El Guapo | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

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Anwar Jibawi
Thanks for watching! I hope everyone has a great new year!
amine dahmani
Ok Bb
Mehdi Lyamani
Dude !! You are awesome !!
Daylina Lee
Omgggggg that was sooooooo funny
King fish
Anwar you owe me one panty!!!
Barbie girl
Aku ga ngerti dgn video ini
DAMN that indirectly cum shot..click click boom Dada " PREGNANT "
this has a strong message
Trex 666
Do a part 2
Trex 666
Do a part 2
Trex 666
You need part 2
Man you are look like ezio in the assassin cred hhhhhh
geo doo
Her face at 2:44
Dark Angels
Your vids are so cool.
Darryl Blue
I think u should really grow a pony tail
Daddy's girl
Ya allah i laughed so fuckin hard😂😂😂
Carlo Fortaleza
Mahmoud Salaho
Never gets silly, Anwar is legend :D
That pantie dropping scene was pantie dropping😂😂😂😂😂
Nyree Yee Rodriguez
Guapo means handsome
The funny thing is that this is sped up version of real life. Just like guys girls can hook up with a guy just because of his looks/because they are thirsty/stupid and then this happens.
Josh Raudales
Hahaha I love this video
This one very good
Bobby Curran
0:27 what's the girls name beside Hannah?
Red Ant
who is the girls at 1:16
Minna Christal
Guapo means handsome right
Jerry Official
Sexiest and Funniest man alive😂😂
chris Yu
El guapo look like micheal jackson
Ammar Iftikhar
Always listen to Antonio he always right. As soon as Hannah said "you're hot" I was like "this birch"😂😂😂😂😂
Reyna Riddick
I loved the video it is so funny and I could watch it all day everyday
Selena Rico
"Who tf is el guapo" @me
Hate you boi
rickie shen
which tune is used in this video
Velicia kusumadewi
If I were there I will punch his face
millie hair & beauty
Android Gaming Fever
1:37 damn those eyes
So weird but funny at the same time
Snake Plissken
Who clicked expecting to see Bas Rutten.
Mahmood Khair
That's some pretty powerful sperm you got there.
Andrés Báez The Craziest Puerto Rican
Let the panties rain!
Andrés Báez The Craziest Puerto Rican
Oml 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 it's too much creativity hahahahsha.
World Capital Group Trading
You really need this hair cut bro looks 5times better than your short cut
Jaliana Gonzalez
Damn and that's how men be they go with a girl get them pregnant and then leave them like nothing ever happened but nice vid
El guapo means The Handsome
He's the fastest man alive...
Murder Bong
LMFAO Panty Umbrella..... Brilliant!
Octavia Smith
Your videos is so funny and you so dumb I'm just kidding
Crisha Fajardo
I have no idea what is wrong with Hannah , i mean like he was creepy before she even told him he was hot
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