Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!

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UNDERTALE. You've asked for it. Literally, non-stop since the game was released. And at first, even I was a skeptic, but now I'm an Undertale believer, ESPECIALLY since I've uncovered the deep rooted connections between this game and one of my favorite games of all time: Earthbound. The secrets connecting Undertale to Earthbound run DEEP, so get ready to see Undertale (AND some of your favorite characters from Earthbound) as you've never seen them before. 

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ProeX Jemynt3d
I actually really like this theory and don't understand why you got so much hate for it
Cliff Da4tj
nice bro i will sub nice theory
TheSilent Master
IMPACT (it's also my custom created undertake character based on me)
Chasey Craft
I'd be Kahootz Fatty
Fatih Bilhaq

Ya Thx me later
Whaley Kirby
Mine times new roman
The Duke Of Ducks
Lobster all the way for me!
Gal Hatr
Red Mercado
Angelreyes Reyes
Comic sans but i dont wanna use it
Lolita Compra
More undertale plz
Lolita Compra
Determination!!!!!!!!! %100 my font
I actually like this theory. i really don't know who would not like it
Thomas Tillery
Welcome to the underground. how was the fall. If you want to look around. Give us a call
Gladys Pastor
Gladys Pastor
Emily Cox
I would be Carla
Ashton De Guzman
I'm bookman old style I think that's the name
Phoenix Finger2
Jay Jay Gaming
Jade Genaille
My font will be COMIC sans
Jacob Card
the creator of the game likes earth bound to
Rekha Hatake sketches
And I love this theory! Keep up the good work!
Rekha Hatake sketches
Probably CREEPSTER because I'm creepy and weird and eldritch and running out of things to say
A fun, if silly, theory. Though bone IS organic matter, as is literally every bit of matter in a person. A phase distorter would simply made ness disappear, not reveal a skeleton.
10-minute ad revenue
This theory in a nutshell;
1% fairly good evidence
99% incredibly loose and circumstantial evidence
To be honest I would be comic sans
Christopher Lamprecht
Comic sans is my
Heath Malone
There's something wrong with this Terry he bleeds
Sophie Espinoza
Can u do a theory on glitchtale who is bete noire
Troy Laiduc
It's maybe Steven universe
Adam Andrew1
I would probably be comic sans
Jacob Sunglao
Who here looks down in the comments before they actually watch the video?
burno _21
i am defently heavy metal
Andy Smith
Oh and I would be comic sans font
Andy Smith
Gaster.... I know that if you look closely at him, he has scars... where everyone can see them, but him
Lucas Fuller
My font would be choco cooky cos I like chocolate and I am coocoo!
reaction and gaming boy childish gamer and reactor
reaction and gaming boy childish gamer and reactor
Sans is a shitty earthbound fan
reaction and gaming boy childish gamer and reactor
Those blood is ketchup
Raven Collier
I would be cookie 80
Tim Ramos
I would be BADABOOM
Chelsea Cruz
dk sleepy time
My font is Courier.

I'm a vintage guy :)
Clairebelle Ly
Font Me: Pangolin!!! 4 sure
Undertale Theme!!
ASinging Rubixcube
bubblegum sans!
Archer White
Jenna Koop
11:15 WAIT A MINUTE........
I'm Press Start 2P font
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