10 Deadliest SNIPERS Feared by the Military!
Sam Fisher
Don't forget the Tsar Bomb 2 that was created by the Russians, but was never tested.
Eijal Rizal
footage has been deleted.
John Callas
John Callas
Josh Jordan
Id rather have advanced military to protect us then some fancy car to drive. God blees all our troop n veterans n there families :)
paul Catlow
There's a ship called the USS Ponce? You've got to laugh... then again the Royal Navy once had the "Flower Class" frigates. HMS Heartsease, the "heartsease" being another name for "pansy"... must be something about sailors...
Jackson Shelburne
All these videos say females can do everything males can lmao
Jackson Shelburne
We can all agree we’re here to see the big-titty women
John Callas
They said it will be 85 million... but its 300+
Benjamin Oliver
prettyy sure the geneva convention banned the use of lasers
mixed bloetjes Like videos
Do face cam at 10 mil plss
Matthew Brothers
Saw that part where that fella was looking down the business end of his rifle and thought, well, we may have something, then you fucked up.
Blake Humphrey
Actually US has the must submarines I literally just checked
Vinnie Harrison
Of course America destroying the world with polution
iFalcon 93
whats the name of the background song?
Sam King
Men have way higher fitness requirements than women
paulo alexandre
People with no jobs in usa. Crime up the roof. And the taxes goes yo military in usa. Shame
TheOriginalDante MA-Kaus
I want to fuck your voice
Reza Pratama
You all come for 2:26
William Stumpff
Even more impressive when the scenario fallout 3 HAS BEEN PREDICTED
Tim Kramar
Planes don't use gasoline, they use something different, akin to kerosene. When I was in, it was called JP-5.
Tim Kramar
and we still get paid peanuts....
I was waiting for Mulan.

It would be really helpful if you guys used the metric system.
Stefan Nilsson
Love the voice.
Carlos the Nazi
"Damn tough ladies" in other words, not "ladies", just women I wouldn't hold a door open for.
Aleksander Bergerseter
Tin Tức Việt
Military Time evacuated
Venturous Carrot
Merica fuck yeah
Сергей Алексеев
this is a sad comparison -
Superfly580 indahizzooouse
these aren't confessions there fact get ur shit together
Federer Feder
Gracias por los subtítulos. Estudio inglés.
Mst Taznun Afrin
Watch more:
Levi Riviaille
The U.Ks training is the best, the UK special forces trained marines and they couldn't even pass it, shows how much the US government bothers about their forces.
Elon Musk
Why is it that whenever she says a big number she has a mini stroke
Nicky h225
More lazers less nukes
Sidney Fedell
I Iove how they write CONFESSIONS in all caps and there were no CONFESSIONS
Leon Ace
Hey why dont they dont buy a plane and give me the lambos and money with that much money you dont have to work for your entire life
Rainbow Six Squad
Norway 4 life
Sam 2027
But the military uses mostly Diesel engines which burns a lot cleaner the gas
Dick Kickem
I garenty that in physical and mental condition that the male special ops is way fucking better then the female version
Clicked for military titties
Rida rayden
so USA invest 600 bilion a year so the world can never be in peace
world greatest terorists identified
Archbishop Benedictino Kripperino
If we're talking percentages, North Korea holds the highest amount of military spending. 25% of their GDP; that's fucking insane.
Kwgames 580
Old glory still waves high
mohammad nor Joey
100% baited
Izvinite sto smo vam srusili jedan nevidljivi :)
Joakim Løvli
Såklart er det Norge som hadde verdens første spesial styrke med kun kvinner. Go Norway!
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