Kid Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Haul Prank on Ryan I told my Kid I ate all their Halloween Candy

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Kid Halloween Trick or Treat 2016 with Ryan ToysReview then Ryan's parent did prank on Ryan on the popular Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my Kid I ate all their Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge this year!! Ryan's family dressed up at Batman costume and Batwoman costume for Halloween and went trick-or-treating! Ryan will show his halloween candy haul! I Ryan also attempted to Prank his daddy this halloween season!! See how this kid react to his parenting eating all his candy! Ryan's twin sisters Emma and Kate had to stay home his year, but hopefully next year they will be big enough to go Trick or Treating since it's a family fun event! Thanks for watching this Everyday with Ryan ToysReview Video!

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Ryan you are smart and cute
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Halloween begins at 12:00AM EDT eastern daylight time.
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