Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

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Josh Gad gives the audience a little taste of Beauty and the Beast's LeFou and shares a horrifying moment he had with a moonwalking horse during filming.

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Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

The Disney Historian
If I meet him someday I want a hug XD from Olaf
I'm weirdly attracted to him...
Tiffany Christine Smith
I want to see this deleted scene!
"NOOOOO!, Noooooo! Noooo Hermionie NOOOOO!"
I just love him <3
I have such a crush on josh
i still see & hear elder cunningham
I read Hermione and didn't even question it, it took me a second but then I laughed so hard😂
Honestly, This is one of my favorite interviews from Josh 😂
Rolf Son of a Shepard
Jimmy let me finish
audience laughs
My horse ha my horse
His name was name buddy
Which is a missed number cause he's a bastard
im gone I cant
rosè collins
idk what it is about him but hes such a likeable person i love him so much♡♡
Ruiyun Gu
Josh: Hey horse let me ride you.
Horse: Nein.
Voice Impressions
Josh Gad kinda looks like Jack Black in the beauty and the beast!
I imagined Olaf saying "bastard". haha 😂😂
Reina Arana
I love that Josh Gad finally said what we all want to say "No Jimmy, let me finish"
Jessica Cheng
I laughed so hard when he started interrupting the host XD
Valeria Marquina
In the school we have play and its Beauty and the Beast and im Lefou 😂💞
Lewis M
Jimmy Fallon is fake
I keep feeling like he's interviewing Olaf geez. >~<
Leroy Sanchez
Why do I have the feeling that Jimmy fakes his laugh. It doesn't look like he finds it funny.
leandro jerez
He should take jimmys spot!
Elis Regina Beltram
I can totally see Emma screaming "nooo" hahahahaha "hermione no!!!" josh is really funny
Miranda Serda
Whenever I hear josh I think of Olaf(I know he played Olaf)
his character sounds so fucking gay!!!
I want to be his best friend. He's so fun and down to earth.
J Mac
there was no mention of hermione
Horrifyingly Hillarious
Felipe tried to kill Belle and Hermione AT THE SAME TIME
Slime Clouds
Warrior Lily
Jimmy: My favorite song, Gaston
Josh: oh, OH, poses dramatically

Liz Buss
I would marry him like tmrw
Karly Weasley
Twitch/ BluffTown
jews don't ride horses? i just have a feeling disney isn't going to be happy about that comment especially after the whole pewdiepie thing.
Chad Finke
Josh Gad NEEDS a stand-up tour.
Hayley Atwell
Dude oh my god he is fucking adorable! Every time I hear him I think of Olaf. xD
David Igleniec
I heard fou meant vagina watching graham norton. Who cares is hes gay btw
David Igleniec
Hes cool
Isabella Nubile
Hannah Samuels
Her name is Emma.
Todd Simpson
Let's be honest, she is not Emma, she is not Belle, she is Hermione
no matter what Emma ever does, she will always be Hermione, lol
Matthew Froehlich
Granted I haven't seen much of his work, but I had no idea he sang so well until seeing this. That dude is talented.
Linkan Letlora
Josh needs his own TV show!!!
hugo decroix
josh Gad is great at singing
The Gaston Song was my favorite out of every others, I loved it so much!
Anti-semi horse I'm crying XD
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