Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Emails

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Jimmy addresses Donald Trump Jr.’s emails regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer, Hillary Clinton’s reaction and Kellyanne Conway stops by to clear the air.

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Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Emails

Mutual Decline
George Hein
If any right-winger did this to clinton they would have been called sexist and forced to be fired. Lefty hypocrisy propaganda
Zumma Gonzalez
Those sure do sound like Kelly Kelly-Ann responses.
Indio Side
Let's not forget the plan to set up a secret backdoor at the Russian embassy by Kushner.
Kellyanne Conway what happened girl, you are looking so good on this show
She will never release those She-males
Bogdan Lazar
Trump and his people start to look more and more like the characters from the movie Idiocracy. Not Kellyanne, though. She as is gorgeous as ever!
Shadow Marley
that Kellyanne Conway´s puppet is better looking than the original
Mahal Kita
Jason b
bill bixby
At least Trump's children are all healthy.
Hilarious hahaha
Christine Strachan
An K
Jimmy's kellyanne conwoman segments are spot on!
These all happens in my dream ..😪😪😱lol its too hilarious.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what is email? did u touched it ..if u haven't touched; its out of touche. lambo... #theamericandream🗽🌋🗾⚰🍃🍃🍃 RIP..
Hey Respect woman.
fake news
Arkay Weber
a nothing burger! but instead a set up by obama and the demorats and paid this Russian bimbo who had nothing!
Iamover thelies
The problem the dems have with Trump is their closet if full of dirty deeds and are guilty of everything they accuse others of.
Accusation is the dems best chance at deflection from the deeds laying in their closet, but like the election, it will backfire.
Video Says
what was up with that hillary clip with the crazy green screening around her?
Meike Marxen
She´s in good shape... really good shape.
"we are very excited about the 2 new coal jobs we created"..... this made my day.
those who prefer Hillary have LOST their LITTLE mind...
Kimmel is a muppet
Don Present
Kimmel's not sexist? Gee, I wonder why...
Jean Loup T
Comedy for dumbs.
I don't get why its supposedly helpful to release incriminating emails yourself instead of just letting the New York Times do it. Anyone know the logic behind it? I kind of get that it's for "transparency" but the very existence of the emails proves that he colluded with Russia and since he has denied that fact many times it is obvious he lied on numerous occasions. Anyone know why he released the emails?
That puppet has more personality than the real thing.
Georgi Mihailov
"Let's have fun with words" - Just when you though Kellyanne Conway couldn't get more obnoxious.
SO disgusting of Kimmel to go after Kellyanne in such a degrading way for women going after her looks. SO low. He wouldn't even dare to do that if it was a woman assistance of Obama. SAME ON YOU Kimmel!
Nicole Bass
This Presidential administration is definitely, most definitely Ill...I seriously believe The White House an Company have an Autoimmune Deficiency. Sad So Sad. An all the little Sheep are To shocked by the Realization that its evolved to this mess. Anger an alternative facts only can do so much.
Era Pi
Everything is Flakka
"He's about as transparent as a pumpkin" lmaooo
kelly anne cuntway. really her.
Paola Paola : Le Lapin Olé
Андрей Забугоров
he is drunk or sick
Leave these lame segments for Conan.
Monique Hill
The magnet on the refrigerator, this broad is a liar
andy mo
Little known fact; Kellyanne Conway placed 3rd in the 2016 Kentucky Derby.
I have a reliable source that Vladimir Putin has ties to Russia.
Brad Derks
Trumptards are stuggling to look for Late night shows that don't talk about this Trumpster Fire of an Administration...
Strider Xanthos
Hillary laughing is really adorable
Riko Persian
I love the puppet😁😁😁😁😁.. it's hilarious 😂 🤣😂
Krissthen Trujillo
what I would do to see John Olivr, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel starring a movie.
Tony Davila
I notice of Jimmy Kimmel's daughter looks the same as this likeness of kellyanne Conway do they suffer from the same retardation?
Ryan Johnson
Jimmy got way to political and the attacks against Conway are mean and not funny
Kellyane was on point.
Hi! My name is Masha and I'm Russian girl. Of course I personally helped Donald Trump. At school we learn about the great Donald Trump. At home I have poster of Trump and Putin kissing. Love wins 🏳️‍🌈
"heheheheheheh... ill get you He-man!!" (Kellyanne Conway)
Not very funny...rather boring
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