How to make Giant ALOE VERA Ice cream rolls

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Ice cream rolls with Fresh Giant Aloe vera from farm mixd it with vanila ice cream and topping with Aloe vera itself. Good for health and delicious 😋 


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love ice cream, Love you...😘

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Emily Cristina
Credo aloe vera é super amargo
Paveennuch Asawarojpanya
If I put that on my hair and skin why would I eat that
fitri helmi
Kayak mana rasa nya
Onur Onr
FUCK, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onur Onr
Onur Onr
FUCK YOU!!!!!!
The Day
نعم 🤔
Smol Neko Frisk Dreemurr
Isn't this medication plant?
Anthony Canales
Un asco el video, para empezar esa planta debe remojar un día entero en agua para así quitarle el yodo , de otra forma es tóxico para el ser humano!!!!!! Imbéciles
Vanessa Santos
brasil alguem 🙋🙋🙋???
Islamic Education for women
It’s healthy but I dnt know about taste
Marcia Xavier
Oi ? 😅
Asya H.
Thái Trang
เชี่ยยไรเนี่ย 🐊
Karwan Ferdaws
Vio Vn
Ngon qua di
Suthasinee Jsn-ngern
What is eat
Léon The Professional Procrastinator
Armpit flavored ice cream lol
Divi Dare Devil DD
Well it is Healthy 🙄
ชนกนัน ดวงทาวัง
nha đam kìa
Amey Beast
make one with tree trunk
جوا هر
مين من العراق انا اول مرهة اشوف ايسكريم بصبار
Rayan Al-qahtani
Aloe Vera is actually very good for u it's the skin that u can't eat
Rifki Afu
Κοκ υγ1ανψθε
Rifki Afu
Good ησξςηνσνξμα.
T Pp
Trash Queen.
Isn't Aloe Vera Inedible.
Lakshmi Balaji
I don't like alovera
karencita Grc
fang lovejinny
Took Ta
Ice cream roll? LMFAO
ALA Sori
كوثورة. كوثر Kfkmgmg
โชติมณี การุณ
三代目J Soul Brothers ELLY 大好き
bitsh wtf stop
حمودي ملعبهم
Maria de Fátima
a babosa nao se come
Shaskia Azahra
i think it was not bad. in my country, we drink aloe vera ice. n it is so tasty.
ريمان و ليان
وينكم يا عرب
Rafaella Santos
Quem que vai comer isso?
Fatiha B.
that is actually VERY dangerous; the aloe leaf produce a yellowish liquid that is harmful if consumed thats is why you need to WASH your gel once exctracted and not consume it directly!
Jackson Wang
Ali Jatt Buarky A.1
wyndyne play minecraft
Itsnot aloe anymore its milk many milk
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