Horrible Moments at Sea | Seafarers Life | Ship in Storm

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Enjoy in 8min ship in heavy sea video compilation
⚓️God bless all seafarers 🌊 To ensure you best experience compilation is without music🎼
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Masti channel youtube Masti channel youtube
Anthony Johnson
Why in the hell would anyone in their right mind want this job... 😯
Amber Dawn
makes me sea sick just looking at it lol
Imagine Columbus with his "nutshell"!
Gigin Chongloi
Ive never seen an ocean in real life
john sullivan
It gets really interesting when you lose power in these seas
Luis Garcia
i like how the first ship has a. cross at the front
It's like a gigantic death see-saw on water.
varun reddy
Underwater cargos are future u need more diesel and to be alert above seas for this cargo ships,but at underwater it's like driving airplane and even if fish it doesn't damage anything unlike birds hitting plane engines
DPSM 1008
Amazing video.. Something I could have never seen by myself
The PilotMaster
Now i know why shipping is free.
Sam Noop
where are they going anyway and is the sea like this all the season.goddamn the last scene is madness!!
Sumit Deloorkar
iwatch iqperV
it makes you cuestion your life choices
john hempstead
its rough guys when you in this, scary.
Shane Graham
4:57 damn
The water makes cowards of us all
Jay Hallman
1:32 Now that a big ass "No Smoking" sign!
Antonio Perna
Antifoul Awl
Ships are safer than cars. This just looks bad to those who aren't used to it.
Barbara Streeter
Those windshield wipers look so inadequate and useless!
ffilc nikrud
Great video. Seeing these storms gives a good perspective to us who never sailed the seas professionally
иван языков
respect for this video real!respect bast!only respect! only!
how are those stacked containers secured?
It's No_Sleep
At 6:20 are those crates secured??!!
The Famous Eccles
All those dollar store items must get through.
Anthony agGamin
Bermuda triangle is scary.
The non synchronised window wipers at 2:35 are worse than the ocean
Alejandro Medina
When the sea is so bad you mus face the waves no matter if its not the direction you are intended to go right?
piitra woods
THANKS, all of you. I enjoyed and chuckled at this group of comments more than any I have come across in a long time! Informative, humorous, real life experiences! No bashing, smashing, cursing scowlers AHHH
Iceman naz
No wonder Samsung phones don't work properly
Marvin Gonzalez
I am Terrified of the ocean
Christopher Sugi
Pozdrawiam Polaka za roller coaster :)
Jacques BRUNO
Magnifiques images ! Puissance des éléments et l'intelligence au service de la technologie maritime !! Très beau.
matt prusak
makes me wish i could experience all this without being at sea for months at a time plus all the sea sickness. Absolutely amazing though
I'd feel so powerless
Kevin S
then you see me buzz by your big old ship in my 14-foot River Jon
Good video!!! Couldn't stop watching.
Now I know what the S.S. Minnow , Gilligan, and the rest of the castaways had to endure.
Dap Neo
way btter than the CGI
Dave Chamberlain
Worst episode of deadliest catch ever
the ocean...scary above and scary depths. ...no thanks
Sangmin Park
Oh I remember when I'm working for sailing
I have alot of respect for the sea, she can turn on you quickly.
Henerik Une Pasi
It's not a easy work. On the salty water. Good or bad conditions.
Carried exports or imports freight and heavy duty cargo.
Country to the other country. Thousands and thousands of miles.
Keep up good work boys and girls. Spending those lives on the ocean.
Black Daddy
1:38 no smoking...no problem you got a lot of water to put out the fire or explosion.
tho- mas
Sukhbir Kaur
we need to get rid of these oceans. at the same time i m wondering where the fish pee.
Trump products are getting soaked.
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