Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

eldad hagarhope for pawslisa chiarellijulia wolfjulia coyotejulia dogjulia hope for pawswolf hybrid rescue

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Special thanks to our friends at ART N' Paws for finding Julia and amazing home!
To see Julia's DNA test results, please click here:

StarWarsNerd 85
The plant behind her (in the thumbnail pic) makes it look like she has enormous hackles lol.
Bianca Ar
Bat-boy Gamer
so is she a Husky
Carlyn Carter
Thank you so much for sharing! I can only imagine what beautiful Julia went thru to get to you, but an angel like that deserves the wonderful life she now has! <3
Aloudrick Villamor
,julia is beautiful...
Ken Dominise
He/she probably had an original owner... 🐺
Ken Dominise
Did they check his/her collar?
Vija Zartmane
Pretty dog!!!Realy amazing video.
Pupcake Patty
what's a wolf hydrid
Сергей Добрынин
Elani Aniyvwia
Beautiful transformation!!! From wooly wolf to beautiful friendly doggy!!! God bless these sweet angels helping these poor critters!!
Divine Grace Dormiendo
hey my little sister name is julia
ShadeVlog: Writer
I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying!
Naomi Arias
that person how adopted was joey graceffa
such a beautiful dog
ReBecca Self
Kara Frazier
So cute
god bless those that help Gods Creatures! Such a beautiful dog and a happy ending! I love it!!
Poor dog..
Blue Wolves 101
The first time the camera showed her I was like WHAT A Beautiful DOG
M.B.G. Music Production
You guys are amazing!!!! And she is one beautiful dog!!!!!!
the before and after is so different ! omg!
Alisha Wroe
or is it a husky
Monika Moktan
they treated her so well and have everything that she deserved .. omg I'm crying 😥
EleMenTal sTaRzz
Such a beautiful dog that just wanted love so sad
yaowei zheng
Poor dog
yang yang tacbobo
awwww crap im tearing up gosh!!! T^T
Hjalmar Englund
#i Love dogs
She definitely has wolf paws, but not wolf eyes. wolf eyes are more yellow/amber
mr Q
Poor dog I'd a taken it home and taken care of it. A new home ! I hate how people miss treat kids and pets ! Undeserving !
deniquwia williams
cool but sad
Parker Long
I had no idea that was a husky
Megan Cook
she is so beautiful I love her and u guys r amazing
Milly Green
Please can people help my baby dog dolly! Thanks in advance.
http://www.gofundme.com/ 3p0pzs8
Jules K.
My name is Julia too but nobody cares lol
Jo Jo 360 !
I like it!
Jo Jo 360 !
Ha she looks like the logo
It's a dog 🐶
Me18 Me18
Where the owners of dead?
Bee Pantoja
that poor dog! it looks so different now!
SaNaD Karadsheh
She is gorgeous and would be treated
Like a QUEN
djina1000 Berberovic
im sad becuz my dog shes gone pls help me
Genoeg Gedaan
GOLDY The freddy girl
thats wasn't a dog that was a hybrid wolf comes out in the middle of nowhere and finds some food it looks like a dog but its a hybrid wolf
Scott Rabbit
Every summer there is a dog purge in my community. People kill any dog without a collar or not chain or in a yard. Like if you seen a dog on the road you can kill it. So every summer there is a mountain of dead dogs at the local dump yard.
Ƒʉͫcͧкͭιͪηͣ Sighus
god bless these angels.
Master Gaming
That transformation tho so nice
Master Gaming
If you find one dog plez give meh i dont care about the breed
wow a German shepherd and Siberian husky mix, how cool
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