Horrible Moments at Sea | Seafarers Life | Ship in Storm

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Enjoy in 8min ship in heavy sea video compilation
⚓️God bless all seafarers 🌊 To ensure you best experience compilation is without music🎼
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Darren Mcmunn
people that can spend their lives at sea have a certain courage .
Navy Seals for same reasons are carrying a pair , best of the best !
John Smith
Reminds me of how powerless we actually are when it comes to nature.
waito tong
But is this considered normal sea condition in Bering sea?
call baywatch .. :D
Lol the wipers at 3:04
georgio jansen
as a 4 yr old I saw the house high wave in the gulf of biskaje, still I feel the same emotion. it was in 1960
Gouri Shankar
5:34 what the fuck was that in water omg
Will Sasso
more like shitting my pants at sea
Antonio Holanda De Sousa
my play list
under the right circumstances any ship can capsize.
Just another day at the office
Mi Ku
thats why my shoes were wet when i got them
Wilmar Revillas
2:45 mga pinoy
Iron Mangetter
wonder how many women work on these ships? #equality
Jd Blake
So what do you do with a drunken sailor?
mike mercury
how can a ship endure such a treatment for days
Yea that nervous laugh laugh b4 the fuckin hull cracks!
Albertus Jansen
Sean Frashier
imagine trying to find somebody in the water
this is my worst fear
Itsall Lies
Great quality, at last!
1:31 "No smoking" I'd like to see somebody try in that weather...
Rana Daggubati
now i understand why most of the time we lost package during logistics. especially from Aliexpress :p
Thank you so very much for leaving out music.
ER Borja
Filipino seamen @ 2:25
Steven Williamson
what is the fastest container ship?
Louie Lauria
Jesus christ!!!!!
5:58 Hahaha they already know I'm fucking nuts man :D :D
Dayan E
All I can say is holy sh/t!
Danita Mccree
haaaa I would love that and I don't even swimming😎😎
Thank god they got wiper blades
Runeld Heroza
just pray then you will safe god bless ihope ican ride that one..
brodey rich
osc bell
fuck that noise. scary shit
Bitupon Kalita
deepwater horizons
Seth Williams
Arthur Bradley
Hey everyone. Everything you probably touch in your life, probably came from these ships. A little gratitude, huh?
Constanze Steegmiller
wow, that was scary. No way do I go onto a cruise. I hope the containers are watertight.
beach side
5:11 I didnt know if was on a ship or an airplane
beach side
6:01 They already know im f'n nuts hahahahaha
beach side
Looks like Chuck Norris went swimming in the ocean
they look so big and mighty when they are in Port. but out in the sea they are being tossed around like ping pong balls. i am listening with headphones. good that there is no music. the natural sound is just great.
Dario de nero
I just got sea sick and puked on my keyboard, wtf !!!!!
1:10 "o, kurwa!"
crzykllr 1822
Am I the only one who find this beautiful?
Prophet George Manuel Oliveira
I am a commercial fishermen by trade. I started working as a commercial scuba diver for shellfish & then I landed My first job on a 185 foot herring & then mackerel boat, same boat different seasons. I have worked on too many boats, enough to know that fishing is probably the most physically demanding & exhausting job in the world, & the 2nd most dangerous job in the world. I have worked as a deckhand over 2 (or maybe even 3) days straight without sleep, but that is common for fishermen on the oceans. I know that I have been in some pretty hairy storms, & this might be an oxymoron for a commercial fisherman, but sometimes I have been sea sick puking to the point of vomiting up stomach bile & then dry heaving with gag reflex, etc.. And I have been in storms that the wind was probably blowing over 80+ miles per hour in the open ocean in the Atlantic, but I do not know for certain as the boats I worked on didn't have wind reading instruments, but l assume over 30 feet waves too. Again, no way for Me to measure the height of the waves while out at sea. And I would recommend everyone to do some other profession other than fishing, unless you want to take a gamble at an early death & make maybe less than minimum wage while you work to the point of collapsing & then maybe get 1 or 2 hours sleep & do it again & again until the fishing trip is done, you might feel like you got ran over by a 1k foot train that ran you over & over. And the ocean is a relentless & unyielding, perilous place to work, if you get seriously injured or die while out at sea, the ocean will not care & you might be many hours away from the nearest harbor if you get hurt, & the boats will usually not turn around & head for port if you get hurt, they might just call for the coast guard if the injury is life threatening. And I know that fishing is probably the most underpaid job in the world, for the fishermen / deckhands, & you might work over 500 hours & get paid less than $4k before they take taxes from you, as I made the last boat while being like 4 weeks at the Grand Banks fishing for the ~250,000 pounds total of flounder caught during the ~4 weeks. But hey, thats why they call it fishing, sometimes you make more but sometimes not. But fishing is not even an option for the men who are not in like very athletic shape & being young enough to do the job. And I am not an aficionado of fishing on commercial fishing boats, I don't know why Lord led Me to do that trade, but I wanted to make money & it kind of just happened within a year after I dropped out of college, etc.. And I couldn't advocate anyone be a fisherman, it is an elite breed of people that are very strong & don't fear death like many other would. And I believe that even the most athletic people would have a hard time just staying awake for the same time as a normal trip that fishermen endeavor in, nevermind the work too. And I guess that the storms didn't worry Me as much as like having to deal with the physical work itself, which said work is akin to being beat up by a gang of professional heavyweight kick boxers. But the storms, I enjoyed them to a degree, & I would work like the storms were another day in the office. And I am still not afraid of death to a degree, but I plan on being safe anyways, but fishing is like gambling with your life on a string. And I know that videos online cannot justly depict what it is like being in the mix of the brewing hurricanes, but the same would apply to many other things, too. And I know that fishing is probably the worst job in the world, as far as needing to exert strenuous feats daily without much sleep, but l am grateful that I am still alive & I have some stories to tell about the adventures, but the money is nil compared to the applied efforts. And if you are or were a fisherman, you would probably know that this is true &/or maybe not emphatically stressed enough about the fishing trade per a deckhand. And I am not implying everyone would be unable to be fishermen, but if My advice could help, it is not worth the risks & the efforts, but I know that I can only give My advice from this perspective from experience, but it is what it is, & the Lord is with everyone, regardless. . .

Peace be upon you,
George Manuel Oliveira

Chris S.
1:30 thats the largest no smoking sign Ive ever seen
nestor bersamina
A big salute to all seafarers, who played an important role in the world economy, let's pray for them
nestor bersamina
A big salute to all the seafearers, the've played important role in the world economy. They likewise endure the risk at sea just to support their families
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