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WALTERBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA — A girl stolen from the hospital as a newborn baby has just been discovered alive, having lived her entire life with a different identity. 

In July 10, 1998, little Kamiyah Mobley was born at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Eight hours later, she was taken away by a woman posing as a nurse, Gloria Williams. After detectives realized where the girl was living, they reconnected the 18-year-old with her biological parents. On January 14, she was taking selfies with them.

Moments after she was born, her young mother, 16 at the time, was approached by a woman wearing flowered hospital scrubs. The woman happened to be carrying a purse, which the family thought was a bit odd. She whisked the baby away saying it had a fever, and just like that, the baby was gone. Every year, her devastated mother would wrap a piece of birthday cake for her, and leave it in the freezer. 

It wasn’t until late last year that a couple of hot tips led detectives to a girl living in a small town in South Carolina. They tracked her down, to find a young woman named Alexis Manigo. The authorities asked her for a DNA sample, and after eventually attaining it with a warrant, they found out they had a match. 

On the same day, the woman the girl had lived her entire life thinking was her mom was arrested by police. The baby-snatcher, 51-year-old Gloria Williams, has been charged with first-degree kidnapping and third-degree interference with custody. She faces life in prison, if convicted.

Now, the teen, who most know as Alexis Manigo, is left to pick up the pieces and figure out how to go forward. She says despite the revelations of her kidnapping, she still has nothing but love for Gloria Williams, the woman who raised her and gave her a happy life. In her eyes, one mistake doesn’t change that.


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Dark Reptilian Lizard Cult Leader
Of course a one in Alabama
Kristians Gončaruks
Am I the only one hwo noticed that at the third story they showed Wisconsin, not Ohio😂
Galaxy Cat
To be honest I'm glad this girl was kidnapped... she seemed to live a pretty good life, and her mom who was african American and 16 in 1998 (that most likely grew up in poverty) would definitely have resulted in her daughter having a miserable life.
Get Gwop
Now she on xxl cover
hello fellas
she was white and chinesse
Aussie Zambarau
That 18 year old boy has the chance to get the right ss number now that he knows his real name.
Cherry Ang
I just wanted to say, how perfect her eyebrows are.
To be honest the baby isn't that ugly, in fact I'd call it cute. I'd still make a god awful mother though, so I'll just raise a tamagotchi or something
Mÿ Łįttłė Pøńÿ – Mùłtîłäñgûågė
Did anyone else notice on the boy's story, he said Cleveland, Ohio yet the map was in Wisconsin
Daisy Martinez
The first girl they showed they made a movie of it's really good
That's totally Cleveland Ohio and not the middle of nowhere on a Wisconsin border...
アンダーリストサンズ Annie
Which do you prefer?
A. You're adopted and the parent is caring and loving.
B. Live with your parents that are dumb loving a baby.
you made the mistake on The US map you guys said Cleveland, Ohio put you guys put the red dot on Wisconsin
omg yes there is a movie about this??
Skylord Jojo
That was not Ohio that was Wisconsin. Ohio is south of Lake Erie.
cyber demon
am I the only one who thought of finding Carter when I heard the first one
for the idoliots. Black babies are very light skinned when they are born and later they get their complexion
You deserve to have your babies kidnap too
Stupid bitch
Jesmun P
god that was one of the ugliest fucking babies i've ever seen
that's an ugly dad but his son is hot lmao
she got nice eyebrows
Roy Bolling
Roy Bolling
when burth
Roy Bolling
she was 16 teen BRUH
this is just sad
Briya Swing
gofrette song
i wonder why tomonews news is censoring their old logo
J 504
she knew since last year Iam done phony smart mouth ass !!
She looks like James Brown in her baby pic.
Kawaii-Chan •3•
3:00 that was on da news
Georgia West
That's a ugly ass baby I'm sorry
Car freak
This is tangled in real lige
Jalen A
this whole time I'm feeling sympathy for the kidnapper and stuff now I realize that she took the baby and they said she was missing. this whole time I thought that the birth parents thought the baby died. so U telling me they was looking for their child the whole time and the kidnapper just didn't give af that's so sad.
marissa louise
In 1987 Carlina White was 3 weeks old and was abducted by Ann Pettway same way as Kamiyah Mobley. Her biological mother was also 16 when she had her. So basically Gloria Williams copied exactly what Ann Pettway did in 1987. How did the police not see the similarities. Carlina and Kamiyah should be friends to cope with all this.
What an ugly ass baby she was
Her eyebrows were on fleek since the day she was born
scorpions brother
like finding Carter lol
Danyelle Priv
See, this is why i dont wanna give birth in a hospital or let anyone babysit my child but family. Its a shame not even the kids are safe smh😡
Gracie March
Tell me how the baby has better eyebrows then me
JancanaTEAM TM
Who the fuck will steal a baby after given birth, if i was her after i gave birth to a baby, and she gets close to me. I'll slap a bitch.

Galixygirl71006 Pink
I was born on July 10 2006
uio 32
Now say me,who is fucking dumb say me :baby's are cute"
Rudy c
Who was the stupid cop to identify the young girl to a cold case? tell him there's gonna be times where you need to shut the fuck up and that was one of them
Trin Jordyn
Just imagine living with your mom/dad for most of your life, and figuring out that they kidnapped you from your other parent. What would you do? I'd be confused and be like, "so you're telling me... that is my REAL dad... but he kidnapped me... from my mom? And I've been living with him for most all of my life... but he doesn't legally have custody of me? Wow... wow..."
Janiya Gill
Wanda Dea Russell
omg i was born in July 10
Ɗıęʛȱɳɵɲȅǻ - The LGBT agenda is evil
That's one ugly bitch.
Frederick Giordani
Homo News at it again reporting bs
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