The Rock impersonates Triple H

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Skip to 3:58 for The People's Champion.

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When WWE went PG it also turned PC. I miss this type of wrestling.
jatin singh
Hhh was jsut a jobber when stone cold and the rock was around
Robert Gamble
Stephanie fuck dx up
Incomplete Dragon
Go to 6:34. Thank me later
Incomplete Dragon
attitude era was the best era everrrrrrrrrrrr
Jeremy Stephenson
The Rock always had great insults. So did Stone Cold.
inverted angel
no offense to the newer crowd, but what a time to be a fan
i was in love with tori as a kid
I appreciate the description👌
I haven't seen that intro since I was a kid! This video brought back awesome memories!
RC 83
You can see the jealousy in triple H's face every time they jawed in a promo because Rock was so over he could never get the shovel
Bizzle GTi
Franklin williams
Intro of raw gave me chilling bumps
Shariff Sanchez
Too funny
Alex G
17 years later and they're still burying people
Cryllic Studios
At first glance The Rock impregnates Triple H was like WTF
Nick James
Even Steph and HHH holding their laugh when Rock mocking HHH
Good old days! Nowadays when Stephanie says shut up, everyone be quiet and let her speak. PG era is a bitch.
this was over 17 years ago!!!! WOW time flys..... I was 8 years old when this aired on tv
Looking at the PG rock now I Can't believe this use to be him, the rock was so cool back then, PG rock is garbage compared to this, it's like they are to different people
if WWE was still like this maybe I wouldn't DVR it and fast forward through 95% of it!
Cory Vanderbaan
Shawn Grant
Miss these days
Long Live
Stephanie is so hot 😅
Simon Feller
How in the world is HHH able NOT to laugh?? haha i nearly pissed in.. :-)
Gane J
HHH himself had a hardd time not to chuckle... ;-)
Carlos Carranza
damn I miss that guitar solo
Chris Patrick
Holy shit the reaction the rock got and he was a regular at this time.
Carlos Carranza
Stephanie was trying so hard not too laugh
When wrestling was actually wrestling.
Trev Johnson
It looks like they were trying hard not to laugh
man the rock is a FUCKING LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!
When has any one got a pop like that in todays WWE??? Hell I cant think of any one.

Some one go show this to that out of touch retard Vince McDumbFuck and compare this to the shit he tries to pass off as wrestling today.
You can clearly see Triple H and Stephanie trying not to laugh the whole time
That impersonation was excellent. And it's funny 'cause it was true.
Princess Marian
Hunter & Steph trying to hold it in. We almost sent for the man.
Kyra Dudley
the crowds were so much bigger than it was soo hype back then intros gave you goose bumps surprises with beer trucks hit and runs police escortin people out blood dripping from heads table slamming chair bones breaking that was some wrestling RIP 1999/2000sIt will never be the same😣
Zarz Anator
The wwf mustve been pulling in cash like a waterfall. 28614 people in that arena. tickets lets say 25$ each? 700k more or less plus ads holy shit what a time to be alive for the WWF.
James Sweeney
it's crazy when Austin went down with his neck issues and was out there majority of 2000, and the Rock and HHH, amongst others got the push of a lifetime. It allowed their characters which were already great to develop to a higher level. The Rock became the main event face and HHH was the main event heel.
Claren Dennis
not gonna lie, Stephanie coulda got the business back then... bet she have great head
Shashwat Agrawal
Triple HHH was like a boss during attitude era and best heel during that time.
PictureMane L.
Can't say Retard anymore lmfao
Legion of Anonymous
remember when raw actually tried to get relevant ratings? I remember lol.
jim l
Love them hate them all these wrestlers knew how to work the crowd into a Frenzy not like todays wanna be's
S-L Million
Triple h needed so much help to be who he became.
Marcus Hill
They know they wanna laugh at the rock's impersonation of triple h, even triple h himself wanted to laugh,
This Is War Bitch
The Rock And Austin Was The Most Legendary Rivalry In Wrestling History. But Rock vs HHH In 2000, Was Equaly As Entertaining And Nostalgic.
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