Alyssa Ross
They made a movie bout this.
Rilakkuma Bear
That's my brothers name and the last name but that's not how he looks like
Wolf cam
Stupid nurse
BulletSh0t Gaming
She looks beautiful as a teen!
Mary Lopez
That newborn had eyebrows already!!! Her name is totally on point cuz she was "MOGLI" 😂😂😂😂
Damarious Campbell
She goes to my school
ah mouy
That really sad please give me 100
Well I like her eyebrows...
ashton vickers
Omg im only a few months older than her
It's me Jeff
Fine ass
Gal Nevo
Only in america ! Mothers fuckers from hell
mr gaming 15
Just like Ann petway kidnapped a new born
Hano H
But she looks nothing like the baby picture
Cheryl Mcgann
Her last name is Mogley maybe she knows the bear necessities
I thought all babies were suppose to be cute, this is what I call a glow up
yo she cute AF
First time I've seen an Asian turn black lol
Lily alexander
A movie was made for this
Animal Lover
how is his father or his mother taking the daughter or son kidnapping
that is one ugly baby
Ukulele screamo Back flipping drummer
I never understood how Mexican young girls can be so chubby and kinda fat to this beautiful skinny medium girl?! Like I'm Mexican too and I was actually really cute and I'm being even cuter like oh my god
TheLegend27 ORIGINAL
Welp shit.
Audrey and Peyton Vids
Bruh she looks like Bruce lee as a baby
Najiya Faye
this stolen baby story sounds too much like the other. lifetime made a movie about it.
That's why babies are given ankle bracelets at fancy hospitals to prevent kidnappings
Jacob Silva the fishy
3:25 umm that's not Ohio
Who needs names anyways?
This is rapunzel, I'm telling you!
Somalian Skull
And now she on XXL and a “rapper”
Eugenia Freeman
OMG my teacher told me this in school when I was in 7th grade
I can't believe the kidnapper is my cousin.
Jacqueline Bennett
wrong person
dat boi
Who wants to take that ugly shot baby
Harley Davis
the fuck is wrong with the human race why that mother fucker better rot in that jail and get raped by a broom stick
Lady H
1 video is a movie, its a really good movie too so the woman pose as a nurse the woman took her home on a train and 18 year later her fake sister told her she was stolen it more to it but don't want to spoil it
sorry to interrupt but did anyone notice "Cleveland Ohio" was in minnesota?

rocow shut yo dumbass up
عرب GMR
The baby looks like me :/
Highwind Nomad
thats what she gets for stealing her, life in prison. see now the kidnapped girl loves her kidnapper mom more then her bio mom thats the kinda shit that was not supposed to happen in the first place. all those stolen moments and fond memories for the bio mom. shame on kidnapper. 😠
JeffTheKiller Takahashi
I'm a month older than her :D that's great she found her parents
Dark Reptilian Lizard Cult Leader
Of course a one in Alabama
Kristians Gončaruks
Am I the only one hwo noticed that at the third story they showed Wisconsin, not Ohio😂
Galaxy Cat
To be honest I'm glad this girl was kidnapped... she seemed to live a pretty good life, and her mom who was african American and 16 in 1998 (that most likely grew up in poverty) would definitely have resulted in her daughter having a miserable life.
Pill Cosby
Now she on xxl cover
hello fellas
she was white and chinesse
Aussie Zambarau
That 18 year old boy has the chance to get the right ss number now that he knows his real name.
Cherry Ang
I just wanted to say, how perfect her eyebrows are.
To be honest the baby isn't that ugly, in fact I'd call it cute. I'd still make a god awful mother though, so I'll just raise a tamagotchi or something
Mÿ Łįttłė Pøńÿ – Mùłtîłäñgûågė
Did anyone else notice on the boy's story, he said Cleveland, Ohio yet the map was in Wisconsin
Daisy Martinez
The first girl they showed they made a movie of it's really good
Super Weeaboo Annie
Which do you prefer?
A. You're adopted and the parent is caring and loving.
B. Live with your parents that are dumb loving a baby.
you made the mistake on The US map you guys said Cleveland, Ohio put you guys put the red dot on Wisconsin
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