Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

eldad hagarhope for pawslisa chiarellijulia wolfjulia coyotejulia dogjulia hope for pawswolf hybrid rescue

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Special thanks to our friends at ART N' Paws for finding Julia and amazing home!
To see Julia's DNA test results, please click here:

piggylick the amazing
I was crying the hole way through
Hassad Abbass
its a wolfyote
Gerhard Scholtyssek
in germany we have simili helpers and this is a good work.
Heather Hickman
She is so beautiful! I wish I would rescue a beaut like that. Love animals and love dogs especially! <3
Shumona Mathur
me too
robert waeng
The video is good but the music is annoying not to mention cheesy.
Animal Lover199841
2:49 Julia looked so adorable
Username Unknown
I cried. I'll donate I promise
Ray S
It makes me so sad that stuff happens to animals. Seeing them heal and get better is such a great thing.
Alex Summers
She doesn't even look like the same dog. What good work you do.
Gloria Rivas
Those eyes :( you can tell how happy she was as time progressed just by looking at her eyes.
Andrew Monterroso
It almost made me Cry
mary rose jareño
I think she's a siberian husky
Jane Delgado
can i have her?? she's such a pretty dog 😍
Veronica Martínez
I think its like a dog because of the special baths and you guys took good care of her.
I love this channel! So nice to see people who care about the animals! If you would like to see the vet work done on these animals, you should check out Vet Ranch!
Aleaha Whaleboat
in tears for the dog when behind the gate 😭😭😭
Selma Sandhåland
She started as a wolf and ended as a Husky
T3ra I DarkDucky.-
What the hell. That's a completely different dog!
MeiKat 13
What kind of dog did she turn out to be? She looks like a husky
mari fujiyoshi
I can't even thank you enough
mari fujiyoshi
that is going to be SUCH a great dog. to be in that kind of pain and still be SO SWEET. she is special. thank u for saving her.
annsabella daniea
thank you so much for saving her ... i have an experience saving a puppy ... she been drag by her owner and throw her under car ... fortunately i was there to save her ... i raise her and i give her name ninin ... even i a muslim it doesn't make me to touch them even dogs is haram for muslim ... for me animal and human beings are same .. they want to live just like us .. need love and care ..... may god bless u
Vienna Jordan
This made me cry. Animals do feel joy. Look at that big smile he gave us! That looked like the happiest dog in the world!!
LuSeaL Rooks
I hope Julia🐕 gets a very good 4-ever home.☺👍👍
LuSeaL Rooks
She looks a wolf.☺
And that's what makes her great.She is different and beautiful.🐕👍👍
Kayla Cross
sad but cute at the same time
Thomas Dennis
Beautiful dog!!!
The Pink Fox Enchanted
she is so beautiful!!!! I wish I could of adopted her
rahul kumar
God bless you guys.. great job!
Alex Sun
You guys have inspired me to be a animal rescuer when I grow up!!!
Lewys Calder
So its a husky
abdul-kayum saleh
May the Almighty reward you guys at the day of Judgement
nikol nikopoulou
Her fur is everything 😍
Daughter of Devil
This is one of the places I would love to work at!
Ive watched so many of your videos.. i am shocked not because you were able to gian their trust, or make they obey you.. but because you had the faith, the fauth that those type of dogs are going to make it and you rescued them no matter what..all your videos melt my heart.. i feel happy just by watching your videos.. may God bless you <3
straight outta your leaque
what song is this?, it's so perfect for this situation
straight outta your leaque
she's so beautiful, I would take her in a heart beat
Angry Angels
So is she a wolf or a dog?
Katie Sperr
She's so precious
Katie Sperr
I'm crying
Rama The Lama Squshies
she is so beautiful I wanna adopt a dog but my parents won't let me!!! hopefully I can when I live on my own seeing these video are always so heartwarming it let's me know that there's always good people in the world
Itzel i
almost looks like a different dog. im glad she is better and has found loving owners❤
Lillian Blenker
You should monetize your videos! Just use music that is free to use :). You could help many more animals too. ❤
Laura Zurdo
she's so beautiful !!!!!!
Hinode Saffen
That's a 🐺 wolf
I'm sweating from my eyes
twenty twø airplanes
I can't believe how Julia looked after she was cared for!!! She looks like a whole new dog and I would love to have her!!!!
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