The Rock impersonates Triple H

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Skip to 3:58 for The People's Champion.

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The Rock, Austin, HBK, Foley & Taker would still be legends without having their penis in the bosses daughter and their heads up the bosses ass....But HHH would not
Matthew Zablocki
the old raw theme makes me wanna punch my wife in the jaw and hit my girl with a steel chair.
Abhay Pai
Justin b
that intro had me bouncing off the walls as a kid lol
Christopher Miller
Listen to that crowd! And this is just a regular RAW!
The Rock pretty much summed up the start of every Raw from about 2003 onwards.

Funny thing here is that you can see Stephanie is trying to look like she's smirking, but is clearly trying to stop herself from laughing.
Levi DeGeneres
i miss those days, man...good old wrestling days
Karthik S
Im rather shocked how Triple H called the Rock a no talented guy.... n then you have Triple H and a very talented Stephanie... :3
You've always got my attention steph you little minx
Jiv V
Must suck to be a kid today (or a kid from the past 10 years) who grew up with WWE in the PG/Cena era.
shady shady
H held his own
Nicole Tiffany
yes I did !
eric thompson
Triple H best heel ever
7:02 even triple h is tryin not to laugh "shit thats pretty good"
That opening for raw is war was the shit lmao
Rocky Flvckoloso
Lol Trips was trying hard not to laugh ... i don't know how Show, H, Mankind, Taker and everyone kept a straight face with Rock because I would have lost my shit immediately 😂 at least Kane had a mask so he could laugh a little without breaking kayfabe
Kev Dev
mcmahons best bit of business was hiring the rock. only guy who had a crowd in the palm of his hand
Conor Begley
what a time to be a fan
Man, the co-boss of the company calling one of the talent a 'big red retard' would NEVER fly today.
Wrestling died when Smartphones were invented id say around 2010-11 when i got in H.S
Rock is definitely king of promos. You hang on to every word.
You may be too young but trust me when I say Hulk Hogan was that dude in his era. He was the Rock b4 the Rock. You had to live it to belive it. Just like how I tell my kids the Rock is the man and they scream John Cena. Each era has its own. the Rock and Hulk were both epic they changed the game from cutting promos all the way to name brand. both are world wide house hold names.
Brian Kendricks
That is one electrifying shirt the Rock is wearing 😂😂
Felix the Hashman
i miss all of it .. even the into song sounded hard af. with the fireworks
Pradhyumna Gupta
people's vomit. hahaha
Terrance Bullock
triple H and the rock use to go in on each other
John Doe
The Georgia Dome looks much smaller here than at WM27.... and Steph's voice is much higher than it is now
I think Rock was the only person who dissed triple h so much
Arnold mugo
Oh Oh👀
HHH gave some of the worst snoozefest long boring ass promos ever. Glad he got called out
Chuck Towers
insane. good old times
There are actually people listening to this crap and watching fake staged fights? Why?
Daymon Rondino
Imo, the best face vs the best heel ever in this video.
Mix Master
ashley stewart
Lol the rock was so extra but I loved it 😆
Aymen Senpai
The Rock has always kicked HHH ass
Aymen Senpai
PG Era Punks will never know how great attitude Era was The Rock is the best!
c.i lee
😂😂😂😂 they wanted to bust out LOL holding it in
totally missing those old wwe 😢
Zeric Gant
Long live the Attitude Era
Hari Menon
Fuck HHH.
Stephanie looks MUCH better now
Rock come back and show these fools how to use a mic
Best video ever I mean look at Steph controlling to laugh
Kheal Sitjar
Steph is so hot
Holy S)(*) the energy is unreal!, this is when I was into, a bar near me would have Monday nights set aside with a sound system the crowds were always this hyped fro a couple years, amazing!
James Heath
6:34 when it starts
Mean machine
Did anyone invented the time machine???
I think I'm back to my childhood
Inevitable Change
this crowd is nuts. wrestling sucks now.
Conor The Gooner Dunmore
My name is triple haitchaaaa and tonightaaaa i am the gameaaaa and I am a jabroniaaaaaaa
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