CHEER UP + TT by TWICE in 2016 MAMA.

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Desmond Felix
4:29 Exo 😂
Brix Soriano
i love this song ever!!!!!
empty seoul
exo's screentime though 😂😂
Shimmer Shine
new fan of nayeon but i like them all
raissa rico
i subscribed
Özge Solmaz
wtf is this
heru saputra
Kookie's Baby Daughter
I swear in 2017 they might do tt and knock knock. Its a theory
Manh Tranxuan
đến giờ t cũng đéo biết bài này hay ở chỗ lồn nào
V's elephant
tt is my first fave song in a girl group omg
Retarded Genius
5:26 onwards.. Jihyo is really the vocal Queen.. and is the reason why she is my forever bias since day 1....
Captain Panda
17k dislikes?

Well at least people or some what they call themselves THRICE gave us some views.
Why are you all trying so hard to hate, Or compare them to others? I know this wont stop them but its just getting so overrated that your helping Twice now. I swear most of these are Gfriend fans, Blackpink fans, 2ne1 fans and also bigbang fans like what? Some of these are YG's girl groups or its where they work to. 90% That are hating on this are YG fans xD dont get me wrong i love me some yg. But jeez how come 4 people can get compared to 9 people that has different talents, personalities and even the style of their own music? How? Also if your saying lip sync or shit like that, fix your ears i can hear their not lip syncing at all you can hear it from jeongyeon easily cause her voice is so strong and its really blasting from the mic. Up next is TWICE IS GETTING COMPARED AT BLACKPINK! Doesn't that sounds stupid? Seriously 4 people has EVERYTHING from 9 people?! WHAT? Also why do people say ," Oh! She cant rap! This person does better ! " Why are they even put on their position as rapper if they "can't" rap. Exo's transformer + Monster vid on mama 2016 is lower than this cause the haters kept watching this to tell them how not good they are but not worry about their favorite bands getting lower views and support but just to hate on one girl group.
Baekhuyn - Exo
1:49 oppa Baek
swag yo123
Tbh twice can sing.. they r good.. its just that sometimes they r tired due to a lot of performance n busy schedules.. like this affects their vocals peoplee!
ธนพล คําบอน
Jenna Karenine
Mina's voice at 5:12 😍
Reggie Magdura
lip sync queen??
gh ghfg
All they do is to be cute I don't know but I feel so irritated😂
Love twice 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😻😻👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩💋💋💋💋💋💋
4:42 What's with that face :(
Nguyên Nguyễn Cảnh
I need that mp3 of video ( no voice fan ). please , who help me
mnet is shipping TWICEXO so hard lol
btw can you hear all those fangirls??? ♡♡♡♡♡
idc they should've performed LOA too
To be fair, many groups use pre-recorded vocals. For example, BTS used them for Blood Sweat & Tears and for Spring Day, and it pissed me off. However, most of those groups have something else to balance out the lack of strong, SM-level vocals, like great dancing, powerful rapping, charisma, or at the very least personality. Not the personalities of the individual members, but the group personality, their trade mark style/look/sound that is unique to them. I'm sorry, but Twice just got none of that. Their charisma is at 0. Their personality as a group is dull and uninspired, and their singing, dancing, and whatever that is they call rapping are barely passable if even that.
And again, I'm very sorry, but you people piss me off when you say using pre-recorded vocals is justified if the group's own vocals aren't strong enough. If they're not good enough to sing live, they shouldn't fucking debut! They should train some more and then debut! Jihyo's, Nayeon's, and Jeongyeon's trainee periods were the longest, and they're the closest this group has to competent singers. The rest of them can't sing for shit because they'd been trained for 2-3 years and clearly lack both talent and technique to justify their early debut.
But alas, in 2015 the world got dumb, and JYP earned his easiest money yet.

And yeah, go ahead, call me a hater or a Trice or jealous or bitter, I don't care. Even if I were all those things, my words wouldn't be any less true. If you love your talentless group, go ahead, you're entitled to that. But don't act surprised that your precious Twice have so many haters. It's a natural reaction to somebody having so much undeserved popularity, deal with it.
Lan Tường Đỗ
i love Na yeon
Presscalivia Lia Lia
i love cheer baby i don love tt
Kanomboys Kanomboys
Love you dahyun 😍
I just come here to see Lay face at 1:48 HAHAHAHA!!!
Richelle Amarillo
I Love You Twice!!! I'm A Huge Fan Of TWICE!
why most girl groups look stiff? they bore me.
Frank Mike Salazar Chavez
Haylee Byldain
beakhyun & chen reaction is everything 😍😍😘
Hani Hatsune
Hani Hatsune
1:48 Chen Be Like:I Love This Song😍
Baekhyun:Keep Rocking Girlz😘
Lay:I'm Alive??😂
Hani Hatsune
The SHYSHYSHY In The Beggining💖
Binh Dang
Kpop is jokes asia
Jetur Yama
lipsync on spot..good job once..
Niklause Dimaano
I need Twice's candy bong
brigette panganiban
Twice is always Good
brigette panganiban
Momo So cute♥♥
sahar nabizade
I love it
Meerim Mambetakunova
Such an innocent girls
SANA squirell
i like how they put shy shy shy for intro
Kizim crazy
nice momo x Joengyeon
Fixy Babs
xiumin and chen is so cuuute!
Nandi Maulana
twice cheer up chibi chibinya cherrybelle banget😫 gbk bisa juga plagiat iuh
Kimmie DaHyunniee cutie pepsie
Kung sa Pilipinas pa to sure akong anhg ingay talaga😂
Redellem Chaves02
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