Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

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Josh Gad gives the audience a little taste of Beauty and the Beast's LeFou and shares a horrifying moment he had with a moonwalking horse during filming.

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Josh Gad's Beauty and the Beast Horse Almost Ran Over Hermione

xThe Last Sarah Bethx
HERMIONE NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 😂👏😂 Outstanding job Josh!!!
Lizzy Bruce
Was his character gay n
Dead Af
i want to see this in the bloopers
Lilbutt Swift
Lauren Poland
This is the best name for a video I have ever seen
Rachel Shin
it's olaf!!!
Mirza Muhammad Ashraf
Marousa M
He's awesome
Rhiannon Klodowski
As a barrel racer, I can vouch. Horses CAN BE BASTARDS
Josh's LeFou looks like a cross between Oliver Platt and Jack Black!
UltimateFangirl Carolanne
I love this so much 😂😂😂😂
Leslie L
All I hear is Olaf...
* Emma Watson
Ariella Lefkovits
So not true, Jews don't ride horses...come on Josh. I'm a badass on a horse.
Does Jimmy feel intimidated when the guests are funny? Is that why he does stuff like this?

Josh: I think this horse was a bastard-
JOSH: I mean-

Less is more. Let the guest talk.
Anne Lightninghill
"Jimmy, let me finish" Someone finally said it 😂
The ultimate GBF.
Micah Pratt
did he say no one has a dick thicker than gaston?
No Jam Bro
He would make a good penguin in a barman movie!!! 🙌
Broadway Trash
I love Josh so much 😂
Ariana Castaluccio-Vilani
"I love that scene!" "Well thankyou, it's all CGI" 😂😂😂
Ariana Castaluccio-Vilani
He is hilarious😂😂 ♡♡
Jon Canepa
Anyone else wants to see a movie with Josh Gad and Miriam Margolyes? (Just look her up on The Graham Norton Show on YouTube if you haven't already)
Amberhope Velbis
Jimmy's face at 0:06 -- LOL! He was so shocked! lol! I love Josh Gad so much. Just him makes me so happy. :)
Sherlock. Left.brain
NOOOO! Hermine NOOO!
Ally Whybrow
Not the horse's fault. The reason that the horse walked backwards is because he will have been asking him to go forward at the same time as pulling the reins, making him confused, making him walk backwards. The reason he will have bolted is because when he finally realised what you were asking him to do, he did it A.S.A.P.
Saw the movie three times! Brilliant, Josh Gad is incredible!
Kate Walker
Katharina Paul
this guy deserves his own show!! I'm like dying here cause I'm laughing so hard!! :'D
Ana M
He's so talented
diz7dprinces s
I've watched this vid 5 times (no lie) 😂
Wiesje van Gelderen
When he said "hermoine NOOO" i laughed so hard😂
gart scak
he should do stand up
Chantelle Garingo
''NO HERMIONE NOOOO" I literally died....
Mimi's Channel
Alyssa Sagers
No Hermione no
Sarah Kline
Where my Jews at????
GastoN, not gastonne.
Shachar Har-Shuv
LOL you made me laugh so hard. Josh Gad is amazing. Especially in Book of Mormon!!
I feel like someone as adorably hilarious as Josh needs an equally funny host. His monologue and appearances with James Corden are much better. Jimmy just doesn't interact well enough with him and always seems to interrupt.
Catherine Poirier
Holy s**t! Somebody finally told Jimmy to let them finish XD
NO HERMIONE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Wageman
potty mouth olaf
I love this guy ! He is so cute, funny, pleasant, it's a big pleasure to watch him :D
Cheyanne Elizabeth
Emma's like noooooooooooo, and everyone's like Hermione nooooooooooooo
Kasey Ceejay
"Ran Over HERMIONE" uhm it's Beauty and The Beast but for me, she will always be HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER. Whatever movie that is. Hello Potterheads😌😜😍
"Pavliovian response"
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