Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!

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UNDERTALE. You've asked for it. Literally, non-stop since the game was released. And at first, even I was a skeptic, but now I'm an Undertale believer, ESPECIALLY since I've uncovered the deep rooted connections between this game and one of my favorite games of all time: Earthbound. The secrets connecting Undertale to Earthbound run DEEP, so get ready to see Undertale (AND some of your favorite characters from Earthbound) as you've never seen them before. 

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Nikhil Mahanti
Landon Haught
the yoyo wizard
This also explains the river man quote "beware of the man from the other world". That man isn't Gaster, it's Sans.
comic sans
Pokeshipping FTW
Get it ARIEL font lol
BBFC Gaming
rock salt
i know that it is ironic, but comic sans MS is me as a font
Reivax Nemo
Game Theorists - the dumbest show in the world. why? sans is actually Steven from steven universe, that explains why SANS is actually for long Steven After Not Surviving. the photo with 3 peoplw is actually the girls from steven universe.. The blueprints are written in WingDings not in doctor Jupiter's unknown language, plus the thing in the curtain at sans lab is a time machine built by WD Gaster not a 'Phase Ensorder'
the machine looks like a arcade big console but the screen looks like matrix cmd and color is white

my font would be Consulas
DT mono
LucaPoe GT
mine would be the ugly one
Bonnie Lindberg
Toby fox,the Creator of undertales helped create earthbound i think so he put easter eggs......
Ethan Frei
my font i emoji
Moon Princess
comic sans ms
he's just some shitty earthbound fan
I didn't know it was Sam some blood but it was actually just catch up because blood is red and also catch up as read only God I'm getting out of here Pham game is the Llano forgive Lanae and Keane Verano
Eddie Aitken
comic sans
Maybe undertale is part of the Mother series?
TGF Swam
wait a second . . . SANESS
Like you, MatPat, my all time favorite game is Earthbound! I don't know why everyone was giving you hate. I was convinced that Sans was Ness! At least until your Gaster theory
Terrence Magson
sans was made from steven
Terrence Magson
your wrong
Terrence Magson
steven universe had slippers like that too
Terrence Magson
and came underground
Terrence Magson
steven died from cancer
Terrence Magson
sans is steven universe
Ben Jammes
The blood is ketchup, because u always find him drinking ketchup
Ben Jammes
I'm sorry, i can't watch this... I love this game to much. I want to just want to blurt out random theories
Ben Jammes
Oh, and p.s. #ghaster
Ben Jammes
You need to watch all the theory's about sans. It explains alot
Uni owls
Comic sans
Creeper Creations
Wait if gaster is stillas sans/ness father than he was trying to save his son from the underworld. But when he traveled something went wrong and he got stuck going undercover as Dr w.d. Gaster that's why he bbattles frisk. To get determination to take himself and sans/ness back in time and back home. Obviously you saw how that turned out: (
Raymond Yang
I would be wing dings because people can't understand me
Creeper Creations
You know people made theories that Steven universe is sans. There are tons and tons of videos on it. Look it up!
bendy's hub
comic sans tm
Connor Juntti
Comic sans
SuperSayian559 :D
The Nerd
One HP Warrior
Call of duty font yes it is a thing
Cat! TheAnimalPerson :3
I would be indie flower yea :3
CookieLord836 Gaming
I'm sorry I have to do this, Comic Sans :D LeL
rita mete
Dumb would be it you would be smart
xXundertale GAMERXx
sans said that he is just some shity earthbound fan
Phillip Chuong
Comic Sans MS
Little Sara Gaming
Id be Brushed
Simon Koetsier
So... Lets be clear... Is Sans the left half of Gaster or is he Ness???
El tío Braixen
High Quality Rips
Simon Koetsier

Really matpat...? In undertale the word 'people' refers to both monsters and humans...
MandaCat Minecraft
indi flower
Jennifer Mudge
My font would be freestyle script.
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