El Guapo | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

el guapoanwarjibawihannahstockingelguapomagic failperfect matchepic mangreatest fightergirls never forgetdance with mebest friends foreverMagic Fail | Anwar JibawileleponshannahstockingrudymancusoinannainannasarkisshotsshotsstudiosmarshmellomarshemlloUCxSz6JVYmzVhtkraHWZC7HQUCUo7T81zvCqpPhfsPb_kajAUCi9cDo6239RAzPpBZO9y5SAUC5jkXpfnBhlDjqh0ir5FsIQUCEr55381WIqO1w_IzgcI5DQ| Anwar Jibawi

Watch this funny video of the most sexiest man alive named El Guapo. 

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Anwar Jibawi
Thanks for watching! I hope everyone has a great new year!
Cleo Power
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Alen AxP
This is my favorite Anwar Video!
omg I cant stop laughing anwar is sooo acting
Gg Gg
Gg Gg
Mr Khaos
Ella TheElf123
It's funny how they put a short guy in a wig and said he was sexy
the pot of rice rose dropped
Lmao he went all BOOMBAYAH on her
doe nil
this is El Fuapo
Exotic Scents with Nikhil
This was hilarious.
Seblue 04
Funniest thing i ever saw 🤣
Seblue 04
Part 2 plzz
Miguel Flores
make more of el guapo
Evelyne Streinu
Elsa Duran
Jozy Paulo
I have three things
1. that's a big waste of water
2.u barley drank the water
3. your not even close to being sexy
but forget that I need to tell you guys and girls if you give me a lot of like how about 100,000 like that is the goal THE GOAL IS ______________ likes how about one more time THE GOAL IS ____________ likes if you said 100,000 likes out loud there's going to be a little or big box and if you got a little box you get a iPhone 7 and if you got the big box you get i don't know what # of dollars tipe it in here __________________________________ how much money do you want I have enough money for everyone in will have still a bit of money but oh no I'm sorry but if you didn't yell out 100,000 likes when I said THE GOAL IS 100,000 likes and you didn't fill in _______________ likes you don't get anything I'm am so so so so so so so sorry you dddddont get anything but that was the deal and if you filled in _________________likes well if you do a vlog mostly every day I'm liking and subscribe to all your videos bye see you when I get back from my vacation I'm going on the Disney cruise ship I'm going to do everything there and the most important thing I'm going to have so much fun with my family with me there so
bye so you next time bye-bye peace
Ali Azeem
Ay stupidaa
Rowda Shamsi
Instead of Hannah, Lele pons would be better, like if you agree
vicky rojas
"Por Dios, no lo haga" idk why that sounded so funny. 😂
Errol Vanzie
Who the fuck is El guapo
The Shyly Madness
The way their panties dropped😂
Rahma Ali
Are you Muslim if yes why drink wine in one of your episodes
Bruh I lost it when the panties started dropping 😂😂😭
Livy Almeida
My exes Instagram name used to be el guapo 😅🔪
Livy Almeida
At the end when he was running away I couldn't stop laughing 😂
Big Bangtv
anwar where did u find the tune tell me plzz
Eva Gamezz
M Rizky P Adipraja
Barry Allen - The Fastest Man Alive (The Flash)
Anwar Jibawi - The Sexiest Man Alive 😂
Nguyen Hang
Anwar looks great in this style lol
Maria Salome Cardona
le dio un hijo
vio iobashvili
Ashutosh Bhatia
Oma Rumunna
What! Why wasn't she warned! Those weren't warnings?
Unicorn Sisters
paradox 1080p
i swear my underwear also fell down too
paradox 1080p
can anyone tell me where did i find EL guapo please
Abdalla Mohammed
2:28 this nigga went on full movie actor
Lucilia Gaspar
el guapo
Mayra Sofia Galvan
mohan kumar
I like your entry scene so much hahaha
He make her pregnant from 3 meters distance .. Bluetooth penis
Celene'z Sketch
is this true pregnant?
Flippin Friends Entertainment Entertainment
I know why his name is El guapo and many girls gets atraacted or so coz in filipino guapo/gwapo is handsome.
David Cai
I pulled me pants down
Jacob PaTuBody
Anwar the Guapo
Ejaz Kamali
does el guapo meant to be micheal jackson or something he wears his fasion style and dance like him kind of
yeah i think so
anne Darney
what heck
chumchum Meloy
guapo in my language is handsome....
Paris Pryce
Running away from responsibilities be like 2:49
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