wrong)
G Sage
Love Zendaya for doing this but next is height
Shayla Aguiar
I really like the white top and bottom with the laces
Hannah Smith
I'm such an ackward shape I have no butt but I carry all my Weghit in my thighs and love handles. I can usually fit in a medium but some times it's too small but large looks too slouchey also in high waisted pants I can wear a 7 and in low rise I wear like a 12
Destiny Chavez
idk but Kristen always annoys me 😂😂
J Morgs
I hate how the 2 more plus sized ladies had to wear open shirts? Like huh? A kimono and an oversized Jacket? Are you serious? I just thought that was really sad. I mean dont get me wrong they look good, but both of them said that they wouldn't typically pick these outfits out. Its sad that there weren't other things for them to wear shown in this video.
Katie Isabel
Sheridan is so gorgeous she gives me so much happiness lol
Suh In Ha
Am I the only one who pronounce Zendaya, Zen-die-ya?
Marlee M
I like Kristin they least just because she isn't someone I would like to hang out with because she is just different for me and not my style
Damn gurls you slayed! Every single one of you looks gorgeous!
Maya Ellen Jade
For someone that lives in Australia, hearing that someone was a size 2 almost gave me a heart attack
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