Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!

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UNDERTALE. You've asked for it. Literally, non-stop since the game was released. And at first, even I was a skeptic, but now I'm an Undertale believer, ESPECIALLY since I've uncovered the deep rooted connections between this game and one of my favorite games of all time: Earthbound. The secrets connecting Undertale to Earthbound run DEEP, so get ready to see Undertale (AND some of your favorite characters from Earthbound) as you've never seen them before. 

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Nerdy Unicorn33
I would be Gigi
Andrialynn Çarpenter
fornt uhhhhhhhhhh.
Da Unicorn55
I would be indie flower cause I'm cute I like indie games and flowers
Rose Baylie
I'm sorry Matt. Just came from Gaster to apologize.
SpringTree Owls
This is a true mystery of undertale....
Finn Dillon
I don't see why there's so much hate on this video. it's pretty solid, kudos!
zeg dragonstone
I think that dr andorwatever might be W.D. gaster
Night Dragon Lagoon 224
My Font would be..... ummmmmmmmm................ DK SLEEPY TIME!
RedSlime 7125
I think the fonts steelfish or metal crusher suits me the best.
I would either be 🕈✋☠☝👎✋☠☝💧 or Comic Sans
Kolby Pacubad
how obout can hold everyone and teleport to his home
alhasan alalawi
absolute pixel
Krunk Sauce
ever seen drive? that font.
Megan Walters
Annie use your telescope from google docs that's my font
Awesome Bfdifan
I will tell the story later
Awesome Bfdifan
Well he died
Awesome Bfdifan
Well sans is just Steven a human. Toby fox created the map almost made the map like earth bound.
rainbow crash studios
I would be Indy flower
Claytron Prime
Definitely OSWALD
Peacock Peacock
I love ur theories and it's amazing for how much uve found
Sans The Skeleton
Comic Sans XD...

and wingding
A demonic and chaotic font.
Downtown Otaku
Sans is Steven
Clorox Bleach
Papyrus could not be a Starman. He's a HUMAN skeleton.
Clorox Bleach
The "prototypes" for Flowey appeared in vanilla Earthbound, too.
Clorox Bleach
Ness and Sans use different types of teleportation, see.
Francine Dressler
comic sans
Clorox Bleach
Bones are an organic material too, yknow.
Wing ding
Toby Rogers
Comic sans
the BlueDragon
sans is me
sky stryker
afterall matpat was an actor
Xander Yonkers
I would be Papyrus
Razor And bob
papyrus is not a starman its a costume the machine is gaster's the photo is gaster's followers and the word "people" can mean monsters too ,sans the pose is a coincidence the blood is ketchup or maybe all monsters have blood (don't question it) sans wants to go back because gaster fell into the void (maybe)the badge is probably a scientist badge or something. THE HANDWRITING IS WING DINGS DUH. bones are made of matter. all beaches look the same. sorry if this makes you mad but there is no way that sans is ness.
Noah Dunn
I'm calibri 11
Prank'd Gamer
Josh Ballecer
Helvetica because I'm super popular.

lmao nope
Troy Sandoval
do MORE!!!
Julyan Martinez
sans is steven unveiled
Jayce Cobb
wow this a a really good theory but the more mysterious person is W.D Gaster i lot of people say he is Sans's and Papyus's father if that is true wouldnt that also connect to earth bound some how ill leave the rest for you to figure out
Addie With A Quill
So I'm here from the Gaster theories (and I've been bingewatching and playing undertale stuff all day) and WHY DID THIS GET SO MUCH HATE? This episode is really good one in my opinion and I've seen quite a few of these theories being a loyal theorist for almost four years. The pieces click together, especially considering the Halloween hack. Those who said hate, why? (I know some of them apologized but why did they write awful comments in the first place?)
YTP Actor
Either the DooM font or mixtures of the AmazDooM font varieties.
Landon Kuntzman
my font would be comic sans
assasin matrix Z

kidding, Its a good theory, and now than I got your attention, I want to wish you a lovely day :3
yo dude you must make a theory on... RED PANDAS
Charlie nelson
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