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Kenneth Kuijper
paul mos
Wery Dengerous
Scrody McBoogerballs
the thing I love about this guys channel is he lets the footage speak for itself! No stupid ghetto ass music over top of it! Well done. keep it up.
Yousif abbas
"That was nice eh? OH SHIT" I'm done
Paul Miazga
The captain at 2:37 is a fkn idiot taking those waves broadside. Take a massive rogue wave like that and it's down to Davy Jones' locker for him and his crew.
I find it interesting how the ships can hold the balance and don't fall over
I hope someone will put out a camera at the sides or at the front steel towers of a ship and get us amazing footage. But thank you uploader! I will be shitting myself on a ship like this
so when does bad weather start?
martina serrano
so scary......
Atabey Video
woowo perfect
Ben A1
Amazing these ships can take such a beating.
John Doe
My honda civic has more sophisticated windshield wipers!
Respect to all mariners!
No smoking sign on deck....hilarious
Vaughan Richards
How much do these people make in a year? It better be at least 80K

Also if I were interested how would I get into a job on a ship like this?
I grew up watching the movies that my father "Signall" filmed during his life long career as a Seaman.
josip mickovic
this looks like a load of fun
Jorge Lopez
Yall have some balls man id piss my pants. Much respect.
Sean Beckett
that is a large no smoking sign
I love it!!! I wish that I could be on a ship during a stormy weather. It's dangerous but thrilling and I would love the rocking of the ship.
Scott Fici New Yorker
I'm a seasonal commercial fisherman, and I have been in swells we called jolly greens that were 40' + with 100 mph winds,on the bearing sea. Forget the patches better double up on wearing sea bands.
Tariq Hossenbux
The power of nature - beyond anything our technology can produce.
Those who jokes when sea gets rougher are the most scared sob's.. God Bless seafarers..
I'll stay on terra firma thank you!
fuck me what else can i say?
daflo rhelti
R Potter
Big water like that, if you're not scared you have rocks in your head. The only thing worse than dying is dying alone.
Decks awash..... oh wait....
Ocean are like women, never calm. Always ranting and raving, or otherwise complaining about something. And we man have to ride through the storm.
soulful terrain
I wish my ex-wife was on the bow of this ship 5:23
So badass, it looks like such a fun job, sit with you're pals and soar the ocean, 1:11 love that captain.
TBK Julles
At 4:12 I hear Minecraft Steve getting hit. Didn't realize 12 year olds worked on ships
Leonardo Donato
Man think of all the Chinese people on that first ship! What a shitty ride!
what vidoe game is these, can you get for xboy?
siva prasad
These are horrible but beautiful at the same time.. i never experienced one, but would really love to. :D

How long these storms usually last ? Will it cause damage to the ship ?
Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it.
can't believe that ship sank so fast, wow! that 3rd wave took-em out.
mick france
full respect to guys and gals out at sea
carlos edgar
You gotta respect the sea, but she won't respect you
That's some scary stuff...
Carl Vandenberg
"The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."
Will Anthony
Been there, done that! The ships vibrate, making creepy noises, they squeak, they moan they get seriously beat up by the angry waves and the wind. Items are falling, glass shatters, everything that is not bolted to the floor travels back and forth, your stomach goes up to your neck and then down to your feet. Cannot sit down to eat or drink your coffee. These laughter you hear are nervous laughs. Nothing is funny or amusing. These guys who laugh are the most concerned ones! No man can say he is not scared of the power of nature. An entire ship can disappear in a matter of seconds and or get split in half! North Atlantic is very nasty! I have been in a storm in which we lost two life boats! (out of six) They were just swept away by the waves that snapped the steel wire ropes like as if they were sewing threads! We were used to these conditions but we always said our prayers! And today I'm still alive to talk about it.
And some tough guy here he said he ain't scared and bring it on. He would probably piss himself if he was there! When he realizes that a tiny poor human being cannot fight an entire raging ocean and come out a winner!
Be scared! It's perfectly alright to be! Expect the worse. Be ready. Admit that you are nothing!
God Bless the mariners everywhere!
Usman Pathan
No doubt Only ALLAH has the supreme powers in this universe.
Damn. If I seen waves like that coming at the bow of a ship that I'm on; I'd probably be thinking
"Holy shit the world really IS flat" LOL 😂
Tom Jones
Thank god for windscreen wipers!
Yibi Chen
warren blue
something doest want them in the water
1:30 I like how big it says NO SMOKING
Ted Dow
Pretty normal for open waters all over the world...
Fuckutoo 22
Fuck that.
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