So guys, where are you all from? Anyone here that was not subscribed before watching this video?
Koenigsegg logo
ff reptile
Make the logo circle k
Sonic Extreme
Sonic head logo
Raihan Ezra
Ball logo pleas
Mohd Iqmal
Do the sony playstation logo
Traci Patterson
More videos and you are the best
Jammy James
I watch these vids cuz the makes are awesome and I like the satifactry of them being straight and shiny
Mihir Randive
Plz make avengers logo next time
Tony Palu
Hey can you make the l4d logo
Zack Danforth
Make twomanyraptors' logo that wouuld be awesome
Król Julian
Please make playboy logo
ban kai
4:43 is the correct term "sublimate"? I'm monolingual and can only speak English, so I'm in no way qualified to critique any one's speaking skills. I'm asking for my personal knowledge.
bloadchuck studios
Ferrari logo
dante gael
Presstube do your logo ☝
John Smith
Do the Batman vs Superman movie logo
Andrew Hugo
Do the overwatch logo next plz
yamin ceja
My street is you need to call this can you send it to the street please
yamin ceja
Would you give me the Batman logo please
David Radtke
what about a Harley-Davidson-Logo to increase the difficulty?
Well a Punisher skull would be cool. That would be a fit, because ist would be made of gun shells!
Farqwad the great
And also you should do the apple logo
Farqwad the great
I'm from Canada
Subscribe Me
Hi there, I subscribed your channel. I from Singapore.

Wish you can subscribed my channel too.
Mita Shah
Ferrari logo
Robby Page
Make your own logo the press tube logo
Make your own logo I think it would be cool
Lord Potato
Can you make a punisher logo
This is amazing big batman fan I can't believe I've 6months late !
Gabriel Risher
Tampa bay lightning logo
Mike Sullivan
Make a BroFist
Make a youtube logo
Trey Boo
5:58 yes pls
Sharifah Sabariah
the avangers
Sunita Patel
I really made it
Geórgia F A
Your videos are SOOOOOO satisfying (sorry if I wrote it wrong, I'm brazillian😓)
Denas Masys
Jack septic eye pogo
Yash Devani
You can make farari logo. 🙏💓
Dark Night
You should make your logo
Hablas español?
World hindi
Plz make an oddi logi
Rushell Mcintosh
Press Tube make flash logo
richard bigdady
Do xbox logo
ابراهيم ابو احمد
هاي الشغلة اكتير حلوة بس ليش ما يخاف اذا كانتةفي القوانة كبسولة
Ryan Villeza
Presstube i watch ur video it was awesome can you make me a league of legends logo
Larry No
Master Chatu Sari
i want a batman batarang too
M7MD GAMER plays
Spider man plz please i sub
Samuel Riberas
Batman forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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