1/5 k bari me baiman hai 420
Sher Khan
Tanuja Ji looking like One of d Uncle name Razaq,Lols
Kiran Sohail
Waheeda rehman still very charming
ashok shetty
fentastic very nice
Yash Pal
Jaboor 2001
Time flies
Usama Aziz
Har zinda ny marna ha har jawani ny dhalna ha
I'm saud Rehman
O nice
Sohaib Wildan Khan
Character is your real beauty I hope now you people may know this Jazak Allah
Amarkant Kumar
Shows how illusory the material beauty is.
Jyothi Mcminn
Music is horrible ..use the music of the actresses and their movies...preferably
raj kumar
jyada makeup karenge ladkiaan to yahi hoga
raphael ali
its a reminder for all living.......nothing is forever
Ali Bukhari
Sub ki sub buhat achi han bacpaan jawani or burapa to sub ko ata ha
Baidurya Sarkar
tanuja or kanchaa
My favourite, Waheeda Rehman, continues to look beautiful and dignified as ever.Even as the others fade away!
Gurdip Kaur
Afzal Hussain
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Fahim Faiz
Amina k
Ageing is a normal process, u are sick minded person to make this video very bad
Harish Kumar V
Now very beautiful mala sinha
Mawah Kavi
Kajol mother is more terrifying
peony Roses
..... For those shitty ppl who are haters of ugliness, mind that u all shitty ppl will b the most ugliest ones when the time comes...Ameen
P V Laxman Prasad
one day all your beauty will disappear but what will make u strong forever is good deeds and beautiful heart....
Jani Sameer
Ye dekh lo inko bhootni ho gyi gein ye jinko kabhi naaz tha apne oper
Lenocas Nascimento
Still beautiful women.<3
Surupa Singh
lagta hai tumhara kabhi age nhi hoga 😆
koli arefin
cehara bece khay. tader erup voyonkor rup hoy...
Sajid Khan
its called ..time
Why the need for that annoying background vocals ??
Gaurav Makkar
isliye kabhi bhi apni jawani,khoobsurti, taaqat pr ghamand nahi karna chahiye......
thy r truly beauty even ages..
Sk Ahsan Ulhaque
Waheeda Rahman is still beautiful
Dilana Karatas
I hate people who call old women ugly. It's not their fault you shit heads!
manish ambulkar
Time Sabki LGA deta hai......Boss
kkingdhaliwal dhaliwal
Waqt waqt ki baat hai. They entertained all of us. So still they are always young and beautiful. We still love their that face that was appreciated in movies. God bless them.
M Ridza
Human being would growing old or die young....
Zahideenfatima Siddiqui
vee khan tumhe Allah ka dar nahi h...tum kabhi old nahi hoge...kya pata Tanuja se zyada bure tum lago...yad rakhkho sabke sath yahi hona h...
Gurvinder Maan
Being young is so beautiful. 😗
Ghb Ghhj
oooooo 😱
Dave Bhujun
Ageing is a natural process and the scriptures have righty said ' my past is somebody's present and my present has already been someone's past,so why wail over the inevitable ?
Bunty Bubbly
ye to ap sub k sath hona ha, saada nai rehnday hussn jawani sada nai rehnday maa piuo(baap) ,sada na baghay bulbul bolay sada na bagh baharan.afsos k hum apna anjam b nai sochtay. or her tim ghalt boltay or kertay hain
Tanuja was real beauti of that time ..so gorgeous and beautiful that time...shoking to see her pic now....
shoukat ali
so ugly real life fuck you bitichs
nain ali
Jagdish Kaler
waheeda g was beautiful then and is beautiful even today
M King
god Tanuja Looks Dredfull She was My Fav Actress
Roshan Raj
Which song is playing in the background?does any1 knw??
Nimra Raees
waheeda rehman still beautiful 👍
LuluRose Vishal
the old actress look better then Noe days.. plastic messed up actress..
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