Taty Nunez
Não gostei achei muito feio pq tênhe muitas crianças assistindo esses vídeo o meu filho ama esse desenho
Micah Buzan
This gave me nightmares.
Yanira Leon Torres
To unaparpate for kids
Semia BenAbdeljelil

Katlin Chappell
Hung Hung
يا حسين
Раиса Нурмагомедова
Channe Bibera
Why hulk sneezing?
Rafael Sefaradzi
bando de fdp
Michelle Samaroo
Happy but birthday spider man
حسين محمد
حسين محمد
Melissa Luschenat
Yusaki Fujiki
This is inappropriate when they put the candle in the butt. The butt is a little okay but putting the candle in it isn't
Ali Khan
disney channel
The Thumbnail looks like spiderman that is happy because he has an Ass-cake
ayad khatib
Arianna Cesar
Ew gross 😂
Оля Аватар
euehuhuuhu in join an
malik bautista
Kill me please
Why was so much effort put into this
I don't understand
sydutj e ll
rgge is very artistic expression of him to hit me off got
Geralf Life
megustan mucho tus videos
Natalie Lincoln
this is a nightmare
My Top10 of The Day
Why the ** does it look like a p•nis
Isa Imeri
benslim cheddad
Beyond Beyond
julio zuleta
julio zuleta
dónde compran esos inodoros
Lobinha_Games 0202
no Funny nooooooo Like nooooo 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐🐶 like dog Love dog
William Björses
i like all
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Giada Li
Butt cake
Beluga Gaming
The cake looks like a butt
Mary See
Marilyn 20
Raquel e Beca lopes
não gostei
abner olaia
Adi Khush
Lili TV
Привет 0h
vieules pascale
77ijh pl je. m
Deluis Brito
I love it and the other hand
Linh Tran
Khủng lồ xanh mồm to thật đay
막 눌렸음
Jesus Estrada
this is toys but not for kids
Alexis Sosa
como se hace para que no aparezca esta basura? miran cual dibujp y aparece en el costado
Simone Souza
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