Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

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Josh Gad gives the audience a little taste of Beauty and the Beast's LeFou and shares a horrifying moment he had with a moonwalking horse during filming.

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Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

Michiko Gold
i cant stop laughing XD
Garrett Helmick
Usually Jimmy Fallon is the outgoing one making others feel uncomfortable, but all in good fun. I think it's funny that in this interview he is like trying to corral Josh Gad the whole time cause he's even crazier than Jimmy! haha
Summer Lover
Oh my gosh I didn't realize the title said Hermione that's just what I call her instead of Emma Watson
Zoé Charton
Jews don't ride horses.. searching for an example to counter him... realizing that's true😹 I'm afraid of horses I can't say otherwise Josh 😹
Wanda Sewell
It is creepy.. Don't get too close.
Stop with the Anti bs jokes. Jews are running out of Nazi's and anti- Semites.
Scoochy Twittles
This man is golden.
Jimmy: NO. NO.
Annie Carbajal
Hermione No!!!
Julie Raiola
Luke's horse does it perfectly and my horse, this is not a joke people can attest to this, moonwalks... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Julie Raiola
Congratulations Josh Gad you made me laugh before 0:30 seconds in the video 😂
Faryal Sheikh
Jimmy Fallon is such a cringe. I use to find him funny once upon a time ago.
So is it in bonus features?
Kathleen Webb
I keep watching this! It's so hysterical!!!!
Hisoka 女
No one's dick's as incredibly thick as Gaston's ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Captian Swan 23
We Are The Reynolds Family
I love Josh Gad and LeFou 😃
Ron F.M
i just close my eyes and imagine olaf talking 😂😂
Eridan Ampora
I guess Hermione is a reference to Emma Watson?
amisha Bansal
Jimmy with the ~thats not true~ makes me wanna fuckin jsiskshskshjsabkoabskdbwo
Melanie Actipes
Monique Drewett
"Emma's like "NOOOOO" the villagers are like "NOOOOOO" Everyones like "NOOOOOOOOOO HERMIONE!!" Absolutely love it!
Jorja Parker
I think you should have him over again and do ice age because he is one of the characters
Matthew Matousek
Compared to Josh Gad, Jimmy Fallon is incredibly boring. I still cringe sometimes when he does his fake "slap the desk and laugh" thing. Nevertheless, I still love watching his show.
Robin Jashinsky
That's sad calling his horse a bastard because his horse was smart doing the moonwalk on 4 legs, almost running over Emma Watson, and throwing him off his back.
Becky R.
عبدالرحمن المرخان
josh was so funny in this
Gabriella P.
Sauce Boss
I want to be friends with him SO badly lol
Richard Gladden
Why do Jews have to shove down other people's throats that they are Jewish?
I'm laughing so hard!!!
Josh Gad is just so funny! I always end up crying of laughter whenever I watch any one of his interviews
Lizzie Guerin
Honestly, i love Josh Gad so much😂😂😂😂
jesus that fallon.
SkullFace 59
To be honest I hate this Guy
Black Diamonds Dimension
I love Gaston scene in Beauty And The Beast 2017
Don't Panic! At The Horse Show
Duda Silva
Omg i love josh so muucch he's so cutee😍😍❤❤
Lizzy Bruce
Was his character gay n
Dead Af
i want to see this in the bloopers
lily o
Lauren Poland
This is the best name for a video I have ever seen
Rachel Shin
it's olaf!!!
Mirza Muhammad Ashraf
Marousa M
He's awesome
Rhiannon Klodowski
As a barrel racer, I can vouch. Horses CAN BE BASTARDS
Josh's LeFou looks like a cross between Oliver Platt and Jack Black!
UltimateFangirl Carolanne
I love this so much 😂😂😂😂
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