FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode - Part 1

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The Joy of Creation STORY MODE is finally here! Join me as we play one of the best Five Nights at Freddy's fan games ever made!
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Bernice Mieres
The joy of creaton
Bernice Mieres
Did Scott cawton event this game too . or only the fnaf games
freddy golden hoi
le gasp!!! Michael!! Michael Afton!!! Sister location!!! OMG!!it makes sense!!!!
Mark has very long middle fingers.
Northtail 2007
I'm sleeping I'm sleeping! Can't u hear me snoring?
I'm the English subtitles for jumpscares there's a timer

Lucas S.
omg that was so scary. I wish I had balls to play
Doc von Schmeltwick
The main menu music sounds like it's from Klonoa.
Doc von Schmeltwick
That stuff from the ceiling was blood? I thought it was mud or poop...
Doc von Schmeltwick
Exactly what age does one have to be to not know what a burglar is, but be able to speak fully-coherent sentences?
Doc von Schmeltwick
The kid sounds like a Servbot from Mega Man Legends, I don't know why...
I think the animal electronics feed the kid drugs at the blood part
Game Lover
I love this game
Alonzo Jackson
August 8 my b day😆
I think a good game for fnaf 6 or whatever its going to be called is if scott and the creator of the joy of creation team up and make a new game! it would be epic in my oppinion and im sorry i dont know the creator of the joy of creation
Aros Davis
He can't play this right
Damien Bleecker
TBH this shit scared the fuck out of me lol
Ryan SAO
Man you´re very funny.Loved your channel
Jisoo Chan
Does this game remind you of the boogy man
Honk awwwww look down in read more

(. )
(. )
----(. )----
/. \
/. \
/. ::: ::: |
|. \. /. |
|. \____/. |
Their watching you 😱😱😱
Camera turns to Chica at 16:14
Rick and Morty sticker ad plays
Me: are you fucking kidding me.
I bought this game wish me luck (• •)
(. )
Lucas Goldmann
the spanish title XD
Mitchell N
Life hacky instructions:
1:keep the curtains closed
2:lock the door
3:lock the closet
And 4: go to bed

Even more life hacky instructions: remember that monsters aren't real. They're just dancing robots in costumes that are made by a chucky-cheese copying company.
Anita Manalo
I guess these kids are warriors
Eros Piccinin
D0C70R Y0U7U83
GG13 2.0
Ur funny
Allison Orozco
my cusin kissed you in the video because he likes you
how to survive :
Maria Espinoza
u are my favorite video YouTuber
Manuel Beckett
Every time I play fnaf 1 through sister location I pray to markiplier
Ririn Syabrina
stopped mark
SomiFTW 10
Aaaaaah, this Markiplier face :)
calum Finglas
Ha ha so funny mark😂😂😂
Courtney B
If you guys want a jumpscare warning turn on the closed captioning
KaptenSpArkLeZ Thekskk238
Markiplier is watching logan paul check it out at 16:50
Ethan Lucic
I used to watch Mark all the time with my friend when the first Fnaf came out. Ive come back to watch him years later and i realise he tries to make you laugh by making weird noises and shit. He used to be great
Damien Van Damme
It was lights off for chicka
phylecia wiggins
He is the one who knocks oxo..
Neon Tree
Watching Mark getting confused is sooooooo entertaining
T Gadin
I like how when you go insane you start to see illusions (maybe) of Withered Golden Freddy cause you can see him for a couple of frames before you...die of insanity???
This is what portal turrets are for.
Dont Threaten Me With A Good Time
Kaz Thomas
the beginning sounds like a monolog from shrek is love srek is life
Kaz Thomas
the beginning sounds like a monolog from shrek is love srek is life
Andrea Thomas
When you hear knocking after Chica comes in that's freddy at the window.
ღ KawaiOn'nanokoGemusu ღ
Me: Sees First Jumpscare AAAAHHH!!!! Falls Out Of Bed, Heart Beating Like Crazy
Andrea Thomas
July 18 is my birthday.
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