Anchorman 2 : Fight Scene

anchorman2 final fight sceneAnchorman: The Legend Continues (Film)

Josh Stiles
Only Liam neeson is in a gang with a ghost and a miniature
Aggelos M
Lost respect for many actors I held dear the moment I saw this scene
Bloody Hooligans !
Vod Kinockers
Victor Montes
Fight starts at 5:30
Meanwhile Will Smith proceeds to casually call in a gun run on the battlefield.
Now we know why there's so much fake news. All the real journalists died that day RIP
Albert Baldini
And thas began the 1000 year war between the news anchors it was a visiual spectacular war it was a brutal war
dafuq hahahha
The Mavericks
" Imma call michael jackson, I got a video idea "
Bad Ash
"What's Mtv?" "I think it's a vinarel disease" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Omg this is great
David Jerkins
I completely lost it when Will Smith called an air strike on the areaπŸ˜‚
Synth Sound
Ghost of Stonewall Jackson: "There'll be a mint julep waitin' on the other side, son. Release your soul to me."
Synth Sound
Jack Lame: "Fall back. Fall back!."
Michael Song
"People will die!"
"I'm so horny right now."

Oh the humanity.
Michael Song
"Tonight's Play of the Day is me extracting your spines from your damn body." Holy shit, that sounds scary.
Sir Prize
How WWI began.
Nguyα»…n Duy Anh
this mf Kanye
Sardar jaiveer singh sidhu
Where is InfoWars ?
Greg Kiriakos
Kanye. Please never act again.
Darkness gaming345 Pixelgamer
HEYYYYYYYYYY!!! love it when jim carrey screams
TheNuka Cola
I lost it when he started calling in an airstrike
Benthegamer 18118
6:55 is my fav bit coz it’s the bit where Kanye West dies
Angel Santiago
Once I saw this scene in the movie, I was wondering wtf is happening.
SantiTV Official
Almighty Almighty light the fuse on my call, 30 niner niner 14, cook these fools I repeat cook these fools
D Freeman
Why Stonewall Jackson? He was the worst slave owner and evil man in history.
Mike Anderson 2002
" in the name of Margaret Thatcher..... I sentence you to death !!! "
HAHAHAHAHHAA lmfao that was fucking hilarious
Will Smith!
Less Of All
2:09 play it on 0.5 speed
How are you going to make fun of Canooters saying sorry and not even pronounce it right? "Sorey".
Cornealius Underbuckel
I just watched Steve Carell murder Kanye West.
Vaughn Alexander
I'ma Call Micheal jackson I got a video idea!
Vaughn Alexander
Were gonna put the boots to you!
I love jim carrey ❀️❀️
"Cook these fools. I repeat, cook these fools."
Jesus Christ
This is what i originally thought the hunger games would be like
jakob haro
I think this movie has more cameos than any other movie I’ve seen
SuperYoshiFan10090 Studios
Part that got me:
Boris: "In the name of Margaret Thatcher"
Ron: NO
"I sentence you to death"
"Please no!"
Eros John Delos Santos
Didn't know borat is in this
Seltra Aspect
Furious Furry
Boy that escalated quickly
Big Nasty
no online news
Joe Freeman
If anyone was to kill Kanye West, I'm glad it was Steve Carell.
alvin jay pancito
What is the name of the slim building? 😊
lol no one realizes that is Kanye West?
Ben Berger
2:03 "I like fighting girls" lmfao
James Celi
"cook these fools, I repeat cook these fools"-Will
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Best part of the fight other then the "gun from the future"
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