The actor is using Bruce Lee "movie character mannerisms" to portray his REAL personality.

VERY Dumb.

Whats so sad, the average "goober-fan" actually think this is Bruce Lee behavior.

Even more stupid.

Bruce was extremely, supremely confident, NOT arrogant, there's a difference...., goober.

Plenty of source material on audio interviews and video to show his real personality, NOT this GROSS mis-characterization of his "on-screen/in the movie persona", and even at that, it is VERY CARTOONISH to his "movie" personality.

This "acting" and even cartoonish exhibition of Bruce's streetfighting implementation is an abortion , is cringe worthy and a true abomination to TRUE admirers of Bruce Lee and his VERY real approach and philosophy of street combat.

Might as well have gotten Bruce Li and other cartoonish , bad imitators of the legend, not much difference at all.

True fans of Bruce Lee's truth of street encounters know what I'm talking about.

If his skills was this cartoonish, he would not have attracted ex-golden glove fighters, ex-combat veterans, ex-bikers, streetfighters, tournament fighters, ex-gangmembers and other people from other martial arts disciplines.

Thanks WWE, another buffoonery characterization of Bruce Lee and misrepresentation of Bruce Lee.

When you urinate on something, like his legacy, it should at least be in private, like a bathroom.
Reotal The Android
But I thought that Bruce Lee died...
Don Draper
Fuck 0:38 was such a good bit.
Ugly Lucina
That kick at 1:47 lul
I swear of god this movie took forever to make. Only good part is Philip Ng is in it.
quay quayy
this would be such a good idea for a serious movie, like not a shitty hollywood pos but like an indepth movie into racial tensions and the character of bruce lee at the time
Jonathan Tat
Like seeing Donnie yen appearing in the movie ...
greg kirby
of course they have to add rap to ruin the movie already
Bharath Krishnan
Based on true events........
dwayne Coleman
Sucks he wasn't that of a complete fool sure he was just self praised​...but not like this where the heck did they get this embarrassment
There's a guy from Pakistan that looks just like BL. Why didnt they grab him? He doesnt even look close or have his presence from what the trailer showed. I dont know how to feel about this...
El Chapo
I was the 666th like!!! The dragon is born!
Transfer News
When will this movie be released ?
This looks so awful.......
the real
I don't think that i can watch this with a strghface due to all the hieyas and other noises
Rex Dawg
where's Kevin hart?
jagdeep singh
bruce lee LEGEND
DeeP Fuzz
One Limitation ... You (Mind Blown)
DeeP Fuzz
when it's releasing . i thought it was released in 2016
Power Players
Saw that WWE logo...paused the trailer...wrote this message...then closed the window.
I knew Bruce Lee was still alive and hiding in plain sight .
Arturo The1
lmao WWE? wtf! Also he looks too big to be Bruce Lee but I'll let that slide because there is only One Bruce.
Tony Hybo
A movie about Bruce Lee......that really has nothing to do with Bruce Lee...
Thomas white
this won't even be close to as great of a film as dragon:the bruce lee story was
Jaquan Mcfadden
People really don't know the real Bruce Lee in these comments Bruce Lee had a mouth like Floyd maywethere and Connor mgregror combine but he knew only man that was on his level and that was wong
Karl Salto
That Bald guy seems familiar i think i saw him on the History channel
Logan Moore
they picked a good year , to release this
Dire Wolf
This movie will fail.....
Christoper Arcuri
Does anyone know if this came out
Like how can i see it ???
Space Monkey
Get a actor that looks nothing like Bruce Lee to play Bruce Lee oh yeah they did that already in alot of movies they never learn.
Wis Dom
Not sure if this movie will be trying to glorify JKD concepts or Traditional Kung Fu dogma?
James Mavity III
Okay what does the WWE have to do with Bruce Lee? He never had any involvement with them.
"Liu kang wins"
Jimmy_ Nife
real bruce lee miss you from pakistan...
karlo p
i like how cocky he is
This sucks
Swift blind justice
I remember wearing a Bruce Lee shirt in Junior High. Never had a bully then, never had to take kung-foo or any specialized training. It was all psychological from then on out. Was I poser, yeah totally, but the bully(s) did not know that.
Elijah The Truth
Birth of a dragon

Random white guy with hands in pockets
Featuring Bruce lee....

Fuckin hollywood. If it's not starring a white guy it won't get funded
King James James 1. 1
Fuck yes
Bobbie L. Washington
Birth of The Dragon starring Scarlett Johannson as Bruce Lee
nina dubois
speech craft meaningful plane less ballot dig concept go string.
Flammable Gas JD
I though I saw Ian from smosh in the thumbnail
shivam kalia
1 inch punch reminded me of KILL BILL , i m definitely gonna watch this movie
This is such B.S
Martin Kristek
looks like a lot of fun ;-)
Blaine Mitchell
Looks like fun.
Rush Sensed
they make bruce lee act like hes a complete dick
Lixander Genao
Everybody should already know that Hollywood hardly ever makes anything that's 100% hystorically accurate, so as long as it has good acting and fight scenes I'll pay to watch
Leizl Catada
love it nice one new Bruce Lee..
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