Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!

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UNDERTALE. You've asked for it. Literally, non-stop since the game was released. And at first, even I was a skeptic, but now I'm an Undertale believer, ESPECIALLY since I've uncovered the deep rooted connections between this game and one of my favorite games of all time: Earthbound. The secrets connecting Undertale to Earthbound run DEEP, so get ready to see Undertale (AND some of your favorite characters from Earthbound) as you've never seen them before. 

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Connor lee
super luigi party time
guys why is everyone hating this video and exposing it guys at the end of his video he always say "hey its just a theory A game theory!"
Galacta the Trainkid
No cared about Mother 3, Which could either destroy or prove
Deathblossom 925
My second name is a font it's broad that's my name
i would be gaster blaster sans
Wyatt Hoglo
I would be Shadows Into Night.
jynxz the punksky
it sounds like a stretch but it does. make sense cus like maybe ness found gaster well he was stuck in time and he sent ness to the under grounds to finish his work and save ness
the quiche is a lie
Alexander Davis
Geostar on google drive
kidgamer 23
comic sans cause annoying
April Palmer
Help Me
he's just a shitty earthbound fan..
I'm mega man
Drew cutler
I would be black ops
I'm Times New Roman,
or Arial Narrow. I usually like AN better. (Also for the fact the width is smaller)
Giovany Hurtado
imagine if sans was in super smash bros that would be awesome
Daftthe Punk
If sans is ness then how would he be a part of gaster
terrarian 19307
wingdings 3
damian harmon
Sans:im just some shitty earthbound fan
Curtis B
I am press start 2p!
Alan Mcleod
Clorox Bleach
Types of cancer:
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Legojack100 Plays

(my font)
luro thore
mine permaninent marqueur
Ezekiel Frymire
All those pixels hurt my eyes
Noel Uelentrup
Aditya Sonar
have you heard the earthbound halloween hack's final boss theme music?? it is just the high pitched version of the megalovania!! your theory can be true as even the theme musics are trying to support the theory!! i know it sounds lame as there are many famous music which are used in many places , but this is just my thought!!!
RadioArtz BlenderMotiondesigner
i would be Gogoposterpunch cuz am veeeery straight.
Chop Boom
quan au
Sans was inxpired by steven universe not surviving
derp lion
you know who else has power over space and time? YOUR RIVAL IN POKEMON
Dank Shrekster
I'm the Exo 2 font
I am Wingdings, wacky and strange
Siawhee Chia
papyrus don't know cause sans is 20 and papyrus is 14
xx Dragon10102 xx
A bloody font lol
Sans Gamer
I would rather be sans.
Comic Sans Or just mabey G........No It Cant NO.......
Read More
Hooded homie
i would be the ugly one because I'm ugly -_-
Angel Pelayo
mid evil sharp
Bonnie Products
OMFG!!!!! all of this makes sense
Stookyboy 123
My font is probably Nixium
James Sanfilippo
comic sans
NoemiPlayz YT
I would be comic sans because I make the worst puns and give people bad times :3
Gabriel Blair
comic sans and not just because I love sans
Obnoxious at Best
Uh, bones are organic matter.
leon jacob
Wait how did ness become a skeleton if his soul was extracted and put into a robot? Robots are not organic beings
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