Kristin Wears Sheer Outfits For A Week β€’ Ladylike

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I'm gonna show up at work in a sheer purple dress and be like, "here I am, send me to jail!"

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Street Style In Indio, CA - April, 2017
Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Street Style At The 2017 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1
Katie Stratton/Getty Images
Street Style At The 2017 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Y'all, I think Brian might lowkey be the best part of this video for me, but I may be biased because we are married. (EDIT: for those of you asking, all the places I got the sheer clothing items from are linked in the BuzzFeed post ) --Kristin
Camila Lopes
Not only she look amazing, she also has an AMAZING fashion sense! Girl, you rock it!
Sunshine Booth
I want friends like them
Sarah Himes
I think you looked awesome in all of the outfit
Renee Van halen
Love Kristin
Ali Sommerville
Someone tell me where she got that jumpsuit.😩
Nykeya King
Kristen was serving LOOKS
Kawaii Blaite
4:49 I thought he was a girl..
Jessy Ossai
Kristin looks so beautiful in all of the sheer clothes 😍😍 I wish I had them😩😍😍😍πŸ”₯❀️
CAST Taylor
The funniest video I've seen
Kayla Farino
Kristen looked so fu@king amazing in all of those outfits
She looked like someone who should be famous on Instagram for her clothes
Val Chan
I also love the blue sheer body suit
Val Chan
I absolutely love the first outfit
Kat Tibby
Kristin's hair and makeup has been so on point lately.
Kimberly Merced
get it girl
Phoebe Vu
I really really like the first outfit
Lily Roddy
"The only thing you'll get arrested for is having too nice an outfit!"

why i love jen
Amara Petrova
Why does everyone on Buzzfeed looks like they live there?
SLAAAAAAAAAY damn girl you look so good ❀️
Erin Loraine PCOS
1 What is ur instagram??? I'd love to see outfits of the day from u!!! 2 the full body dress with the bodysuit *drool* u looked amazing!!! And I want it!!! 3 women I freaking looooooove u
Geek Remix
When you make videos like this, it inspires me to challenge my clothing options.
Samira Junkersdorf
the first outfit is stunning!
Vivian Early
Their couple goals :)
Tania Howe
Paula Gonzalez
Am I the only one that loves Jen!! Like wthπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alice_ The_Mouse
I looooooooveeeed this πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œπŸ˜€
aleena argott
Please please please put where you got these!
marie-pier harbec
Look so goood
Emily Frazier
Hey Jen, I'm single
Luna Wolf
Legs legs, what's on the menu,Legs legs, what's on the menu.... LEGS
LJ Ducharme
I ALWAYS love how you dress.
Shgurr Trash
WHATS on the menu?
you are my absolute fave. you looked amazing in everything.
Cynthia Valdez
I want that sheer jumpsuit
Actually Regina George
Do you think Kristen has love-bites or a rash on her neck?
She SLAYED every Outfit
Billz Tactical
Yay obesity is so cool !!
Mari β€’
I still can't get over that jumpsuit like she should wear that alot
Rebekah Meyers
I love her confidence with these ladylike videos lately
Lizah K
I love the outfit she wears at the beginning!❀️
Super cute and sexy!
Morgan Kingsley
Morgan Woods
She looked so great!
Rudy marthen
she literally slayed all of these outfits wish I had her confidence 😊
I love her confidence <3
Some Hoe
Has Kristin lost weight? she looks different and idk what it is.
Simply, Meant To Be
She actually looks absolutely amazing in these outfits. Absolutely gorgeous!
u looked sooo beautiful
life with rachel
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