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Michael Keaton shares what's inside his Easter basket, including a plush bunny, a DVD of the movie Friday and Jordan almonds.

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Kbitch Kal
I feel like Jim Carrey should do 1 of these sketches but holy ish Michael you sure took it to the top on this 1 😂 had me in bits
Lance Love
His head is reeeeeaaaaal big
Lauri Todd
❤ Michael Keaton
John Locke
"Wow, this kid has all the warning signs." Lmfao😂😂😂😂😂😭 Omg. I'm going to use that one day.
I think Keaton used to be a standup comedian
Gamious Maximus
Trevin Gaffney
Anybody notice him choking the bunny!? This man is exquisite!
Ricky T
Well, he got one thing right.. that was the best Friday.
Love the plot twist at the end... It's not a character, this is the real Michael Keaton.
David Lihani
April 5 was when I had my birthday turning 8 April 5 2015, now I'm 10
I like how Kate's Portia appears to be the foundation for her Jeff Sessions.
they should have made him the new Joker.
samantha butler
when the vulture goes soft
heather ennis
He looks like a fucking scary version of mr.rogers😂😂😂😂
Myk McGrane
This and the Children's' Show are awesome. I love how hes like, "Find your blackest black."
Micheal keaton can play a good creep. That kids show skit was creepy and hilarious
Richard B.
It's like Mr. Rodgers and Paul Lind had a kid that grew up to have to stay 500 feet away from school at all times.
canela malee
is it weird this made me laugh more than any other short?
Gav Tatu
that was......disturbing.
The Music Intelligence Registry
My feelings hurt
Savannah Johnson
0:02 The bunny <3
"And this.. this is -- IM DAVID PUMPKINS!"
This is the absolute funniest sketch I've seen from snl. Comedic gold.
I have no idea why Keaton isn't an SNL regular like Tom Hanks or Alec Baldwin. He should've been a mainstay for the last 10-20 years.
"Unlike Jesus, it doesn't rise."
0123456789 9876543210
This is wonderfully absurd and dark lol Michael Keaton is too damn amazing for words
Pat Mantle
This has a real Bob Ross feel 😂😂
Jack M
This is just thanksgiving foods.
Ike Rants
Who else got a Mr. Rogers vibe from this
Avocado Queen
Michael Keaton as: that creepy uncle your parents never left you alone with.
Crysta Belle
that was weird
I am so uncomfortable 😂
You wanna get nuts? LET'S GET NUTS!
Jennifer Webb
"i like pizza"
SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress
I have that monkey. His name is coconut.
Anna Ramage
Portia is my spirit animal
Rajith Maligaspe
I hope he reprises this character the next time he hosts!
2:57 eat your McNugget
Nathan Garratt
"I think he's hungry. Eat your McNugget."
Keaton should do another Batman movie...Adam West style
BlazerPride4life BP4L
OMFGGGG!!!!! This is sooooo funny
Grey Hururelly
The best Friday. Honestly, that's expected from a white guy with cocaine.
Josh Oree
that f^(% up
Somehow I missed this one. That was great.
Michael's giving off some freaky mister Rodgers-y vibes here...
This is like the Thanksgiving skit with Kristen Wiig.
Loved it.
Tiffany B
Jesus 1 🍞 nothing
Jimmy Nutrin
483 dislikes
Andrés Angulo
Whatever the fuck this was, it was AMAZING
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