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Michael Keaton shares what's inside his Easter basket, including a plush bunny, a DVD of the movie Friday and Jordan almonds.

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H ydra
This skit shows that Michael Keaton can literally play anyone. He can successfully play Batman, some creepy ass Easter guy, and a guy who steals businesses. This proves something. I don't know what but it's something.
Lori S
The Glenn Close remark... OMG.
how cute is she?...the answer is, kinda! LMAO!
Rae Z
This is so funny!
Yusef Endure
Michael Keaton is a comedic natural!
Jon Caputo
this is literally the best SNL skit in recent memory. Bravo writers, Keaton and kind of cute girl :)
Jillian Dawson
Pause at 1:17 LOL
were the hell is bettlejuice 2 damnit
Why does Michael Keaton always play these creepy motherfuckers
Is this a parody of something like
Rubens Galvan
That was waaay disturbing and hilarious...
Aramis Merlin
Still my favorite.
Debi Hagan
LOVE Kate McKinnon! Brilliant!
Yajaira Rodriguez
I have to watch it again. HILARIOUS
character reminds me of paul lynde.
What are these based off of?
The Eradicator
Michael Keaton makes Christopher Walken look like Mr. Rogers.
Kate Harker
I now feel uncomfortable about Easter baskets. Well-acted sketch.
Fer Polanco
Mr.rogers neighborhood hahah
Nicholas Agnoni
Mike Pence looks great! I didn't know he did such great impressions. The more you know!
Mark Curtis
She touched my peppy
Mark Curtis
I like pizza Steve
That was like a live action salad fingers
markiflarp the nintendo freak
This is my favorite snl sketch of all tiiiiiimmmmmee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chan V
Don Theo
Matthew McGhie
It just gets creepier and creepier...
Bless this man and his phenomenal talent
Lmao "Eat yo McNugget"
thewhitestblackguy boii
I actually thought this was Charlize Theron dressed as a man...
Oh god, I realized this guy is like me in 10 years.
William Perkins
"He found me! Online!!" 😂
Lucy McGhee
He's perfect
It's creepy but so good
Eatcho mcnugget
Adelaide Beeman-White
This makes me very uncomfortable.
Dima Androgynous
Not creepy AT All
Emily Negas
This was one of the best I have ever seen
Richie Williams
it's like if Batman went retarded
Skye Katora
Best thing ever
Corinne Krause
I can't explain why this is so creepy, which makes it even creepier
Brea Monai
" I coughed this up whole this morning"
audience laughs
woman lets out funny laugh
audience laughs harder
Mariclara Linares
3:34 I have that beanie baby
Dude Micheal Keaton has the potential to be a badass Joker even though he was Batman ...
Friendly Neighborhood Raider
Did John Waters direct this? I was waiting for Divine for some reason.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if they just handed Keaton a basket of stuff and he improv'd the whole thing.
Daniel Williamson
Michael Keaton is a good comedic actor.
Easy Engrave
"She has all the warning signs."
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