Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-4 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 21-11-2015 HD

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Real Madrid vs Barcelona All Goals and Full Highlights | 21-11-2015 HD | English Commentary

Once again. Barcelona stunned all of us, just like last year. Enjoy the class performance in full HD. :) 

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DuDe Dropz
Uriel Gaytan
you always need messi what a duo messi neymar and suarez
Blak Correls
Barcelona y Madrid!
Sin duda son los únicos que se ponen en aprietos entre ambos.
sayed tarek
Fadl is not something that joined my channel
Gerry YT
Messi better then Neymar and Suarez combined
Machallah :)
Iya tiful
barcelona will make you love football
Jonathan Resendiz
I realized that real Madrid won more.... Clasicos but.. Barca humiliated real Madrid more in el clasicos.... 👍
Klon AZ
1:24 welcome to Sergio Busquets's world.
mertfaik özel
5.17 your mom needs messi bitch
John Abruzzi
Ronaldo and Messi is the best ever.
Yendie Ramadhany
2 years ago 😶
Aprik Azazil
This moment in bernebeu madridiots fans cry 🤣😂😂😂😂
ArM AraM BloeR
bodpska vzaino
the last shot looks like Pique ruing the miss of the winning goal
copy centre
now marid
Mercurio games
Bora Baça
Foysal Hossain
November 21 2015
November 21 2016
November 21 2017 been 2 years!!!!
Love this game😍😍😍😍
Sharique Zia
Today: 21 November 2017
This game: 21 November 2015
What a game..
just me
21 November 2015
Today 21 November 2017
Konrad Lesko
9:57 That was a cold move from Luis Enrique...cruel, even ^^
Releasing the beast like that (0-3)...victory wasn't enough, he also wanted to take what remained of their pride, ^^.
Favour Amahiri
i liked our Jersey that year
Victoria Torres
lol Barca is bast real morsel bad
Angel Moises
1:23 😂😂😂
Omrum Dal
Ronaldo💪 is the fucnh
Aris Tamam_S
Hala dog. 😄😄😄
Katherine Nicole Astete Cardenas
Barcelona canpeon mi equipo favorito
funy videos
Raffaello Sanzio'
Saad Ali
I seen that game from stadium. Thank god . I never forget that
Ineista 💔
Katalin Tóthné Juhász
Ole barca
rama ramadan
5-0 4-0 6-1
Κωνσταντινος Σεφερης
puta uefadrid visca barça !!!
Daud Magician
barca will win both elclassico diz season
Dont worry about it
Anyone else notice the nice fake by Sergio busquets on the kick off
Bagas Gas
Remco Tump
Drunk Chandler
when it comes to el classico,madrid fans always go home DISAPPOINTED !
Peter Gwargis
hahaahah real suck my ass
Amazing Vedios
funny movement of messi
Colpa di Benitez facile
jose mendoza de la fe
los mejores
jose mendoza de la fe
solo el brarcelona puede hacer esto grande mi clu
Daniel Bahta
fantastic game from barca
Katakuri Sama
11k dislike from madrtard
When someone drops a disstrack on you
5-0 4-0 6-2 and thats not even in the 1940 idiot realmadrid fans comparing 11-1 when it was more than 40 years 😂😂😂😂

So weak
David Idemudia
Baca is the only team I enjoy most
Erni Liunardi
Ada apa kamu ya.
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