This Family Was Trapped in Their Car During a Terrifying Hail Storm

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It was a terrifying moment for a mother trapped in her car with her three kids as huge chunks of hail pummeled down in Golden, Colorado on Monday. Her children cried as the golf-sized balls hit the car as they waited to pick up her oldest kids at school. Suddenly, the back window shattered and hail started pouring into the car. Stephanie Vandewalker did her best to calm the kids down and managed to record the scene.

Poor family, Also poor guy! Did you see him running in that?!
Thats gotta leave a mark! XD
SavagePurpleGirl :3
I'd scream louder than an eagle screech that would be heard across the Pacific Ocean.
Trin Jordyn
People in the comments don’t understand what hail is. It’s not balls of snow, you can’t walk in it and be okay, that isn’t what hail is. Hail is essentially balls of ice. It was cracking the windows, for God’s sake, snow doesn’t do that. Hail is extremely dangerous and can injure you. It’s like medium sized balls of ice fall on your head, your car, your house. It’s dangerous, and nothing to be like “I would eat it” or “I would like to walk outside if that happened”.
Amber García
The little girl screaming is more terrifying and when she screamed i screamed
Skin care Beauty
Poor baby. Im so sorry that happened.
Alexis Clackum
At 0:34 pause it and you can see a hole in the glass poor kid in the back seat
Ezykiel Medrano
I would get out and said your ok go go GO!!!!!
The girl is over reacting. It’s already loud enough
Princess Starbuck
"Shhhh... its fine sweetie."
Still crying
"Shhhh... its gonna be fine."
Still crying
😒 "How am I suppose to control this situation..?"😂😂😂😂😂
Pinkie PieParty
Their back window broke that's why she was so scared I would be terrified too
I fell so bad for that family I hope there okay😩🙀🙀
Black wipes
0:25 running in the 90's
That's really bad
Awesome Randomguy
What’s terrifying about this is being trap in a car with annoying crying children.
Kara's Toybox
Yup I'm the screaming one
Kitana Steel
So scary and poor little kids
Samantha Merlia
Good luck in earning 10,000 dollars to buy a new car (trying not to be mean
J King
OMG scary
Melanie Rios
Hunny, have u seen Texas a year ago?
Sadie Lawson
Aw the poor baby’s just crying 😢
Dance Momz
awe poor babies :(
Nick Berg
Ok I'm a storm chaser and this is nothing compared to what I've been in....this isn't worth our time and isn't news
Naddy Minecraft And More
That is soo sad did u guys see the baby crying aww 😭
Camo Fluffy
Her 4 kids ?!?!
kawaii potato
A FATHER is trapped in HER car
Ava A
I was in that storm that happened over the summer and the Colorado mills mall is still closed in going to open The day of Black Friday
Marie Marie
Its Made By Hard Ice
David Tonly
Kids so annoying am I right
Roman Cariaga
Did y’all see the glass at the very end
Ah, don’t you just love it when inside edition makes 40 second videos? im going now, to ABC news, where I can watch *4 MINUTE videos. Toodles
Silver fox Wolfs
Awwwwwwww that's so sad and scary because I went through this and I was crying because I'm afraid of storms a bunch of hale fell down and hit my window which I cried more
leslie Camacho
I would do that formortal
leslie Camacho
I get that the storm was scary and all but the little girl was crying so much. Was she that scared 😨 ?????????????
Dani Lusby
Aww poor baby and kid I bet that was traumatizing
Ben Traspe
:() 🔉🔊
ImJustANIME Alex
Aw u feel sorry for them all
Louise Beggs
Well it was better then coconuts imagine if there were coconuts were raining down you coulda been knocked out
Nadia A
That guy who running 💀😂🔫
Daniela's vlogs Dani
That’s sad cuz I live in Colorado and I hate hail storms
Nightmare Moon
reaction time
At least that had shelter I the car not like the poor man running in it sad right
// { ZomBae } \\
the poor little one in the back was probably screaming because the window broke behind her. or atleast thats what it looks like. you can also see stuff flying in the car.
Esmeralda Segovia
Dude i live in colorado and this was scary af
Jasmine Briones
Better have a garage
Maya Anderson
We had that happen in Minnesota as well, we were in our house though. It was 9:00 in the morning and we were going on a trip that day. It happened in the early summer and we still don't have everything fixed. (We had our roof, siding, windows, deck, deck furniture) it really sucked and is super terrifying
Lucia Flores
The hail was bad I live in Colorado and when this happened there were a lot of ambulances everywhere so many people were injured with concussions etc. it was crazyyy
This funny as hell "your ok your ok" "BWAAAAAA" 😂
Lakia Hunt
1 like = 1 save for a family like this one sad so sad.
Annelise Williams
I was visiting Colorado when that storm hit.

R.I.P my car
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