Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

eldad hagarhope for pawslisa chiarellijulia wolfjulia coyotejulia dogjulia hope for pawswolf hybrid rescue

Please donate $5 today and help us save many more animals in 2017:
Special thanks to our friends at ART N' Paws for finding Julia and amazing home!
To see Julia's DNA test results, please click here:

you guys do amazing work with these animals
Maria Guzman
:..) Guys God bless you.
Destinee Tena
these videos make m cry every time 😢😭
Lars “Quantize Overdrive” Thorsen
Daylon Thomas (doge is cool)
Awwww she's so cute
Ninde Darkmoon
Really, you are doing a great work!
Jolie Thao
Kinda looks like a hyena
Elaina Hastings
excuse me but I need you number because there is a dog acting funny around where I live he is a doberman.....so he may be taller than you :D
I think she is a husky!
little panda lady
I jast wish you halp my dog he passd away he was like a brather to me I miss him so much.😢😭
hshhsnsh hd
at first i did't realise untile the end that julia was a husky
Pink Flowers
So she is a German Shepard/ husky wow she was a ugly dog with fleas and other stuff until hopes for paws saved her life this show is strong
Mckenzie Craig
I agree
Tanya Sarkar
please take care of your pet's
Victoria Hebert
She's so beatifull I realy want her
cute husky
Kristdan Fisher
OMG,she is so beautiful. I'd love her for the rest of my days. I'm so happy she was rescued and saved. Bless you all.x.
Elena B
those kind of dogs I love🐺
Lps Sugerpaw
beautiful transformation, like if you agree
Jasmine Dornan
Is anyone else just a 11 year old girl at 2:00am and you love dogs so much that you want to watch them get good homes?
Sailboatflub Yo
if you can please join Mark Chang he's an animal activist and he's trying to save the dogs in yulin hes heartbroken and doing this alone if yous join together Im sur they can be help out of there please the God in psalms 83:18 will bless you. I will give as much as I can just don't give up on them
shine sarona
omg im going to cry .....: (and the wolf look like a huskylook at in 5:04 that so amzng
Bro bro
Java Sims
Veronica Hernandez
What a beautiful baby she's so sweet
Cayson Stanford
I love that dog
Việt Nguyễn
nice bro
awesomebay 7
She's beautiful
Isa the heri
Is she like a Husky wolf, she is cute though 😍😘
Whopper9 Whopper9
Did any one see that bunny or squirrel or cat when they were letting the dog out of the gate?
Ms. FuzzyPants
I love all animals and believe that they all need to be treated with respect. And this dogs transformation in just a week is incredible. I can't believe that someone would want to do that to an animal.
I think you swapped dogs in this one.
Julia looked like a husky to me
jaze zuniga
who would leave a wolf hdi or whatever like I will love one but I love wolfs and I think I need like. that if u agree with me five me a like pls because I think she a dog hdi or whatever but still meh need one badly! like omg I neeeeeeeed one
Sora and Angelique
I would love to safe animals
Sora and Angelique
I really want to join this organization !!
Gaze Davis
my mother owned a wolf hybrid, his name was Kiyak....and he was mixed with wolf, husky, and German Shepherd
Marina De Mingo Muñoz
She's so pretty😭😍
Little birdie 30/also call me Johnny
Is that a wolf dog?
chizuru dragoneel
i want her
Rita Davis
I donated 1000
Riley Milau
she look so preety and much beder she would of died if it wasted for you I'm soooooo glade you helped her
Radostin Todorov
omg so so cute
Oriana Lara
q lindo q perrito más lindo turbo suerte 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Derpy Potato
Derpy Potato
i wish i can have her
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