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Tailgating games... Dude Perfect style!
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William Hermel
I am one of those hockey tailgators. Thanks for that.
Miles DuPree
my favorite game was hockey because I play hockey.
dude u r amazing. incredible hats off
dragons hockey 101
I think cody should vlog
Brady Cordova
Do a nascar car stereotypes
Lincoln Phoenix
Nice shot
Lincoln Phoenix
Ice shot
so cool
Axel Schlegel
what do you eat?
Marni Anderson
Of all the college's you could have picked you picked soutern methodis
Brendan McKenna
do a lacrosse trick shot video with lyle thompson and the thompson brothers
SpicyButNot Dicey
We just beat smu go navy!
The Purple Taco
I'm up north in Minnesota
Nate Benson
I want a golden hamburger
Lee jiho
WOW!! You are perfect!! (ho!!)
Pizza Lover500
I am a hockey tailgater up North
All Film
I hate all the people that say that dp is fake just because they only show them when they make it so that means that they want to see all the fails they make
Jack DeVaan
The sauce is real
Adam Holland
Corn hole
Aleksander Butkiewicz
Why Polish Bottle Knocker?
Jonathan Ruiz
Is this real
Nickolas Lindo
Fuck you
Dylan Jonsson
They were at the calgary stampeders stadium! When we're they in Calgary?
BigLegoWes 123
I want a golden hamburger!
Howard Williams
i shot a deep three
John Cena
my ferorit car in usa is the fort mustang
Scott and Matt’s vlogs
Ty: Don’t do that.
burps again
Ty: Don’t do that.
I'm "up north tailgater"
Classic Awesomeness-Trickshots
That first shot was epic haha lol
Cambron Wright
You should do a hockey challenge with Sidney Crosby!!!!!
Rachel Stafford
You should do YouTube/vloging sterotypes
Keon Webb
lol I got a hasbro ad with dp in it before the vid
Rhett Mason
Dude perfect do dogeball trick shots
Michael Lucchesi
I have seen almost every video about two times
Marcel Musa
Captain Trickshooter
Cool song and awesome trickshots
Lauren De Luca
Am a hockey player
dmguyugvr Karsten
thanks for getting polish and can jam
julie lezotte
Do a dart board trick shot video
Shannon Pfeiffer
Was that a mustang gt
Pete Lockwood
This is Zaren 🦁, he is very hungry. 1 like = 1 dish of food for Zaren. FEED ZARENNNN!!!!
Michael Herdzik
June 1938 anyone?
Mr Incredible
On the polish bottle knocker you have to catch the frisbee too
Isaiah Vieths
That is fake
Tammy Davis
love you all
Potter Man1
They make crazy shots, while I can't even make a soccer shot
Pale Pogba
When Ty popped out of the car. Jesus Christ
Kio Mars
in dude perfect why Tyler and Cody winning why not coby
Who's watching in 2017
EASHL Lehigh Phantoms
Some nhlers can't do that
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