Peppa Pig: Peppa's Rose Tower Toy Set, Peppa Pig Princess Castle, Princess Peppanzl and Sir George

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Peppa Pig: Peppa's Rose Tower Toy Set, Peppa Pig Princess Castle, Princess Peppanzl and Sir George :

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Today, I am going to open new princess Peppa Pig toy set - Peppa's Rose Tower and I am going to play story about Peppanzl. Peppanzl was stolen by Mother Gothel when she was just a baby, but her family never forget her. They were hoping that one day they are going to find Peppanzl. So sir George - Peppanzl's brother asked if he can go and find her. Mommy Pig agreed and send Maximums, the bravest horse in the kingdom to protect Sir George Pig and help him find lost Peppanzl.  After while on the way they came to a tower. Sir George knocked on the door, but no answer.  They waited if someone show up. And someone did. It was a scary men with ox, but Sir George was brave and asked him if he had seen Peppanzl around. He said that only Mother Gothel lives in the tower. Then Mother Gothel showed up and said that there is no Peppanzl in the tower.  Maximums and Sir George did not believe her and hide behind a tree to see what will happen.  They found Peppanzl and took her home. Mommy and Daddy Pig were so happy. Peppanzl got a haircut and Mother Gothel disappeared forever.  The end.

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I have both
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jeremy perow
Rapunzel ... why do you pronounce it kurpunzel that drives me nuts lol
Tiffany Hand
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I don't like Peppa pig at all but I liked how you mixed it with Repunzle to create peppunzle
Bob Holmes
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quite how
Mark Silva
Zghc version has v to be a good friend
Princess Aleeyah
i love your videos, i also make peppa pig videos but they are not as good as yours :/
Fun Stuff With Isabella
very cool video :)
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Je to super príbeh!
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Baby doll
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Nice fun video, thumbs up :)
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few owl

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Soohie Smith
few owl

SMith fable ssSS
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good vid
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