N. Korea to strike US bases in Asian Pacific & S. Korean presidential palace if US attacks

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North Korea will strike US military bases in Japan and South Korea, as well as the South Korean president’s residence in Seoul, if America engages in aggression against Pyongyang, North Korea’s General Staff warned, according to state news agency KCNA.

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Ely Caguco
In your twisted mind, you think you can!
Nathan Hamilton
fucking kimmy is a psychopathic dog who's gonna let his soldiers & people get massacred just for his ego he doesn't even let them know about the capability's the west has & you look at the footage coming out of there the people & the soldiers can't bloody stand him so I feel sorry for them they should just find away to take just him out this shit has been going on since the 1950's it's well over due (Bye bye Lil Kim) LMBAO!
Christopher Hall Moorehouse
It's time to nuke Russia and North Korea they are a pile of sh#t
nasteha hassen
'We have submarines that are powerful, very powerful'- YEAH! TRUMP TELL EM! 😂 💀
fuck this n.korea do you really think that you will won. idiot
Sharon Williams
All of you who put down the USA are hypocrites. When you get in trouble America is the first nation you call for help. Our sons and daughters protect and defend you, yet you call us bad names and killer. Start feeding yourself. Also start defending and protecting yourselves. Quit. coming here and taking our jobs. This whole world should be praising and thanking America. Don't use our schools and hospitals. Now, do you think you can really make it on your own?
Eddie Berry
kimmys a fuckin mad fat bitch with short man sindrone
nayeem mollah
N.korea slapped American.
DormantIdeas NIQ
Kamarul Arifin
Its looks like father and son playing red alert 2.hahaha
Mandla Makhedama
America is a Zionist Jewish terrorist organization
says the motherfuckers who couldnt shoot their last missle off. People just dont get it, they're only talking shit to seem tough cause they know they wouldnt make it against all our allies
Japan fabricated the lie on having to Protect the US military in SCS and now it is scaremongering over DPRK chemical weapons. Let take a closer look at reality; The only country ever used the Atomic Bomb is America, on Japan. Nearly all western countries used chemical weapons in WW2, Japan definitely did. It used it against unarmed Chinese civilians and experimented & tested new ones on POWs and Chinese people, remember NANKING!!!!!! And here we are today, these countries are crying wolf and Japan is portraying itself as a potential victim of the DPRK to justify its military expansion in Asia. All those countries who gave up their nuclear ambitions, Iraq and Libya had been destroyed. Pearl Harbour all over again. Watch out South Korea, here comes Japan to colonise you again.
Kathy Lyon
Thanks to my late father and many other Patriots, South Korea is FREE!! N. Korea is a commie slave state, violate and all! Kim Young mentally ill is a dangerous savage. Who feeds their uncle to starved, wild dogs, and gets joy outa seeing him torn apart in front of you, the audience!! Sick and wicked. We aren't the bad guys, the commie/Islamic is the major threat we face!! Commie, Muslims are the threat not the USA! Sick if this blame America first crowd!!
RT China
North Korea is a formidable force
Juan Perez
North Korea is a piece the shit country even Guatemala can kick they ass
You simply cannot deny how isolated N. Korea is in the world with their constant NUCLEAR threats to their neighbors, its completely unwarranted and crazy to threaten people with annihilation. How can the US/China/Russia just stand around and let them bully S. Korea/Japan/Australia?
Russia should be in this fight with the US/China, but instead they're on the sidelines hoping the West will fail, either militarily or politically. We should unite against this threat, for once its a clear world problem.
Adolf Hitler Greatest Leader
If USA Strikes FIRST USA is FINISHED That is Why Your TRUMP has Stopped Advancing
Adolf Hitler Greatest Leader
Has Any USA Citizens Ever WATCHED BOMBING of Pyongyang EVER.
Did Your Media Ever SHOWED Any of It.......
What We have in Comment Section are the Most LOW INTELLIGENT SPECIES Who are nothing But BRAINWASHED SHEEPLES of USA.
USA has BOMBED North Korea NORTH KOREA Never Done that to USA.....Who is the AGGRESSOR
Axl Raj
Americans get the fuck out of Asia.
DreamLiner PH
I love how the reporter justified her view about the Tension . NK is DICKHEAD
as it turn out the armada were nowhere near the korean peninsula.........
ThomasTheSailor Chubby
. Donald J. Trump don't let People talk shit, If they threaten Trump's Country,
He'll squish em, Flat . PDQ.. America First !,
Just all fight talk don't think NK have the weapons to strike USA. NK are just flexing muscles but I think would back down.
Preston Garvey
beginning of fallout
I Bet the North Korn Missiles can hit the Pacific ocean everytime
Java Man!
Obama has been a punk in the face of the world, no more do we look that way since President Trump!
John Negroponte
RT is fake news
Puncl Alig
if USA will start war against NK i hope NK have nuclear missles and they use them on USA meybe thats the way that USA terrorist state will be learn a lesson
Luca Sbisa
and feed him to the pickton pig farmer
Luca Sbisa
yes kill that fat little gook
jon doe
Shit ass RT news outlet throws dirt at other countries, all just to get all eyes off Putin wile annexing other countries and killing children in Syria
Cherry popper
Trump failed at repeal obamacare, muslim ban rejected by court. That wall probably cant be built too. Now hes playing missiles and trying go to war with N.korea.
So why is NK not allowed to have nuclear weapons whilst the west has tonnes? Just saying.
Probably wants to take the North Koreans out before they acquire the full capabilities to strike the US mainland.
JP Juaneza's mollies
perhaps we should just allow north korea to successfully produce nuclear weapons whom always threaten US, south korea and Japan by turning them into a sea of flames right? also being able to sell or distribute nuclear weapons to other nations like one would a pain killer in a pharmacy.
Fake News
This is Iraq war class BS.
Bill Aichinger
fuck cnn very fake they do nothing but makes things worse
Sher Khan
I hope China and Russia do defend North Korea... those Koreans have been attacked by the USA for many years... and constant provocations from Japan and US Forces that occupy South Korea. The lies we have been told about the DPRK are nothing but lies by the increasingly larger Public Relations arm of the US Government. Lastly, we must not forget.... it was not the DPRK that Nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki... nor was it the DPRK that invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, etc... it was the United States.
Raza UrRahman
And now the zionist puppet of united states (ZPUS) is making threats against Iran. Trump is a fucking fake bastard who is trying to prove that he is so much better than any US president. In fact, he is one of the worst US presidents in history and his first 100 days have been a fucking disaster and failure. He is nothing but a loser President just like he was a loser businessman.
Amz Al
USA will be wiped off map if it touches North korea.
Amz Al
USA will be wiped off map if it touches North korea
Claude Simard
china said 1nuke every hour for 3 months
At the end it does not matter what RT, Cnn, Msnbc,CBS, etc...of there opinion this has been dragging for many years and it will probably end some time in the future.
peroz HSE
usa fear

usa with NATO,usa no fear

Vincent Nadugaddi
What a joke!!
Steve WideAwake
this is a decoy while Zionists murder more Palestinians and take out there democracy to install a Muppet
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