Kevin Dion
Thank u for being the only REAL YouTube left on YouTube
Jackson Alessi
Ty: "Don't do that! Don't do that!"
Cam And Henry's Vids
I guess you can eat soda now.
Gavin Townsend
"Just opening my mouth makes me want to die" ~Ty
Tyler Wright
May be a coincidence but my name is Tyler and I'm only good at soccer, basketball and cricket trick shots and yes I'm Australian not British
The one with no name should be called the solo back toss
Humesh Kumar
Will coby win ever
Javier Jara
Swimming pool stereotypes
Даниел Славов
If some of the trickshots are the longest or the biggest why arent they a world record then i mean you guys should get a cookie for these trickshots
It's not fair that ty hit the frisbee in to the can it it will not have land in it if he didn't
Patricia Kiss-Schultz
You guys are awsome
Andrew Bagheri
They atleast try every shot like 1000 times before they make it.
Baby Goat
im late lemme think of a joke

nvm i cant think of one
The Fantastic 4
Subscribe to my channel
Ryan Carmichael
the kan jam shot shouldn't count - he used to hands...only supposed to use one
Casey Jones14
Right I stand a foot away and I still miss the teach can with the paper towel 🙁
Reece Field
Do a video with DP and Trump
Kan Jam shot doesn't count, everyone knows it's one hand only
krish I love all cid team Patel
If you got 960m sub than you are fantastic
Hey Tyler, what sneakers are those?
Easy Company Airsoft
I'm pretty sure I could beat Cody at the eating competition
Eric Peterson
that tiny hockey net is cool
Le Partisan de Hockey
Cody is the 2nd Best Dude perfect ever.
Super Talented Guys...!!! 💪😊👍😀👌
The Sam of Sammy
dude perfect do the cornholoe on the move but thorw it throw the truck
Thomas Krah
When dp go to like a stadium or park ,no one is there
Heath Schoenfeld
You should do a tailgating stereotypes
Mateo Thibodeau
YES hockey all the way
Andover Santa Parade
It is not steph it's stephen
Damian Sosa
great show
Lucas Lietz
Stop at 57 and watch the sand come out
Pastor David M. Tarawally
Daniel Wright
What dose tailgating mean
Squadgoals4 Vlogs & gaming
Corn hole
Ben Mogensen
Cory can juggle?!
Austin Salow
Can you do a reading mean comments video???
Jk Maz
Why the polish bottle nocker im polish
Trickster Trickster
Do a latter ball video trick shot
Trickster Trickster
Do a latter ball video trickshot
ZachAttack 94
Do hockey stereotypes please
Abe Reinbold
you guys should do a Kan jammer addition i love can jamme
I want a golden hamburger
I want a golden hamburger
In Canada we call Ladderball bolaball
The las digit of your like is who you are
1 Tyler
2 Garret
3 Coby
4 Cory
5 Cody
6 The old guy
7 Owen (Garrett's son)
9 Your mom
0 yourself
Darlene Franecki
the bottom of ladder ball is 1 point not 3
Dinand Bloemhof
how Is it possible?
I like Turtles
Dear dude perfect, LOOOOOVE UR HOCKEY VIDEOS MAKE MORE PLZ # u guys are awesome
Lachlan McConnell
You could call it the backwards sponge bom.
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