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Tailgating games... Dude Perfect style!
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Love the "don't do that. don't do that..."
Ashmeet Singh
Trick Shots55
QRich 58 i do trick shots that suck
Veronique Dumouchel
The shot with no name is the blindfold backyards corner hole shot
Matthew Chan
max kunzek
My dad is polish
Kaj Branstetter
ty got hops
Phillip Scott
do u do this 1st try
Is this real or fake I can't tell
Seth Bryant
The shot with no name should be called "The backwards cornhole swisher"
Seth Bryant
My favorite tailgating game is Cornhole
Johnny Drago
one hand for kan jam we all know the rules
Jackson Bell
nice tricks boys
Margaret Ippolito
Mine is frisbee
Carter Pike
Ive never seen anyone tailgate at a hockey game
Connor Block
Aaron Carter
From northern Minnesota, respect for the sauce!
Mike Mike
the twins suck, they can't even sink shots, they're useless screw the twins DP should replace them with better people, they can't even celebrate right, when they yell they sound stupid, when Ty yells it's amazing
Cola Colton
We call corn hole toss in Minnesota bean bags or bags
Casey Dowler
who else live in Calgary where due stamps at
Awesome Soccer and Violin
hey dude perfect can you subscribe to me I subbed to you
Dayanara Amaya
l want a golden hamburger
Who else used all the items and games they used I surely did
Cd Ab
u shld watch Brodie smith shots
Cole Bailey
I only tailgate for the food...
Pro Sports
I play travle hockey
Sam French
My favorite game is can jammer
Small Town Hockey
What's tailgating
tailgating stereotypes
JovinGaming Sanghera
how do you guys do it
Susan Liggett
You should make slime
Clive Stephenson
Flash back to 2010 coby
that shot with no name should be named THE NO LOOK CORNHOLE SWISHER
John David Fontana
Do croquette trick shot like is you agree
maximus crime
your so cool
Brayden Harris
Sorry but can't eat a soda
FlamingPoison 1
my dad is a national croqette champion
Suraj Pappu
shots are awesome
Manny Jordan
i loved the food eating contest
Ayush Monga
you guys should do a croquette trick shot face off and battle video
Brandon Honea
Olivia Rumble
Cody won because he is a fat pig!
1324Sonicgu Edits
Id say Garrett out of everyone doesnt fit in
dude greatest idea ever fidget spinner trickshots or galexy s8 trickshots but fidget spinners are a bit overdone
Riddle Ripples
Ty looked like Cody was attempting the longest Frisbee thrown into a bucket and quickly smashed it in there so it looks like Cody made it
Amari Craig
Bowling stereotypes is one that needs to happen
mubarik ibrahim
you know what that was amozing
Mr. Erratic
Like if you want one too🍔
Joe McBride
excuse you cody
Dylan Butts
I'm a hockey tailgater I'm up north a little I live in Colorado
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