NEW Shopkins Chef Club Movie Premier - Shopkins Presents - My Invite From Moose Toys

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Hi friends:)
I was so excited when Moose Toys invited me to the premier of the new Shopkins movie Chef Club in London,i met some really nice people and the movie was super cool,i also had lots of fu with strawberry kiss shopkin character.

Thanks so much Moose Toys for my awesome day:)

Hi friends, you can send me mail here :)
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Aaliya heer
Peter Jen
I love shopping and I will be able to make a cake 🎂 😘 😂 👩 👩 👩 👩 👩 👩 👩 for you 😄😘😘😘😘😄
Lhiza Loreno
Oh tiana i want too the shopkins
Thanasis Skempi
afta den eta ta soppik
Matt Hodge
I love your video because they are funny cool. my name is Josie I am 8
Reshmi Harish
Your video makes me feel 😁🙂
Velma Ndure
Congratulations that is a big deal I always have watched your channel
Alyssa Indajang
Teodora Kostic
Extra tiana
Tanya Greenwood
Fantastic thanks for the video
Rosie Robinson
I've seen the full movie
isla smith
I love you 🦄😊🦄❤️🦄🐶
Angel Faradji
Tiana is so amazing I just can't believe my eyes piano I will give you €10 cash if you was at my house and you did the real good food vs gummy food I'm so lucky I have to watch your videos all the time and what's your dad's name and your Mum and I know your name but I know something you're so amazing by Angel I love you Tiana and toys and me her friends by Angel bye 👋 😘
Angel Faradji
who is the shopkin and who is in the side the truck in 3 Hanover circle and I wish I can add emoji I love you and I love see Tiana you're so cool how did you even go drive a car how did you drive without car I want to do if I want to be with you can a physio channel and can you give me a number bye bye bye I love you Tiana 💕😘💕💕😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😈😍😜😘💕😈😈
annabelle ellis
I live in Lodon in number 89 I hop you like it
Yvonne Jardine
I Love you
Yvonne Jardine
You ar so nights because l woch your vidio Love from Tilly Jardine
Patraama Simanjuntak
meto tiana ilike watermelon
Jasmeen Kaur Nijjar
i like you channel tiana im from india ☺❤
Mayvilyn Bartolome
tiana you are so lucky. and you are so cool
Nadershah Hashemi
you are so nice tina
Marita Khan
I have that t-shirt Tiana your my favourite youtuber and I love you and your family
Chaparrita Rosales
I loveeeeee
Paul Mort
That was the day I came back from my holiday.
yusra frirn
hi Tiana having a party today
tjaša čelič
joj blagor tebi da si took bogata
Aaron Burford
I Love Youku tina
natia jiqia
au ra kartulad ilaparaket
Tufa choudhury
I have the chef club Jessicake and Bubbleisha
Tufa choudhury
Okay my cousin watches your channel
Henni Hassan
I love you you smell like pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. tiara
Toys in Box reviews TV
Nice vid newbie youtuber here pls subscribed thanks for help :)
i have that book
LaShunte Jackson
do you want to be youtube bffs i would give your videos a 90,000078
LaShunte Jackson
this is lashauntes doder pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase come to cape I love you and your videos
allan nogal
i love shopkinis to
Nur akma najwa mazidi
the best Tiana
Alєχα Mυкαмι
where is jordan
Martha Becerra's eating Show B
How old are you
Roger Dere
you are the best out of all the videos I watched
Arnel Oraa
hi tiana I love your vlogs can you vlog playing with isla summer in pool?
Shanleigh Sylvette Grageda
is cool
Faith Harris
his name faith in love your channle
Sarahi Garcia
Buda Zoé Blanka
I live in England if you want to give me some spks and some num nuns xoxo tt anna
Diana Santiago
adoro tus videos tiana
Shopkins Lover
I have the movie Hopkins one on Christmas
Chrissy Correia
How was the food?
Chrissy Correia
You have to watch Cookie Swirl C
Lily Higham
i love you move and shopkins too?
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